Monday, August 07, 2006

Musicians Wanted

Part 1

Archie Brooks’ resignation from the Des Moines City Council has to be the most frightening event in the last half century in Polk County politics. Today Archie said “The CIETC thing keeps going but in the last weeks it's started to show that I'm not the only guy" in the spotlight, Brooks said. "I'm not going to take the fall for a lot of people at the state they are trying to protect." In light of that bone chilling statement, the music that Archie could sing would make quite an album (CDs to you youngsters). As the Beatles proved with Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” in 1967-a story album works.

Track 1 – Working Class Hero (John Lennon). The story line here is about Des Moines labor boss, CIETC Board member, and Prairie Meadows Board member Dan Albritton,- who most recently delivered a $450,000 bonanza to his unions, courtesy of John Mauro, Tom Hockensmith and Angela Connolly. “Theres room at the top they are telling you still…If you want to be like the folks on the hill. A working class hero is something to be…”

Dan and Archie could sing a duet chorus while living La Dolce Vita on the boat of the same name they shared with Ramona Cunningham.

Track 2 - We are Family (Sly and the Family Stone). The second line of the refrain says it all-“I got all my family with me.” How many hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonuses and raises for friends and family?

Track 3 – Shaft (Isaac Hayes). “Who is the man with the [payoff] in his hand, Ako, Ako Samad”.

Track 4 – On the Road Again” (Waylon & Willie). A country homage to the many vacations purchased with tax dollars courtesy of that Tom Vlassis acquired $25K credit limit MasterCard for Ramona courtesy of CIETC. “Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway. We're the best of friends; Insisting that the world be turnin' our way.” Can’t you just the see the happy smiles as that credit card got signed-while partying with their friends Tom Hockensmith, Angela Connolly and John Mauro.

Track 5 – Angie (Rolling Stones). A tortured plea for Angela Connolly, who most recently helped orchestrate the ouster of long time Recorder Tim Brien for the offense of not hiring her brother. Pity poor Angie when she had to tell her brother “At least you can’t say we never tri-ied”.

I’m looking for suggestions as to some other numbers Archie (“Sugar”-that one dates me) Brooks could use to finish off an 8 – 10 track story album. Reader’s suggestions are welcome. Burton Rider and Maverick this means you and any other musicians need to put on your creative hats and help complete this album.

Part 2

Some of you may have noticed a recent upsurge in support for Dr. Mark Klein on the presidential preference poll. It turns out that the Klein votes weren’t a crank Democrat attempt to squirrel the poll but a reflection of a small groundswell of support for that candidate’s position on the importance of fathers in the lives of our children. The Iowa based “Children Need Both Parents” group found the Real Sporer and expressed their support for Dr. Klein.

Perhaps this otherwise anomalous voting pattern points to an overlooked issue in our conservative “family first” message. In a society that is altogether too atomized we need to ensure that fathers are more than ATMs in broken and blended families. The Democrat approach has been to focus on child support collection as the only contribution that Dads make-but where is our answer? Food for thought, eh? Maybe some Republican candidates will start talking about the very real non financial problems faced by broken and blended families.

But these Iowa political polls get watched in Washington. Dr. Klein has no chance of securing our nomination. If viewed from the prism of our first in the nation status we felt that resetting the poll would prevent national figures from trivializing the issue of fathers as a statistical quirk of a local blog poll.


Anonymous said...

So, by deleting Dr. Klein altogether, you are defacto burying the issue of equal parenting after divorce. So much for "compassionate conservatism" Harrumph!

The Real Sporer said...
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Dad said...

No worse than the phoney, awol "war pResident" installed now...

Anonymous said...

dad 9:51

back to the democrat shit blogs for u.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed the recent "upsurge" in votes for Pataki over at Krusty's site in the past couple of days. You think Krusty will reset also?

(Granted Pataki is a much stronger candidate than the "Good Doctor" - but it was a quick "upsurge" none the less)

Anonymous said...

It is shockingly dishonest to take a name out of the polls. Period. Let alone the leader! Your main comments suggested that this was only due to some "local" effort by an Iowan group, but I know for a fact that the votes were coming from all over the nation, hence the true fact that Dr. Klein has a much, much broader support base than you might have expected, and could actually take the White House, given two dozen million noncustodial parents, and all of their family and friend supporters, too, not even mentioning the victimized, but now voting, young children of divorce, themselves. One would think if you wanted a halfway "reliable" barometer, you certainly wouldn't change the game in the middle. How "Democratic" of you...

Anonymous said...

Chris Woods reports on political forecast that Archie Brooks "didn't do shit" for democrats. he kidding? He makes the case that since he alledgedly didn't contribute much money, he couldn't really be considered a real democrat? Ha??? How transparent is that as an attempt to distance the corporate institutional democrats from the real workin class democrats who know better.


