Monday, September 18, 2006

A little bit about a The Real Sporer

First, the best thing about Saturday’s Iowa-ISU game is it took only three hours to watch but gave us 12 months to gloat. Thanks again Herky!

Second, you might notice a few additions to The Real Sporer. Thanks to our RPI info-tech expert I have learned how to add links on my own. This service is belated from me to my readers but the blogs I visit most often are now linked. Thanks Slugger. Most of these are pretty well known to the blogosphere but there are a couple of new ones that merit some introduction.

“Confessions of a Mod Con” has a great post on the Pres’ performance at Friday’s press conference. Isn’t it great to see W go out and slap down the irresponsible partisan press, especially David Gregory-the literal personification of the limousine liberal reporter who is oh so hot at the Georgetown parties? At some point I think that we Republicans need to recognize that certain elements of the press don’t lean left, they are essentially free advocacy for the Democrats with a vast audience and ability to influence public opinion. The New York and Los Angeles Times, the three broadcast networks and the AP would be a pretty good place to start.

It isn’t that the aforesaid liberal Democrat propagandists are, in fact, liberal propagandists that is objectionable; it’s the pretense of non-partisan journalism with which they cloak themselves that has become so intolerable-and dangerous. David Gregory has every right in the world to broadcast Democrat propaganda but he should at least acknowledge that is what he is doing so the audience knows what they are getting. You pick up National Review or The Weekly Standard and you know you are getting a conservative view of world events. Same is true if you pick up or log on to the New Republic-a left leaning world view. So Dave, Katie and the rest of the gang, just own up to what you are and tell your viewers that your presentation is a liberal view of the world and they should maybe visit CNN or Fox for actual, fact and context based news. (Hey, it isn’t the Clinton News Network anymore, remember Ted Turner lost his network before he completely lost his mind).

The other interesting blog is "Diary of a Political Madman”. It’s a left blog but its rational Democrats with whom we can actually debate the issues. Most of the Madman’s audience doesn’t get real nasty, and I hope any new Republican debaters refrain from personal and nasty attacks.

Third, and I’m not the only one to notice but do we not find irony, tragic though it might be, in that the Islamic world’s response to the Pope’s academic quotations from an ancient Byzantine text describing Islam as intolerant was to call for his death and the deaths of thousands of others. Do you really have to ask yourselves if this isn’t the culture war of the 21st Century? This reminds me of the young woman who told the psychiatrist who diagnosed her anger management problems to fuck off for being so stupid.

Here's the relationship between the two topics. You'll notice that I don't propose assassination of those with whom I disagree. Madonna on a cross singing (in her new British accent) "Like a Virgin (like she can remember) offends me, as does trash like a crucifix dipped in urine, but my reaction isn't to authorize some lunatics to hunt down and murder Madonna and her ilk, or go into the streets to find people with Kanye West CDs and torch their houses. So yeah, I do think our values are superior.


Old-old friend. said...

Wow, Teddy-great to see you finally making a difference. We all knew you could if you ever actually tried to accomplish something.

You'll never guess who this is but knowing how much you like mind games I think I'll tease you.

KL Snow said...

Thanks for the link, Ted. I appreciate the bi-partisanship.


Pissed in Des Moines said...

WAR Sporer you are doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't Sporer a regular guest on Iowa Insiders. We don't have a more articulate spokesman and we need one.