Friday, September 29, 2006

Hero of the Week

This week the Hero Award goes to joint winners. Our Iowa National Committee Members Steve Roberts and Phyllis Kelly (who is technically a heroine) well served Iowa Republicans this week. The Republican National Committee selected Iowa convenient Minneapolis as the site of the 2008 National Convention.

This decision makes attendance at the 2008 Convention far less expensive and far more convenient for the Hawkeye State Republicans. Coupled with the wide open race for President we have a chance to seriously increase interest and membership in the Iowa Republican Party over the next couple of years. That job will be a lot easier with possession of Terrace Hill and control of the legislature so let's keep the cart behind the horse, but the right decisions following Election Day '06 can open a new world of possibilities to us.

We also need to thank Steve and Phyllis for their continuing success in keeping our First in the Nation status. As we are about to learn, that status is of incalculable benefit to Iowa Republicans and to the state more generally.

So Steve and Phyllis-many thanks!

P.S. Keep your eyes focused for new revelations about the Polk County Democrat Machine. Some funny stuff is coming soon to a monitor near you.


Anonymous said...

I was doing my afternoon blog surfing and couldn't help but laugh to see that Political Madman - Democrat, is censoring State 29. The free speech party, again, can't handle free speech unless it's something with which they already agree.

State 29 was completely on point and has a vastly superior grasp of the literary concept of irony. It's a ridiculous hire by ISU. If I had kids there, I'd be concerned about what kind of professors they were getting and what they were learning.

They still have REAL teachers at the community colleges.

Max Fischer said...

Thanks Steve & Phyllis. Those are two hard working and loyal Republicans. They both try to get along with ALL Republicans and are a class act. A few young staffers and self-described consultants could take a few lessons!