27 years on the city council? alledged Money - cronyism - nepotism - complete with girlfriend. alledged corruption up the ying yang?

Anonymous said...

Oh my

State 29 - great post!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ted, I didn't know Albritton was with Teamsters. What? He isn't?! Then how did his SCIFL members benefit from the Polk contract? The didn't. Guess you will not let the facts get in the way of your story.

Mark Klein, M.D. said...

Isn't it up to Iowa caucus voters to decide who'll be the GOP nominee?

The GOP powers-that-be seem intent on "annointing" a candidate. Perhaps I'm out of synch in today's society as an genuine idealist when it comes to democracy and Republican principles. We stood for political freedom in Cold War. We should stand for it here at home.

Those of you who will visit my blog will find I often have an unusual take on things. Comes from 65 years of experience which included 40+ years in medicine and psychiatry, success in business and investing, a restless, very curious intellect, and the joys of raising 4 children to successful young adulthoods.

I ask you to say prayers for my pregnant daughter and her family in Israel. They are refugees from Safed where her husband is a rabbi.
My child is a true Daughter of Israel and an Achet Chiyil (A woman of valor). She made sergeant in the Israeli Army.

Hope to meet many of you when my team and I attend the Christian conference September 9 in Clive.

Blessings and God's speed to all of you.

Kenboiraq said...

"It's the Family Stupid"

Children Need Both Parents and fatherless children constitute the majority of our current and future societal problems.

Ted Sporer is not our enemy and neither is the Republican Party. The Democratic Party in league with NOW, the Trial Lawyers, and those that profit from the divorce industry are the enemy. They have willingly sacrificed children on the alter of campaign contributions and scandals like the latest Democratic Polk County fiasco that lines the pockets of Democratic operatives instead of helping inner city “fatherless” children.

Children Need Both Parents and Chairman Sporer is a friend. Do not shoot the messenger! Educate the messenger and build a movement that everyone can see, hear and feel. That means building a Political Voting Bloc that gets the attention of politicians eager for the money and support.

Ted just doesn’t believe Dr. Klein is a viable candidate. It is up to us to demostrate otherwise. Anyone that stupidly attacks Ted on this issue is harming our chances for success with one of the most fair and influential members of the Republican Party in Iowa.

Anonymous said...

I think this raises an interesting subject for republicans. What are Democrats doing to help with the 70% out of wedlock birthrate amongst the black community. That same community is held hostage and taken for granted by the Democrat party.

The children growing up without fathers in their lives is devastating to our social fabric and is the main reason for the poverty the democrats keep touting as so necessary to fix.

Yet, they promote abortion, they promote the idea that women don't need men for anything other than to donate sperm, and as Ted said, be an ATM.

What are the democrats doing to help?

Anonymous said...

You don't like the poll results, so you are changing the poll? Is this the USA or Russia or Iran, etc.?

ochotonas said...

I want to thank the Real Sporer for recognizing that single fathers are being overlooked. Indeed, their are ten's of millions of single fathers today whom are viewed as nothing more than a paycheck and every other weekend "Uncle Dad" by public officials.

Child custody laws are created by state legislatures. And these discriminatory laws are just as likely to have been created by Republican controlled legislatures as Democratic controlled ones.

Dr. Klein may have tapped a HUGE segment of citizens that indeed are being ignored by both parties.

Removing Dr Klein's name from potential candidates list indicates the "fix is in", and unfortunately calls into question the credibility of the "Real Sporer"

unikat said...

I've long said that the only right divorced fathers have is the right to write the check. My own decided he didn't even want that right. Time and emotional/spiritual/physical support is much more important than financial support in the long run.

And for part one...from the soon to be appearing in Des Moines "The Who," Who (Who are you? Who? Who? (who think you are are above the law?))

Yoda said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Yoda said...

Why isn't Glen Stine listed on the poll? My God, he was on a Wheaties box in the 60's for heaven's sake. To top it off he has a front page story about him from 1995 in the Perry Chief!

WAR The Real Sporer for only listing serious candidates

Anonymous said...

Good post from unikat.

The trouble is we have a system that drives dads out of lives.

but-part 1 is the Big News.

Maybe the whole crowd could do a mass chorus of Proud Mary "Rollin up the river"

Anonymous said...

Ted-why'd you drop Chuck Hegel, did he formally switch parties?

Anonymous said...

"Johnny B. Good"

Burton Rider said...

Ted: Here's your next track:

"Criminal" by Fiona Apple.

"What I need is a good defense, cuz I'm feeling like a criminal"

Great post. Now let's get a candidate for SOS who can raise some serious money to pound Mauro/CIETC all over Iowa.

