Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Enos Unleashed

Wes Enos had a fantastic event at the Hyperion Field Club in Johnston earlier tonight. Although the evening started on the most somber of notes, as we all lamented the tragic and untimely death of our friend Bret “Maverick” Porter, it ended on a high note with former RNC Chair Gov. Jim Gilmore reminding everyone that the way we win is to stick together, get off our butts and on our feet.

Wes is getting better and better on the stump. His new presentation asks three simple questions: Why should we just expect Democrat control of Polk County; why should we just expect perennial corruption in county government; and why should we just expect property tax rates among the highest in the nation with so little to show for it?

Chicago businessman John Cox, our only declared Presidential candidate, reminded everyone of what it takes to defeat machine politics, as an upstate Illini I’m pretty sure John knows a little something about machine politics, and it takes a message and boots on the ground. Well, Wes has a hell of a message and every skeptic needs to look a little closer.

Even more importantly, Wes’ race impacts every single person in Polk County.
Bob, E.J. and the Polk County Republicans have a great agenda for the County. Wouldn’t the people of Des Moines East side like to have economic revitalization instead of seeing their tax dollars poured down the rat holes of failed “social service agencies” like CIETC and Creative Visions? Wouldn’t the people of the north and west suburbs like to see their property taxes cut and the county services consolidated and modernized?

This race is important. Presidential dark horses they may be, but
Jim Gilmore and John Cox are national political figures who are showing themselves to be good on the stump and good at party building as well. Our State Co-chair Leon V. [for “victory”] Mosely came down from Black Hawk County, as did Carl Gilbertson, State Central Committee member from the 1st District and Steve Scheffler, hot off a very successful event of his own Saturday night, for the 3rd District. Former state political director Dee Stewart attended as did Steff Millie and Troy Bishop from my first leadership team, and our former Executive Director Stephanie Wells. Everyone attended because they recognize the enormous Republican opportunity in a rapidly growing Republican suburban district.

Keith Hunter and Faith Dorn were the primary organizers I think so kudos to both. For everyone else, let’s get off the dime and get knocking on those east side of the county doors.


Big-killer said...

Great event at Hyperion. Thanks to the Dorn's for the "Awesome" View and the greet facility. It was a joy to meet Wes - a hard working & young republican who is resolute and driven.

I would like to offer some homework for all Republicans in Polk County, or if you prefer, a "Things To Do List":

#1 I feel you must do as Ted mentioned in his remarks -
A. Writer a check !!!
B. Make Phone Calls !!!
C. Knock Doors
Pass Out Literature

Big-killer said...

Sorry - published before finished.

In addition to the 4 steps above, you must heed the words of Governor Gilmore - Talk To People

First, realize that everyone is NOT LIKE US !!! We are knee deep (or maybe deeper) in what goes on in many levels of our political world. Most people are not !!
So we must put on our "teachers caps" and hold several levels of classes to educate the masses.
(1) We need to look in the mirror and make sure we are RIGHT with ourselves - no petty differences with a candidate or a position causing us to aid in helping the Dems.
(2) Talk to our Fellow R's and educate them about our candidate AND educate them about the DEM candidate. Convey to them that a "stay at home vote" is indeed a Dem vote. They are not activists & we need to bring them up to speed and inform them re both sides.
(3) Talk to the independents and do as in (2) above. They are I's usually because they claim to be "free thinkers". Give them the information they need regarding both sides and all issues and let them digest that. You will be far more effective than you may think.
Retailers & the service industries will tell you that "word of mouth" is the most effective and efficient form of advertising.
(4) And finally talk to the soft Dems. This will be more important AND more effective in Polk Co in 2006 than normal because of CIETC. ALL Dem's DO NOT support fraud, cronyism and corruption !!
Define the issues!!
Frame the debate!!
Paint the picture!!
Tell the story!!

Governor Gilmore did the math for us all - if 70 of us talk to 50 people = 3500

Thnaks again Polk County for a great event. Go to work for Wes Enos and SEEP OUT THE COURTHOUSE!!

Anonymous said...

WAR Bret Porter, he was one of the best.

pissed in des moines said...

Abosfuggin'lutely-Mav was one hell of a guy and everyone in Polk County politics is going to miss him.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Bret Porter?

Anonymous said...

Brett died of a heart attack Saturday. How many people wish it was Sporer?

Anonymous said...

Cox a national political figure???

Stephen said...

Yes, John Cox is becoming a national figure. With 16 state committee chairs and 104 counties organized, numerous radio appearances and constant and repeated visits to Iowa, as well as NH and SC, John Cox is becoming the dark horse that is riding into the second tier very quickly.