Sunday, August 27, 2006

Iowa Insiders-Lesson of the Day

This morning’s edition of Iowa Insiders featured Doug Gross and Jerry Crawford. Doug, I was jealous this morning my friend.

Jerry demonstrates even the good guy Democrats distort the war debate. Maybe the Democrat commitment to the politics of hedonism has finally convinced them that national security is just too stressful to bother.

Jerry cites surveys that show Americans don’t see a connection between Iraq and global terror as an indictment of President Bush’s Iraq policy. Ignoring history and Saddam’s deep and long running links to and practice of terror, ignoring even fact that we knocked off Saddam in three weeks and the terrorists came to Iraq to fight us (which kind of means they chose to fight in Iraq), Jerry sideslips the core question, and the only meaningful question-what would Iraq and the world look like if we leave before victory, as defined by the President, is achieved.

We supporters of sticking it out until victory think the world would be far more dangerous if the Iranians or the terror cartels got control of Iraq’s oil and other national resources. Just think of how much easier it is for terrorists to accomplish their missions of mass murder when they can access a nation’s diplomatic services, like Afghanistan, Libya and Saddam’s Iraq. Think of the danger to stable friends in the region like Kuwait, Jordan and Qatar of a terror filled failed state. Think of the weapons a resurgent Baathist regime could develop-maybe sarin and other nerve agents like Saddam had before the invasion. How much more danger would Hammas pose to Israel if Hammas received Saddam era levels of financial and military support? Would the world benefit from Hezbollah receiving diplomatic, financial and military support from Iraq as well as Iran and Syria? The refusal to even address these questions demonstrates how either deceptive or delusional the Democrats have become.

Jerry’s Iowa Insiders performance shows that even our local Democrats have abrogated the role of responsible makers of public opinion so it’s up to you, my loyal readers, to make that opinion. So the next time someone says to you that there’s no connection between the war on terror and Iraq, ask them to describe the world they envision if Uncle Sam runs, like Vietnam, Lebanon and Somalia. Oh, and ask them why they don’t think the terrorists will follow us here if we leave Iraq.


Kenboiraq said...
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Kenboiraq said...

Democrats are either oblivious to the point of incompetence; or they advocate an insane strategy for the partisan purposes. Their only plan is to cut and run while ignoring the following realities:

#1. The military firmy supports the President and SecDef.
#2. This is the new enemy and they started fighting us 1993 - we just took 8 years to fight back.
#3. Radical Islam has the potential to ignite all Muslims if allowed to prevail.
#4. This war is FAR cheaper to win or draw (as long as we maintain stability) than a loss.
#5. Radical Islam will get a nuclear weapon if allowed state sanctuaries; and they have stated a clear intention to use them on Israel.
#6. Islam allows for deception thru to gain strength for a later attack as lies are an acceptable tactic (Medina was populated by Jews that fell for that one and Mohammed decapitated them the moment he had the strength to do so).

We can't afford to let baffoons run our country and anyone advocating running away from this fight is nothing short of insane. The fight is on and our only choice is where we want to fight. We could gain a few years of peace if we back out now but the next war would be nuclear and guaranteed. Israel traded land for peace and the rockets never stopped.

Our enemies, our friends and the Israelis all agree the results of our withdrawal will greatly increase the strength of our common enemy so why would anyone in this country put their head in the sand unless insane or incompetent?

The early expansion of Islam was fast and brutal. At Tours, the French of that day (as opposed to today) finally stopped what would have been a complete conquest of Europe. The Islamic religion is prone to radicalism and such radicalism DEMANDS conquest. Democrats need to learn a little more history before advocating retreat. The Vietnamese did not threaten America - Radical Islam does so the weak kneed liberals of that generation need to realize the stakes are much higher. The DEMS need to lead, follow, or get out of the way.

Anonymous said...

Ted. Face it. You are a one trick pony.

PRose said...

Ted and The Sporer Army,
The 4th District for Polk County finally has a choice to vote against "la Machinna". Gene Phillips, former Marine, firefighter, Supervisor and Councilperson, courageously will try to stop the bleeding of public trust caused by CIETC. Regardless of your party affiliation he deserves your help.
If you accept the status quo do nothing. If you are mad and won't take politics as usual anymore, help Phiilps.