Burton Rider said...

Also, is your 1 to 11 scale of conservatism a reference to Spinal Tap?

"Most amplifiers go to 10, but ours go to 11, which is one louder".

So if ultra-conservative is 10, then someone like stuckonbrilliant (a frequent Krusty poster, Steve Erickson), would be an 11? Because he's "one more conservative".

Yoda said...

hmmm... Spinal tap, extra channel...

Funny shit!

Yoda said...

Hmmmm... Song suggestions, I make:

1. "Emperial March" by John Williams. Theme song for the Polk County Democratic Machine.

2. "Lick It Up" by Kiss. For all those absantee ballots Mike Mauro had to reseal during his brother's primary battle with Gene Phillips.

3. "Lies" by Fleetwood MAC. I think of this song evertime I hear Gordon or Chet say this is a bi-partisan issue.

4. "Unskinny Bop" by Poison. Chet not fat. He unskinny.

5. "The Lady is a Tramp" by Frank Sinatra. Boat+huge $ payoff+RAMONAnce=Tramp

Anonymous said...

WAR Glen Stine when he ever takes a shower or wipes his ass.

Against Poor Judgement in Polling said...

So much for your polls credibility. Do you believe that any of the other people mentioned in your poll have a chance to win?

against poor Judgement in Polling said...

Oh Yeh, and Condi and Haley have a chance to win. What about that author Newt....great shot of taking DC.

Anonymous said...

This poll has no credibility now, as do most republicans.

Anonymous said...

some of you guys are ridiculous.

Haley Barbour is a sitting governor and former RNC chair who has campaigned in Iowa for local candidates.

Condi Rice is among the most well known Republicans, and people, in the world. She is commonly mentioned as a hot presidential commodity.

Dr. Mark Klein isn't a serious candidate. While I'm sure father's rights are important, are they more important than the war on terror, maintaining our prosperity, developing a viable energy policy, etc...?

Get off Sporer's ass.

Anonymous said...

Good to see the kool aid drinkers on your blog Sporer.


Jim Dandy said...

Can the 'doctor' win? It's hard to say. Check out this statement:

"Masturbation has a lot going it. It's free, can't get VD, doesn't result in pregnancies, and afterwards you don't have to make nice to anyone."

So, this is a pro-masturbation, anti-cuddling platform? Just the thing the Iowa GOP needs!

Anonymous said...

How about that Frankie Valli classic "Sherry" in honor of Republican CIETC Treasurer Sherry Howard who just forgot checks and expense vouchers needed to be filled in with amounts and names before she rubber stamped them (imagine Archie Brooks singing this one): "Sherry Baby, Sherry baby, Sherry can you come out tonight. (Why don't you come out) Move it nice and easy; Girl, you make me lose my mind." Or the Four Tops with "Sugar Pie" for paid Republican CIETC consultant Deb Dessert: "Sugar pie honey bunch, you know that I love you; I can't help myself, I want you and nobody else; when you snap your finger or wink your eye, I come running to you; I'm tied to your apron strings and there's nothing I can do." And finally, how about Guttermouth's classic "Hypocrite" for all of you Polk County Republicans lapping up the sad slime that is CIETC while supporting a president who has slaughtered thousands in an illegal war for the sake of a family blood feud, turned the Constitution and the linchpin notion of separation of powers on it's head with a destructive and fringe concept like the unitary executive; and gutted the core of true libery--the principle of privacy--in so many ways that there isn't time to list them all. "See you at church and I see you at school; say that you live by the golden rule but, look again, it's all a lie; you're a hypocrite and I don't know why; your life's filled with distortions and lies." said...

My poll vote for Dr. Klein came from Ohio.

I appreciate Ted's comments about the possibility of an "overlooked issue", he's right on the money there. Republicans already talk about the non-financial problems of broken families - Laura Bush's "Youth Initiative" mentions fatherlessness as a cause of so many social problems, but then it seeks to find male teachers, coaches, mentors, "big brothers" to REPLACE the void left when the Judge turned Dad into "Visitor"

The GOP talks about "Protecting the Institution of Marriage" by banning gay marriage. To me (and about 25 million divorced fathers) that's like setting the dinner plates on the Titanic... Marriage is sinking fast, current policies and laws act as incentives to divorce. Many of us would have liked to "get and stay married", but it takes only one to file a divorce. So, all the Libs need to do is to motivate half of the married population to file, and just look at all the government jobs they create! The Census Bureau says 84.4% of custodial parents are female, a custody order (and many "equal" time shared parenting orders too) carries an automatic support order enforced by the full force of government. In tough economic times, many mothers choose to sign up for the guaranteed 20% of his income instead of the uncertainty of his possible layoff. So, the money is the incentive that is eroding the foundation of marriage, if Conservatives want to save marriage, they should examine and eliminate the incentives for divorce.

