Friday, September 01, 2006

Frogs, walking or the Ludicrous Lies and the Lying Liberals that tell them

We need a frog walk today, and I for one want to see it covered on CBS.

We now know that virtually every statement, beyond his name, contained in Joseph Wilson’s famous editorial, and his many subsequent statements, was false and knowingly false. The Senate Intel Committee blew almost all of it away, in a story conveniently overlooked in the Rove/Libby bacchanalian feeding frenzy of the last three years.

The Vice President’s office did not send Wilson to Niger, his no longer covert CIA bureaucrat wife Valarie Plame did, as she had done in 1999. Wilson had no evidence to support his claim that the Veep’s office had anything to do with selecting him. How many times have we all seen Wilson repeat the lie that Plame had nothing to do with his trip?

The President and Vice President were not briefed on his report-a complete lie that was essential to the attack he made on the State of the Union.

The report not only didn’t conclusively show Saddam wasn’t trying to purchase uranium in Niger, the parts Wilson failed to mention showed Saddam did try to buy “yellow cake” but the Nigerese refused to sell it to Iraq. The President's statement was literally and substantively true!

Wilson entirely fabricated his claim that the Niger “yellow cake” threat was based on forged documents. Wilson has actually retracted this claim and acknowledged his “misstatement”.

At the time of the “leak” of his wife’s name she was no longer cloaked in secrecy. Not in all of the millions Fitzgerald has now spent identifies one person who violated any law regarding the unauthorized disclosure of any secret information, including Plame's identity.

But the worst and most grotesque aspect of the Wilson/Plame episode was the adoration the glamorous couple received from the Main Stream Liberal Media and their sycophantic echo chamber in our schools and universities. Headline after headline was hurled at the body politic depicting our wartime President and Vice President leaking the name of a secret agent, who was heroically fighting the war on terror, to punish a truth telling whistle blower, and to do so for purely partisan reasons. How many First Amendment and "Courageous Speech" awards did Joe Wilson win?

Not even in the ball park of truth. Rove and Libby didn’t orchestrate a leak, they somewhat inadvertently confirmed what is now acknowledged as the purely accidental statement of a guy, Richard Armitage, who was the antithesis of a partisan hack, and who actually opposed the administration’s Iraq policy. Plame's name was not generally considered classified or even confidential information in political circles. The Wilson/Plame gang had themselves disclosed Valarie’s employer weeks before the Novak column when Joe Wilson couldn’t resist self aggrandizement by dropping his wife’s CIA status in various Green Rooms around the District. Of course, the parking place at Langley with “V.Plame” on it could also have tipped foreign spies of her relationship with the CIA. Wilson, on the other hand, was a radical partisan, who worked for John Kerry and said “it’ll be a cold day in Hell when I vote for a Republican.” That is what passes for a non partisan centrist in today’s media environment.

So, we need a frog walk here guys, we need one very, very badly.



P.S. That idea about boycotting CBS I proposed at the 2004 Convention makes a lot more sense in the wake of the fabricated Bush National Guard story with its ties to the Kerry Campaign, the refusal to cover the discovery of hundreds of chemical weapons shells in Iraq and the whole incredible tale of Joe Wilson I think.


itzybitzygrrl said...

Also, when checking the TV Guide channel - I noticed CBS was airing some special the other night about Dan Rather. What's up with that? Boycott CBS News! I agree wholeheartedly!!!!!

Jeff Fuller said...
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PRose said...

Speaking of non-partisanship for clean government, why can't the Sporer Nation accept that Gene Phillips offers the only viable alternative to " la Machinna" Mauro?
Don't you think that your support in votes and organization will help good governance? Put your money and time where you say you want a difference. If not, you get what you deserve. More of the same corruption.

US Grant said...

The amazing thing is the MSM's willingness to see their market shares dwindle, as has happened to CBS, and yet still write off such a large percentage of the news market.

Jeff Fuller said...

Fixing some pretty bad typos:

I think conservatives have made some headway against the MSM news, (viz. the emergence of Fox News and conservative Radio over the last decade, both HUGELY popular as far as news goes.) We got sick of the lies and half-truths that the MSM kept feeding us and we took our eyes and ears elsewhere. It has made an impact as each of those MSM news outlets now has a smaller pie to slice up.

I agree that more needs to be done and really enjoyed reding your take on it. You run a great blog here.

Anonymous said...

Whena are you going to be back on the Insiders?


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