Monday, August 21, 2006

Reality vs. the Democrats

One thing us Republicans have to do this year is listen to our President and defend the economy. Democrat fear mongering about the economy has produced a monumental disconnection between perception and reality.

Almost every statistical survey shows the mindlessness of the criticisms of the Republican economy. President Bush inherited a significant slowdown and recession officially started 28 days into his first administration. The terror strikes of September 11 were the most significant exogenous shock to the American economy in American history. Still, Republican pro-growth economics gave us the shortest and shallowest recession in American history. The foregoing is statistically irrefutable.

Then, with the recession over, the echo chamber of hate that very much includes the Main Stream Media focused on the “jobless recovery” because the relatively low unemployment rate wasn’t improving as quickly as it had in previous recoveries. These accusations continued after August of ’03 when the economy began generating jobs at a rapid pace, long after the MSM should have been reporting the FACT of rapidly expanding job markets.

When the unemployment rate began returning to and remaining at near historic lows, the complaint shifted to income growth. Again, where was the reportage of the FACT that income growth has outstripped inflation with real after tax income increasing 13.5% during the Bush years, including the inherited recession, the corporate scandal (where the illegal conduct predominantly occurred during the Clinton years) and, of course 9.11. Last month alone income growth almost doubled inflation and that includes the rising cost of energy.

When was the last time you heard the MSM report the FACT that federal tax revenues have reached quarter century highs after the Bush tax cuts? I never remember seeing that anywhere in the AP, the Times (LA or NY), CBS, ABC and NBC. Where is the coverage of the FACT that the federal deficit is far smaller than projected, and projected to shrink by more than half again by 2009? This budget includes the deluge of federal money that rivaled the force of Hurricane Katrina itself.

Small wonder most people think their financial position is secure but worry about their neighbors and think the booming economy is in a recession. Now, the Echo Chamber of Hate is not going to change its tune. The Democrats aren’t going to change their spots as incremental socialists any time soon. The public will only fall for the politics of deception, distortion and division if we allow this disconnection to continue. What are you going to do to educate the public about our tremendous economic success during the most challenging of times?



The Hunter said...

Right again Uncle Ted. But if people in Iowa aren't feeling the full force of the economic boom it is important to address why.

We need to have a real debate about how we tax in Iowa. Our failure to address commercial property taxes under Travelin' Tom and his Union roadshow has caused business to leave, (see Maytag, and Rubbermaid) while our labor force ages, and our best and brightest leave for greener pastures (farm term).

Note- Republicans got suckered on the Values Fund (political payoff of the highest order), shame on us. Waiving a lot of taxpayer money at companies as they leave is NOT economic development.

We need a new direction. We need a strong Governor in Jim Nussle, We need a strong pro-growth Senate and House. We need a local change to eliminate corruption in Polk Co.

Reality matters- Vote Republican

Anonymous said...

How do we do it Sporer? The idea is great but how do we get our message out?

Anonymous said...

That's all very nice and very true, but just think how good the economy would be if our Republicans (from the state house on up) had the balls to pull their snouts out of the public trough and actually get the ridiculous spending (at all levels of government) under control. I am a long-time Republican activist, but I'm completely fed up with watching government piss away MY MONEY. Prime example: Chuck Grassley supporting millions in federal money for a rainforest in Iowa - gimme a break! That ranks up there with the Alaska bridget to nowhere.

Anonymous said...

How does $3.00 a gallon gas, record profits for oil companies, and inflation outstripping cost of living adjustments fit into all of this reality?

The Real Sporer said...

Anon 2:41

Glad you visited. Here's my reply.

Inflation isn't outstripping COLAs, simply not true. Don't cite some short term one or two month thing. SSN's indexing process always is faster than inflation, in fact proper indexing would save the program billions a year.

$3.00 gas is unpleasant and almost entirely the fault of Democrats and environmental extremists who support them. Building a few more refinerys, drilling in Alaska and the Gulf, etc... would all increase supply and reduce demand. When was the last new refinery built in this country? Wasn't it during the Carter years?

But the larger point, that you ignore, is the relationship between energy and gas costs and the larger economy. Real income exceeds inflation, which remains low, which indicates the economy has already absorbed the higher energy costs and is still chugging along nicely. We could use cheaper gas, remember Republicans buy gas also, but high gas prices are offset by lower prices in many other goods and services. How much you paying for long distance, internet and cell phone service these day's Pardner.

If the Dems hadn't vetoed North Slope drilling in 96 and filibustered it from 01-06 the futures markets would not be so panicked. Why we Rs haven't been pounding this harder is beyond me.

Are profits bad? If so, should the government bail out oil companies when times are hard. By the way, how much are the Kennedy clan selling gas for these days?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what wisdom Ruth Harkin could provide. She's on the board of Conoco Oil after all.

Her job is to advise on how Conoco can bring in more profit. That's what the board of directors do.

How come she gets a pass on being a member of big oil?

Marty said...

Certainly fear and smear are the two great Democratic tools.

While the economy is strong, the problem is that our government has created a two-tier economy. Those who are secure will remain so. But, we are developing a second-tier that is not capable of keeping up. They require more and more government support, and will vote with the fear/smear folks.

We demand they be able to speak (only) Spanish - a great way to hold people back in an English speaking country - when they cannot participate in the mainstream, the fear/smear folks who created their situation, tell them they can help.

When you count people whose revenue comes from the government, including government employees, we are quickly approaching an electorate that will only elect fear/smear politicians. (at least that is my fear "/smear?")

Marty said...

Reading my comment, Hispanic speaking people are meant only as one example the impact of a government that provides crutches for people which permanently develop the need for those crutches - securing the "benevolent" government givers' place in office.

Anonymous said...

The government that can afford to give you everything you want is also the government that can take everything you have.

D's want the government to provide for all needs and wants - therefore, they need to take all that you have to do it.

It matters who governs.

R's let you govern yourselves while D's won't let you govern yourselves. You aren't capable after all.