My suggestion: Let each parent provide their share of support during their share of time. Make the shares of time equal. Recognize the fundamental rights of both parents, and protect them as vigorously as we protect First Amendment rights. When the state has no evidence that a parent is unfit (abusing, neglecting, harming a child), the primary "compelling state interest" and the "child's best interests" are both served by protecting each parent's rights from encroachment by the other parent. A presumption of equal custody takes the "winner/loser" dynamic out of divorce court, if we give people less to fight for, they'll fight less.

I voted for Klein even though I don't realistically expect the GOP to nominate him, because he represents an idea that I think is more relevant to more voters than anything the GOP is pumping at me through their daily email newsletters. The Democrats are hungry for fresh ideas, I hope the GOP claims this one before the Dems find it. I know the Dems are the party of man bashing feminazis, but 'equality in family court' could find a home there alongside NOW just as comfortably as the unions coexist with the environmentalists who would shutter the union factories.

I'll write in "Dr. Mark Klein" on election day, unless the GOP makes "equal protection of fundamental parental rights" a central plank in the '08 platform.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:18-That might be the most deranged post yet.

Did you know that a high school aged George W. Bush actually was the hidden gunman on the grassy knoll-or was the Derock Zoolander?(sorry Ted, stole the Zoolander reference but I'm sure you approve its use in this context)

Anonymous said...

To anon 5:34...

As your friend Yoda might say...

"Great leader 'ad hominym attack the last resort of the uninformed mind' say."

Anonymous said...

per the doctor's request

Of recent vintage: "Take The Money And Run" or "Money For Nothing"

Fab Four: "Too Much Monkey Business", "Bad Boy", "A Little Help From My Friends", "I'm A Loser", "What Goes On" and "The End"

Someone with more creativity can adapt these titles or their lyrics.

Anonymous said...

Are we really having this discussion on Dr. Klein?

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

How well do you think a "Pro Rubbing It Off" Republican is going to fly with conservative caucus goers?

What's he going to hand out at the straw poll in Ames? The latest issue of Juggs, a jar of vaseline and private time?

You are all crazy.

Anonymous said...

So... W "rubs off" horses, according to his wife, Laura, our "fist lady?"

Maybe it's Shrubbie's way of keeping "the 'ol gray mare" happy and entertained,eh?.

Prescott Bush got caught trading with the Nazi's in WW2... trickle down economics, I guess. ewwww...LOL!

Anonymous said...

So... W "rubs off" horses, according to his wife, Laura, our "fist lady?"

Maybe it's Shrubbie's way of keeping "the 'ol gray mare" happy and entertained,eh?.

Prescott Bush got caught trading with the Nazi's in WW2... trickle down economics, I guess. ewwww...LOL!

Anonymous said...

"Money for nothin and your chicks for free."

Who was that group?

Oops..I guess Ramona wasn't free per Vlassis's credit card.

Anonymous said...

Prescott Bush was a co-sponsor of the civil rights act and Al Gore SR - Algore's father - filibustered it.

Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Funny, no comments from the right.

No serious musican, in his right mind, would play a lick for this group of ignorant, ill informed
republicans... I bet anyone they'll just steal the copyrights

Anonymous said...

Prescott had nothing to do with the civil rights... he died before 1964. Check y0ur history, anny.. and maybe we'll discuss this elsewhere, but I stand by my post

never trust a republican, they supported Nixon.

Anonymous said...

From the DSM Register:

"City Councilman Chris Coleman defended Brooks."

How is that possible?

Bye bye Chris

Anonymous said...

A republican asked Nixon to resign

Another history tidbit:

How many FBI files did Nixon have?


How many FBI files did Hillary have?

over 200!

Check your facts

Never trust a Clinton.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:43

He died in 1972. You are lying.

Check your facts.

Kenboiraq said...

Dr. Mark Klein out of context notwithstanding, we in the Children Need Both Parents movement have no intention of voting for any candidate that refuses to address our issue. We have a significant percentage of the voter population and we are finally forming as an entity. I've noticed the straw poll minus our input has only a few interested voters.

That should be a big clue as to how active we are now becoming. This movement is not about Dr. Klein. He has our support because he put his money where his mouth is. He is rough around the edges but the issue regarding Children Need Both Parents is not.

And for anyone that does not realize that, "It's the Family Stupid" does mean more than the war. Why do people fight? They do it for God, Family, and Country. I personally felt very conflicted fighting for a country that gave me the Bronze Star and yet gives me only 96 hrs a month with my child while daycare (that I must pay for) gets 192 hrs.