Anonymous said...

I agree 10:00 AM

The only way to stop La Machina is to take away their power at the Polk County Supervisors. That's where all the money flows from them to their cronies. If they don't have a majority, they can't dispense the money to their families and friends (CIETC).

Vote for Phillips and take our Mauro completely. Also, vote for Wes Enos to defeat Hockensmith. Then, we have 3 Republicans, 1 Independent fiercely opposed to La Machina and 1 lonely South Side La Machina graduate - Angela Lemmo Connelly. She'll have to fight for graft all by her lonesome.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sporer

I just saw this on Chris Woods's blog.

Looks like they intend to do a bunch of absentee ballot work in Jack Whitver's neighborhood.
Tamyra brought this up at last week’s Central Committee meeting, but here are all of the details for a huge canvass that will be taking place on Saturday, September 16th:

Please join us for a large canvass on September 16th, 2006.

The election is just over two months away and we have alot of work to do still. One of the most important of these is to continue gathering absentee ballot requests, and one of the best ways to do this is face to face.

The areas in House District 65 and 66 are predominantly Democratic, but they traditionally have a low turn out. We need to increase turn out in areas like this to help all our candidates up and down the ticket.

Four hours a week of your time can make a big difference in this election year!

Coordinated campaign canvass
September 16, 2006
Davis Park, 16th & Forest, Des Moines
Followed by a hot dog BBQ for all canvassers back at the park

If you’re planning on attending or if you want more information, call Tamyra at 515-285-1800.

Anonymous said...

The D's tend to cheat on the absentee ballots, so is there any way we can find out if they are doing this lawfully? This is the Felon district remember. I'm guessing that most of those felons would be really happy to let those corrupt D's take their absentee ballot for them.

Aren't there new rules about being "official" this time? How does the average person kow who is "official" and who isn't?

Anonymous said...

At least that Poofy Haired ass, Mahaffey wasn't on.

Anonymous said...

This "Insider" observer saw an old bitter "crawfish" who delivers no real substance to the enviornment. Stay on the boat Sporer and trap the bottom feeder.

Anonymous said...

Teddy. Great job with Handjobusa and Mean Gene Philips. Your ego just cost Lamberti and Nussle their races.

Anonymous said...

Teddy. Great job with Handjobusa and Mean Gene Philips. Your ego just cost Lamberti and Nussle their races.

Anonymous said...


That's hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Is that like a macaca?

Anonymous said...

That sounds like XXXXXX.XXXX complaining about Nussle and Lamberti not winning. Ted, if they are telling the truth,XXXXXX thinks your ego all by itself is responsible for Nussle and Lamberti losing. Now, that's some big ego!

Not having a message probably doesn't matter. Or, using the same tired old not working campaign strategies that haven't been working for 12 years probably doesn't matter.

Or, maybe having that Polk County Machine - La Machina working hard in every election and our great top of the ticket boys thinking Polk County isn't important doesn't matter.

Muzzling your GOPFest as punishment for trying to turn out voters and get candidates in POlk County (your job as Polk County Chair) is an interesting strategy for NOT turning out your voters 5 weeks before election day. That is probably immature and stupid.

How many of those campaigns was XXXXXX working? Perhaps XXXXXX is the common denominator and not your ego.

PRose said...

All you whining RINO's and DINO's and supposed good government Independents need to grow up, NOW. We have the best chance in decades to stop " la Macchina" in decades and all you do is write self serving crap.
Wake up! This is the most important time on a bi-partisan basis to rid the county of one of the most corrupt Supervisor's in our history. This is about honesty, integrity, truth justice and the American way.
Will you let mud slinging let this reprobate get away with this again?
Support Phillips or support " la Macchina". If not, all of you deserve what you most assuredly will get, lies, misspent money and more cronyism. Let the healing begin, please. This is a countywide issue not just a 4th Ward issue. Send Mauro a message, we've had enough!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree prose 6:16!!!!

Anonymous said...

Prose before hoes.

Kenboiraq said...

I think "la Macchina/Cosa Nostra" wait - the mob has more integrity than the dems so I may have insulted the mob here - would accept al queda if they would only vote Democrat!

Al Queda in DSM to reelect Mauro! AKO????? Oh, no - it all makes sense and I only thought they were just incompentent this whole time.