Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bigger than Churchbells.

Wow, Ako really hit a new low today when Jack Whitver tried to simply drop off a debate proposal at Ako’s house.

Ako was apparently visiting an ailing relative when Jack arrived. Strange how Ako’s visit to the hospital had to be timed at exactly the moment Jack arrived. Ako’s campaign manager emerged from Ako’s home and went on a crazed personal attack.

Ako arrived home and appeared grief stricken by the events of the day. Ako’s campaign manager then rants more personal attacks.

The trip itself would never have been necessary if Ako really would debate Jack. We might just begin to get some answers to some of those questions the Democrat legislative candidate as heretofore refused to answer.

Stranger yet, while the simple process of accepting Jack’s debate proposals was emotionally overwhelming to Ako, and unhinging to the madwoman on the door stoop, Ako’s other campaign activities today appeared to have not been whatsoever affected by the grieving process at the Samad campaign. Perhaps public appearances to accept awards was just the tonic Ako's heavy heart required.

Not since Bill Clinton wept on command
at Ron Brown’s funeral has the public been treated to something so lacking in shame.

You’ve got ‘em Jack, so hat’s off to you!
A.M. Update
It looks like Ako's uncle must have undergone a miraculous recovery by the time the School Board met Tuesday night since Ako attended the Board meeting.


Kenboiraq said...

AKO's conduct in this matter was atrocious. His campaign staffer's illogical and rude behavior designed entirely to inflame based on insinuation. For Black voters to fall for such obvious diversions from a debate shows how easily they are mislead. Small wonder they have voted for Democrats and sell out leaders. It takes no thinking to accept every excuse.

I call it the "my dog ate my homework (again) or my grandmother (died)" excuse. How do they look at themselves in the mirror?

Anonymous said...

Didn't Ako state that he was going to "clear all this up"? I haven't heard his story yet. How did he clear all that up?

Anonymous said...

Sadly, they do seem easily led. The only thing that matters to them is that the candidate is black rather than white. Character is meaningless to their decision making process.

MLK Jr is turning in his grave at the state of his dream. It's very sad how they've regressed since he was alive.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton should rot in hell for what they've done to the black community.

Anonymous said...

Chris Woods is carrying on over at political forecast about Jack Whitver being of low character because he "disturbed" poor little ole Ako during his grief.

Since he was able to rebound from his extreme grief to attend the school board meeting last night, strikes me that Jo Ann Hughes is the person of poor character. Ako's poor character we already know about.

Whitver is the stand up guy in this situation. And, as usual, the black people involved are claiming victimization again.

What a surprise - democrats/blacks claiming they are the victim.

How do they expect to lead?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if anyone is going to do a follow up on Channel 13 that shows how phony was that performance by Ako and tbe crazy woman with him.

Anonymous said...

Whitver looked like her sharded his pants though. That was hilarious. Jack had his ass handed to him by Ako's aide. It looked like he was going to cry.

The Kevorka said...

Yeah, the Eagle Scout was unprepared for the screeching lies.

What a phony baloney performance!

Kenboiraq said...

I loved the "talk to the hand" because I a mad black woman is in the house routine.

How can anyone take Democratic Black leaders as anything other than liars and race baiters?

Jack simply demonstrated his class by going along with the obviously opportune storyline and gave his sympathy. Suddenly, AKO showed up and claimed it was all a political ploy???? My God man! Are all black Democrats so mislead to believe this craziness?

I don't there is hope for that community if they fall for this one. A mind is terrible thing to waste................