Lesson here - we are not voting for any Republican (Dems are already out of the question) that ignores us.

Mark Klein, M.D. said...

Renboiraq's comment goes to the heart of the matter for genuine family stability oriented Republicans. He's right to say I'm "rough around the edges" certainly in part because I've never run for office before.

I don't really want the White House but feel I have no choice as a responsible parent and a patriot but to try for it.

Got a smile from George Pataki at the June GOP picnic when I told him never thought in my 65 years I've missed anything by not living in the White House!

Maybe GOP conservatives are waking up to how moribund their message has become. Got this mention in Human Events.

"...As if blocking sensible social reform is insufficiently conservative, party leadership is stonewalling potential Presidential candidates calling for change. Dr. Mark Klein, running for the 2008 Republican nomination, has done surprisingly well at state conferences despite a complete absence of political history.

Were Dr. Klein not a virgin barging into a cavernous temple full of narcoleptic mummies, new life and ideas might be breathed into the party, and the disengaged conservative base might have something more useful to do than watching Bill Maher debate the few real Republicans that still have anything worth hearing.

Republicans, understand this: Your situation is now desperate. The motivated male and equalitarian-female majority vote that won past elections is now fully-detached and fervently looking elsewhere. Playing the “war on terror” card is old news and will not carry upcoming elections..."

We'll be at the Christian covention Sept 9 in Clive. Please look me up. Best-Mark

sporers spouse said...

Hi Kenbo

Glad to know you are still working on our behalf in Iraq. I hope things are going well for you and all of us over there.

Stay safe but Kick some Islamofascist butt!

Anonymous said...

Sporer's spouse: What's it like, sleeping with someone with NO credibility? Someone who RIGS polls to suit their own schemes? You must be a _ _ _ _.

Big-killer said...

Ted - anon 3:13 has to be deleted. Gutless wonders can post BS stuff but name calling (a Dem for sure)sporers spouse (and Killer's friend) is low even for a dem. Hi to sporers spouse :-)
Bounce him outta here brother Ted !! And give me a call sometime.

sporers spouse said...

I guess the fathers rights folks don't care about the rights of others. Apparently, being rude and nasty is the approach to debate.

I guess if they are mean to the spouse of the person with whom they are angry, they think that will change his mind.

Anyone that knows Ted, knows that ain't gonna work. His reasons for taking Dr. Klein off the poll are now confirmed. His reasons had logic.

As Ted always says, the ad hominen attack is the first resort of the uninformed mind.

Thanks Killer

Anonymous said...

that's not logic, to delete a candidate... that's manipulation!

Yoda said...

"I guess if they are mean to the spouse of the person with whom they are angry, they think that will change his mind."

Hmmm.... Welcome to my world...

WAR Banning Anon Phags

Big-killer said...

Agrees with yoda, I do ...

May the force be with you and may we meet some day in our respective galactic travels.

WAR Sporer
WAR Sporers Spouse
WAR Yoda

Mark Klein, M.D. said...

I am very distressed by the personal attacks on Mr. Sporer.

Notwithstanding I think he was wrong to take me off the poll, people I know and respect in Iowa think very highly of him as a man of integrity and honor.

If we keep this debate civil, a lot of good could come out of examining why the GOP is so intent on suppressing new voices and new ideas.

Don't think I've been treated fairly but I believe in our party. Just like you don't walk away from loved ones who've lost their way, I'm sticking with our party. We've got the right message and the best people.

How I could not hold Ted Sporer in high esteem when he could just cut off this debate on his website? This can't be easy for him or his family.

Mark Klein

Anonymous said...

Uncle Ted,
git rid of anon 3:13....nothing is wrong with JoEllen. she is someone i'd want on my team.

sorry for anon post, i am too lazy to register a user name..etc

and Ted, any presidential candidate who cannot form a complete sentence should be taken off your poll.

p.s. down with Ako

The Real Sporer said...

My usual policy is to ignore anonymous personal attacks-they do say far more about the attacker than the victim.

Dr. Klein, I thank you for your kind words. This was not a personal attack, or intended to be a slight. Two United States Senators, Chuck Hagel and Lindsey Graham also dropped off the poll.

I do want to make this clear, this is not the "Polk County Poll" or any official website or function of the Republican Party of Iowa or the PCRP. This blog is my personal editorial page. Anyone who has had anything to do with our party knows that we have a very big tent in Polk County.

Rest assured, Dr. Klein, you are welcome to attend our events, speak at our meetings etc... I hope you will attend GOPfest '06 on September 23, purchase a table and let us know your position on immigration (attendance is typically several hundred to a thousand) and it is wonderful opportunity to reach a large number of crucial Republican activists.

