Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Downtown Showdown

First was the “Thrilla in Manila”. Then, “Rumble in the Jungle”. Now, in little ol’ Des Moines, comes “The Downtown Showdown”!

Tomorrow on Des Moines’ own 98.3 WOW FM, at 1:30 Des Moines educational reformer Jon Narcisse is debating none other than the King, the undisputed champion of the failed social services and corrupt local government, Imam Ako Abdul Samad.

Wearing the Red, White and Blue trunks, recently reconditioned and now in fighting trim, what Narcisse gives up in media profile and the deep pocket backing of limousine liberals he makes up for with facts, logic and a bulldog commitment to reforming America’s collapsing educational system and social services network. Jon Narcisse is at the forefront of a new generation of African-American leadership that rejects the soft bigotry of low expectations.

Wearing the Green and Yellow Trunks, in honor of the Hezbollah flag, is Imam Ako Abdul Samad. Ako has become the darling of liberal left in Des Moines, because “he cares.” Millions of your tax dollars have been poured into Ako’s Creative Visions program, with no tangible results, but limousine liberals measure Ako’s worth in entirely intangible values-“he cares”, “he helps people”, leaders turn to him when there’s trouble in the community”.

Isn’t that the problem with liberal politics? The liberal social policies have destroyed the black family, destroyed inner city education, excused failure of any kind, tolerated if not promoted social pathogens like wide spread drug addiction, illiteracy, and street crime, while discouraging employment, educational achievement and marriage.

Above all, it’s a system that is based on corruption, and Ako is the poster child of that corruption. So I’m not looking at Ako to go down faster than Monica Lewinsky on pizza delivery night at the White House but my money is on Narcisse in an old fashioned out knock out!


Kenboiraq said...

John's also an accomplished chess player so my money is on him. AKO should shoot for a game of dominos if he wants a chance against John. A debate? Forget about it! Johnny will tear him up.

Falcon said...

I hope that John will at least pay some lip service to one of the most destructive elements to both white and black families in America - and that's current family law which routinely awards custody of children to one parent and relegates the other to obscurity in the child's life. Why is it that men, in ever increasing numbers, are refusing to get married? There's simply too much of a risk. I'm one of the unmarried fathers. After 13 years of fatherhood I found myself in the same position as about one third of the married fathers with children; namely, the mother of my children left and, with the assistance of family court, was able to turn me into a visitor in my children's lives. The only possible thing that could have made my situation worse would have been if I had been married. If I had been married I'd also be losing half of the capital I had accumulated over the 13 years of my family's life (and much of that was lost in the legal battle to remain involved in my children's lives).

Johnny, raise your voice against the true cause of the destruction of the American family - it's family law that removes parents from children ... and neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are doing anything to change it.

Anonymous said...

Before they can do much about family law in this community, we need to have a family. They first have to adopt the culture of marriage and having fathers stay involved. With 70% our of wedlock births, I don't see the fathers in that community caring much about their kids at all..They are just souvineers of 2 week relationships.

It's tragic.

Go Bill Cosby and Juan Williams. Keep up the good and necessary work.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but chuckle just a bit at Ako's big joke over the name of his "helping" center. Creative Visions is certainly a creative vision of how to get money for nothing - er I mean..for helping.

They "helped" 70 people with a $500,000 budget. Wow, I think I that could "help" me too.

Anonymous said...

Alright Uncle Ted, that's better.

WAR Sporer

Kevorka said...

Sporer is back-and better than ever.

Anonymous said...

WAR Mu fuggin Sporer!

Falcon said...

There was a poster who said:
"Before they can do much about family law in this community, we need to have a family."
and I suspect that this individual understands the problem.

There are the fathers-righters who quote a population of Non-Custodial Parents (NCPs) that number about 25 million. What they neglect to tell you is that about 18-22 million of those NCPs are fathers to children born out of wedlock. Some of those out-of-wedlock NCPs are fathers such as me, fathers spending every dime they have to remain parents to their children. Others are the scum of the earth trying to avoid their responsibilities to the offspring/dreams they have provided the earth with. Tell me, do you know what the percentages are?

25 million NCPs. Somewhere between 18 and 22 million are out-of-wedlock births. In how many of the out-of-wedlock births has the father really abandonded his children.

I'm a Libertarian and I disagree with most of his positions, but I'll bet Dr. Klein could answer that query.

Anonymous said...