Sunday, August 06, 2006

Reflections on Dows in August

Last night we had the opportunity to travel up to Dows for the "Tribute To Stu" Iverson event. Stu recently completed his final term as State Senate Majority leader and is retiring from the Senate.

Another good turn out for Republicans. Leon Mosley (our State CoChair) took time from his own re-election campaign in Black Hawk County to be at Dows. Steve Roberts, National Committeeman and Bonnie Hall (4th District) were in attendance from the State Central Committee (in addition to me-3rd Districts.). Bill Northey, our Secretary of Agriculutre nominee sat at the head table, looking tanned from the campaign trail. Several legislators, current legislative candidates, former legislators, and former party officials were scattered throughout the audience-another good sign.

Gov. Pataki was grounded by extreme weather in South Carolina. The Governor called in and presented Stu with an American flag that had flown over Ground Zero. Jo Ellen Hill (Sporer's Hot Spouse) did the presentation on behalf of the 21st Century Freedom PAC as it's State CoChair.

Attendance was way over 100. It was great to see such a good turnout in the middle of fair and vacation season. The Republicans in the room seemed pretty enthusiasatic, although many wondered why we aren't pushing back against the constant stream of Democrat attacks. A very sweet older Republican woman asked me why we "back down from those devils".

Leon was a big hit, as always.

The lack of controversy is a great sign that we are unifying for November. Big thanks to the Tri-County Republicans for putting together the event and providing Republicans in their neighborhood the chance to come together and fire up, so to speak. But, as Gov. Pataki's 21st Century Freedom PAC Iowa State Chairman I don't think that Stu has closed his public career-and that's a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Uncle Teddy, was Chris Woods there with his video camera?

Anonymous said...

I believe Chris was there, but he was street painting outside....

Anonymous said...

Is Sporer running for Sec of State?

What are you doing all over the state?

Big-killer said...

Sporer is trying to get Republicans elected !!!!

Here - Polk County !!
There - 1st District last week!!
Everywhere - Dows this week !!

WAR Comin' to Cap City to Knock Out some doors next week brother!!

Anonymous said...

I think Sporer is just trying to set an example. We've all got to be republicans without boundaries.

Next Saturday, Cerro Gordo is having a big event. Try to go even if you don't live in Cerro Gordo. We've got to get over this apathy and be in fightin shape.

Love ya Killer!

Anonymous said...

Sporer is trying to get elected State Chair. But in the process, he is helping Republicans, most of the time.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Leon Mosley going to be the next chair?

Anonymous said...

Leon?! no way. Ted is for sure going to be the next state chair.

Ted by far outshines anyone else for that post. imagine how much fun this election cycle would be if 'put me to sleep hoffman' wasnt chair.

Anonymous said...

Archie Brooks resigned!!!!

Said it wasn't fun anymore. Ha. guess not. It wasn't fun for us anymore either.

He sounds like he's going to name names. Finally, we may see the final destruction of the machine.

Thanks for the leadership and courage on this one Ted! Now, we have to get the rest of them...Vlassis and Ako.

Ako gets money from Prairie Meadows also. Guess who's on the board of PM? Yup, Dan Albritton, the guy that has boat with Ramona and is publicly known to date her on and off.

Dan Albritton also is the only witness before the legislature that took the 5th.

Prairie Meadows money needs looked at too.

Anonymous said...

Ted, go get em!!!

Anonymous said...


I was checking out the Polk County Website on these Community Betterment Grants to see what I could see, and noticed that in 2005, the Italian American Cultural Center was the recipient of the largest grant made that year.

How interesting is that? Of all the worthwhile recipients - many charities, causes etc, they gave the MOST to the Italian American Cultural Center? That's located on the South Side by the way.

Hmmm....interesting indeed. I can't wait to read more. said...

Wondering what happened to the resetting of the Poll for the Republican Presidential Momination in 2008?
Dr Mark Klein was leading last I checked with 27% of the total and well over 150 votes.
Now Dr Mark Klein is NOT listed and Gov Pitacki has 100% of the total and only 1 vote.

Gov Pitacki who is a great guy, dosn't have a chance at winning the Conservative Republican support.

Nice to see that he has 1 vote. Could the resetter of the Poll be a Gov Pitacki supporter only?

Perhaps Gov Pitacki should put a call in to Dr Mark Klein and reserve a place on the couch of the National Shrink.

These career politicians need to get in-touch with what is really on the minds of the Fathers of the Nation.

Our Founding Fathers of this Great Nation are rolling over in thier graves at the thought of so many US Citizen Fathers being denied custody of, and a relationship with, thier own children.

What is more important to a real man than his own children?

Please don't tell me it is alternative energy supplies.

Anonymous said...

a poll--should Vlassis resign as well. lets ensure it is a resoundning "yes"!

sporers spouse said...

The 1 vote for Pataki was from Sporers Spouse - who is publicly a Pataki supporter. Those of you that know us, know that we are not brain twins. Ted will choose his own candidate in his own time. He really doesn't do everything I tell him to do - dang it!

And besides...all of these polls are unscientific and fairly meaningless, so let's not get too concerned about what they say.

They should be reset frequently as the environment changes and as teams get built. Perhaps at least quarterly. There are only a few teams that have bodies attached that may participate in these polls.

Early support does not equate to a win. Remember the tortoise and the hare?

Check out krusty's poll - which is driven largely by Romney supporters and staff, for instance, Burton Rider, Yoda and Jeff Fuller. (which is ok by me - I enjoy the read).

It needs reset too.

Yoda said...

hmmm.... The Glen Stine post, a joke it was....

Anons would not be allowed to post ever, If I were Krusty.... A recommendation I offer to all blog hosts....

Kenboiraq said...

I want to point out Dr. Mark Klein had over 52% of the vote with over 400 votes cast. But, I understand why he was pulled. I know Ted is not a fan of him but that is irrelevant. The point is this movement needs a voice and right now Dr. Klein is it. I see a National movement coalescing in Iowa (for every time there is a season).

Now as for Archie going home - it would never have happened without Teddy beating the drum. Teddy's on Fire! That is why I love to watch him in action. He needs to be the next chairman if Iowa wants to do anything major. Change is good and Ted is the man to make positive changes.

Still, I wish he would have reached out a bit more to the fathers movement but all in good time. Ted's one of the only real leaders in Iowa and we need to all realize Iowa may have gone Democratic in 2004 if not for his tireless efforts keeping Polk Country close.