In any event, a post would have to be pretty vile for me to remove it. The slur on my wife, while bespeaking a small mind and a cowardly disposition, does not rise to the level of censorship.

I look forward to seeing Dr. Klein in September.

Ironically, tomorrow I will starting a custody trial representing a very disregarded father with an ex-wife who is trying to drive him out of their son's life. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Jim Nussle met with several members. What has Chet Culver done? Seriously Hawkeye, what has Chet Culver done? Why hasn't Chet responded to He won't even respond to me Hawkeye.

Did you know that the Democratic Party is doing a Push Poll right now in Black Hawk County and one of the questions asked voters is "What is your opinion of the organization" and Children Need Both Parents are doing many things right and I do not care if you are Democrat or Republican, we must stand together. I'm voting for Jim Nussle for Governor because I feel he is the best candidate to address our issues having walked in our shoes.

And for the record, I'm a registered Democrat.

Let me tell you something about Chet Culver...He could care less about the Iowa economy. Chet only cares about how to impose new taxes on companies like the new bi-annual report that he requires to be filed for $45.00. All it requests your company name and corporation number, has you print it out, and mail back to his office (with a check of course). Funny thing is...not all companies are corporations...but what does Chet care because he is robbing companies of with this illegal tax. It wont be long and they will require ALL UNIONS to file the same report!!!

Sounds like a violation of the Federal Paperwork Reduction Act!!!

- Winston

Kenboiraq said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kenboiraq said...

JoEllen I am happy to serve in Iraq and I am ever thankful for your support. As to those in my movement that have lashed out, they do not know the support you and your husband have previously given and I apologize on their behalf.

I believe this poll helped scratch the surface of a huge political movement that should be a wake up call to Republicans. It is a huge issue to take fathers out of the lives of their children as a matter of public policy. Dr. Klein has a lot of support and enough that in the upcoming Iowa Caucus season he will be noticed.

I will be back in Iowa in on September 8th and stay until the Hawkeyes meet their doom to my Iowa State Cyclones and once again ruin their chance for a national championship. Maybe anyway……..

Ted, a raving Hawkeye fan for those that don’t know that fact, I was JUST KIDDING! I just hope my Cyclones keep it close at Kinnick!

Founder of said...

Go Hawkeyes!!!

Ted Sporer is an unbiased and fair attorney. No person should take cheap shots at him or his family.

One of the bills, that I want to introduce this coming legislative session is a mandate that the judicial branch must release the statistical breakdown of child custody awards. Once we establish this, we prove de facto discrimination and gender bias!

Yoda said...

Keep it close? What are you talking about?!?!?!

Iowa State has done nothing short of having dominated the Hawkeyes for the last decade.

Its a CYCLONE STATE, that is what happens when they win all the football games.

Lastly, this one is for my buddy Ted:

Iowa plays teams in the Big Ten, while Iowa State plays teams in the Top Ten....

WAR The Iowa-Iowa State Rivalry

Anonymous said...

f the hawks.

Kenboiraq said...

You guys are making fun of my second favorite team here! I wasn't trying to start a war about ISU vs. Iowa. Both teams are really good and we should be happy (unless you are Democrat and then I don't care much either way).

On another note, to let you know what stand up guy Dan McCarney is I sent him a post card a month ago from Iraq and today he sent a complete media guide and hand written note to me. He is a class act and ISU is fortunate to have him.

Oh, and the Democrats are still the party of hand outs and public fund thefts. Just to keep it relevant.

Anonymous said...

You can't spell I SUck with out ISU.

Clone fans, call us when you've played on a New Year's Day Bowl... oh wait, you guy's bowl game is in early September... once you get that out of your head, then you will have a REAL program.


Anonymous said...

So what does that say about the Hawks that they consistently lose to ISU?

Joe Carruba said...

Dear Ted,

Someone was kind enough to email me a copy of your recent blog entry about your removal of Dr Klein from the presidential preference poll.

I’m going to copy and paste your words here so I can have another good laugh while writing my response to it.

Some of you may have noticed a recent upsurge in support for Dr. Mark Klein on the presidential preference poll. It turns out that the Klein votes weren’t a crank Democrat attempt to squirrel the poll but a reflection of a small groundswell of support for that candidate’s position on the importance of fathers in the lives of our children. The Iowa based “Children Need Both Parents” group found the Real Sporer and expressed their support for Dr. Klein.

Perhaps this otherwise anomalous voting pattern points to an overlooked issue in our conservative “family first” message. In a society that is altogether too atomized we need to ensure that fathers are more than ATMs in broken and blended families. The Democrat approach has been to focus on child support collection as the only contribution that Dads make-but where is our answer? Food for thought, eh? Maybe some Republican candidates will start talking about the very real non financial problems faced by broken and blended families.

