Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Challenge To Everyone

As the election grows closer the disconnection between Democrat rhetoric and factual reality has grown wider than the gulf between Bill Clinton’s intern policy and NOW’s governing statement of purpose.

The NIE says that Bush policy has crushed Al Qaeda leadership and splintered the far more powerful parent group into smaller, albeit more covert, but still less lethal subparts. If you don’t like this result would you be happier with Al Qaeda leadership intact and in control of Afghanistan while obtaining support from Libya? How could any thinking person prefer the later?

The NIE echoes the President’s statements that the jihadists have made Iraq a recruiting cause celebre` and that defeat there would both deal a major strategic defeat to global jihadists recruiting efforts and would further undermine major root causes of Islamic discontent creating the long term solution to further eradicate jihadists movements.
Since intellegence intercepts recently and repeatedly have indicated that the terrorist feel they are losing in Iraq its perplexing what good faith motive could result in the bombastic claims of defeat and quagmire pandered by the Dems. The cut and run crowd apparently thinks that we'd be safer if the terror global terror network had an unopposed access to an Iraq that couldn't govern itself, secure itself and police itself while living at peace with its neighbors. The cut and runners logic flies in the face of history, or even sanity, but at least they say what they want to do. The rest of the Dems just complain and distort without every saying what they would do differently. So Dems, if you resent being described as a cut and runner step up and tell us your plan for victory, or risk being accurately described as nothing more than second guessers.

Nor is the complete absence of attacks on the US homeland or major interests at all accepted as victory by the Dems, whereas the repeated attacks during the Clinton years are bandied as a job well done. They boast of opposing the Patriot Act, fight for habeus and Geneva rights for terrorists, leak secret intellegence information while fighting the means by which it is collected and libel the US soldiers and intellegence agents who defend them at every turn.

The Democrat response to the disclosure of the context of the Iraq comment from the NIE that was criminally leaked to the New York Times, which promptly distorted its content thereby requiring declassification of a small part one of our most strategic secret documents, is to demand further declassification of the entirety of this most secret of documents. So, here's a question Dems, how much insight into our strategic thinking do you think the Islamofacsists should be able to acquire from American media reports. Since there is no answer to that question that is both good faith and reasonable, how could any voter believe that people as utterly vacuous as this Democrat leadership could be safely charged with leadership, much less during war time.

Its more of the same nonsense on the economy. Low unemployment, rising wages, low interest rates, declining gas prices, lower heating costs, near record stock values and near record productivity are all overwhelming evidence that the American economy is strong. Most significantly, consumer confidence is high which means that you, the American people think your economy is in good shape. Somehow, Democrats and their running dogs in the press have convinced you that the economy is near or in recession, that disaster lurks around every corner. The recent jumps in the consumer confidence index mean people think their pocket books are in good shape so it shouldn't be that hard to drive home that point as we provide people with a choice.

Two posts in a row on the same topic is somewhat un-Sporer like but we have a chance that we shouldn’t miss and I have a challenge for every Republican. We can crush them with reality but we have to confront the false premise of every argument they advance. The trick is to find what every one of you can do to persuade your non political friends, or unmotivated Republican friends to cut through the left wing propaganda and think about the facts on the ground then get them out on Election Day.
Some new Polk County news is soon to break, so check The Real Sporer for some soon to be breaking news.

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Curtis E. LeMay said...

There are four prerequisites needed for the Geneva Convention to apply to terrorists.

They must:

1. Adhere to a chain of command;
2. Wear an identifiable insinia on a uniform;
3. Carry arms openly, and;
4. Demonstrate a reciprocal respect for the laws of war.

Terrorists meet NONE of these.


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