But these Iowa political polls get watched in Washington. Dr. Klein has no chance of securing our nomination. If viewed from the prism of our first in the nation status we felt that resetting the poll would prevent national figures from trivializing the issue of fathers as a statistical quirk of a local blog poll.

Well to paraphrase a line from Blazing Saddles; Sporer you use your tongue prettier then a twenty dollar whore. No easy feat, considering you are talking out your ass.

In a country that has The Terminator as it’s California governor and Jesse “The Body” Ventura winning that seat in Minnesota; who the hell are you to say that “Dr. Klein has no chance of securing our nomination.”

“In a society that is altogether too atomized we need to ensure that fathers are more than ATMs in broken and blended families.”

Wow. Great sound bite there Teddy. But how exactly are you going to help ensure that father’s are more then ATM’s-- by removing the only potential presidential candidate who gives a damn about us (non –custodial dads) from your list?

Maybe some Republican candidates will start talking about the very real non financial problems faced by broken and blended families?

Umm earth to Ted-- a republican candidate IS talking about the very real non financial problems faced by broken and blended families. His name is Dr Mark Klein and some jackass just removed him from his presidential preference poll!

“But these Iowa political polls get watched in Washington.”

They do? So then you’re saying the powers in DC are ok with you rigging the Iowa poll??? Wow that’s a pretty powerful insinuation you just unwittingly made there Ted.

“If viewed from the prism of our first in the nation status we felt that resetting the poll would prevent national figures from trivializing the issue of fathers as a statistical quirk of a local blog poll.”

Oh yeah Ted, this way is indeed much better. Now everyone will know that you are indeed first in the nation…. at rigging polls that is!

The only thing more pathetic then your removal of Dr Klein from your poll is this half assed attempt to pacify the millions of non-custodial parents you are screwing-- by acting as though you are doing this to help us. Or as you put it to “prevent national figures from trivializing the issue of fathers.”

When it is in fact you Ted who are attempting to trivialize the issue of fathers by not allowing our voices to be heard in the form of votes for Dr Klein.

"The Democrat approach has been to focus on child support collection as the only contribution that Dads make-but where is our answer?"

Good point but apparently;
The Ted Sporer approach is to simply run from the question.

Sincerely yours,
Joe Carruba (AKA; one of the ATM’s you just robbed)

P.S I’ll be posting this all over the internet on my blog. That way other non custodials can tell you where to go park your prism.

Kenboiraq said...

I may be a Ted Sporer apologist but also know him very well. I don't agree with his decision to remove Dr. Klein's poll but I can assure our entire movement that Ted is on our side. I know we have many angry people here but please understand this is one decision in a vacuum and Ted is not our enemy.

I founded Children Need Both Parents. Who do you think my lawyer is and who do you think defends us when threatened? Who has spend DAYS telling me how to handle this or that problem without ever asking for a dime?

The answer is Ted Sporer. He is my hero in many ways. Please remember he is one of the good guys and there are real enemies out there. has "witchy" actively blogging for our destruction and threatening further legal action against my membership as a Reserve Officer. She's a litte over the top but only a few nudges past Raku Basu on the fringe.

We need to save our ammo for the real enemies and not brand Ted as one. Dr. Klein is not happy with Ted but he acknowledged that Ted is not an enemy. Furthermore, Ted reached out and welcomed Dr. Klein to Iowa in September.

Ted has proven himself over and over and one issue should not label him as anti-father. Please, for the sake of our movement, please understand he is our friend and invaluable in so many ways. We risk total marginalization if we attack our friends.

I believe we must galvanize our support behind Dr. Klein and build a political movement that endures and speaks the language politicans speak in - money, votes, letters, rallies, support, and influence. We throw a few bad judges out in the process and get some legislation forcing judges to track their decisions thus showing absolute gender bias since they refuse to award Joint Physical Care.

Those are worthy goals but going after our friends is not helpful. Ted is not our enemy.

Anonymous said...


You are so right. The buddy above you and the other screamers are making Dr. Klein look like a nutbag.

Anonymous said...

I think Ted is right on. I think Dr. Klein is only running for president to get the free publicity for a single issue - that being fathers rights.

He has to know that he can't win the presidency during wartime by firing up the nation on this single - albeit important nonetheless - issue.

Furthermore, beating up our own soldiers makes it easier for the real enemies of families - democrats - more likely to win.

Not a good tactic for this group all the way around. They need Ted to be on their side in Polk County. Trying to beat him up will only doom you to the nutbag heap and you'll get no hearing on your issue at all in Polk County Iowa.

Mark Klein, M.D. said...

In the end winning the war for a better future for our children and a secure, prosperous America depends on unity of purpose.

I'm taking Ted's offer of friendship up.

The poll Ted took down served its purpose. It accomplised two things. Results show I'm a serious political player and just as importantly revealed how weak my opponents are. My guess is George Pataki dropped all sorts of money in Iowa just to end up losing to me 52% to 16%! After Romney's 12% showing, all the rest of the supposed GOP political stars got less than 5%. What is John McCain smoking to make him feel he has a chance? He ought to hang it up.

The theme of my life is beating the odds. Despite struggling with inherited spinal cord disease, stuttering, and serious childhood emotional and learning problems, overcame them to become a physician, board certified psychiatrist, successful investor, and most importantly the father of four successful young adult children, I think I can win. I VERY RARELY LOSE WHEN I DECIDE TO WIN!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OK, you are all losing me after you 10 foot long posts.

If you have a thought that big you wana post... start a blog.

Kenboiraq said...

Yada yada yada.....

We do have a blog already!

The Republican party should pay attention to our growing numbers.

Anonymous said...


Make it simple, put Dr Klein back in the poll. If you would like put a comment next to him saying you believe he doesnt has a chance.

Lets see what happens.

But at the end of the day it appears the only ones who read your Blog support Dr Klein.

Dont see to many other VOTES.

Anonymous said...

What, to see a bunch of kool aid drinkers hit refresh and vote over and over...

Ted, keep it to serious canidates.

Kenboiraq said...

I am a father long before I am a Republican and I bet divorced dads represent an easy 20% of the country. Any Republican that forsakes fathers as a parent is a fool.

Think I won't build a movement that splits from the party? Try me. Either we do this in the Republican Party or we watch Republicans lose minus our votes so they take us seriously next time.

We got over 200 votes for the good doctor in 24 hrs. Post the poll again and I bet we get 1000+. 25% of our movement is female from the 2nd wives club, adult children, and female relatives affected by mother only custody.

Those were real votes as the poll recognizes IP addresses to prevent multiple voting. Also, no other blog written on this site is likely to ever cause as much controversy.

I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

Ted must be too busy sucking money from clients (fathers) to put Dr. Klein back in this poll.

Kenboiraq said...

I could never be mad at Ted after everything he has done for this movement. The problem is not Ted but the other Republican leaders that ignore us.

Ted is still the man in my book!

Anonymous said...

WAR thi post going 100 comments!

sporer is the new pink said...

WAR Sporer

Falcon said...

I'm posting this as a wakeup call for all those Republicans who consider Equal Parenting to be the driving criteria for casting their votes now and in the future. If you're expecting the Republican Party to acknowledge you then wake up and smell the coffee; they don't care. They haven't cared for 40 years and it hasn't cost them a modicum of support - so why should they start paying attention to you now. They aren't going to pay attention to you until your votes go elsewhere ... and the GOP is confident that this will not come to pass.

As far as writing Dr. Klein in on your ballots - sorry folks, you lose. In most states, if your candidate is not registered as a write-in then any votes cast for him are simply discarded without even being tallied.

I'm absolutely confident that none of you would cast your ballots for the Democrat candidate (it'd be anti-theitical to your goal).

If you want a place to park your vote until the GOP gets its house in order, then try the Libertarian Party. For several decades, we have supported the right of individuals to develop and agree to their own marriage contracts. Such contracts would, logically, have exit clauses; and if what you believe in is equal custody following divorce then that provision would be written into the contract exit clause. This is not the blanket equal custody that you say you want; but it does allow you to establish your marriage contract in that fashion if you so desire.

So consider giving your support to your state's Libertarian Party. Our goal is to give you back your families so that you can raise your children as you see fit. We are not a "Johnny Come Lately" to this issue. If it's an issue to you then all I can say is, "Why haven't you considered us?" … your vote, if cast in our direction, will be tallied and you'll see it on election night.

You broadcast that you have the backing of 25 million NCPs - I say that's Bovine Fecal Material. Those 25 million NCPs aren't even paying attention or else the straw poll results would have been so outrageous that Sporer couldn't ignore them. You spread word to most of the internet Fathers' Rights groups in the country and you were only able to come up with a couple of hundred votes. Expend your effort reaching the 25 million NCPs you say are there; and then direct them to a political party that already backs your cause.

What it comes down to for 2008 is that you're going to need a place to park a protest vote, because the GOP isn't going to give you a passing glance. Park your vote with the LP on this go-around and make the GOP come to you if they want you back. You didn't leave the GOP, they abandoned you (and that's the sign of a Dead Beat Political Party).