Wednesday, September 20, 2006

GOPfest time again

GOPfest ’06 is just around the corner, arriving Saturday, September 23 at the Blank Park Zoo on Des Moines’ south side. Doors open at 4:30.

Every year we have a theme and this year it’s addressing the nation’s illegal immigration problem. Three heavy hitters are on hand to provide their perspective, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist; U.S. Senator Charles Grassely; and Congressman Steve King, who is also the emcee’ will all be on hand to speak to the issues facing U.S. immigration policy.

Jeff Lamberti, who has proven to be a great party leader for the G.O.P. as well as a great Congressional challenger, will be in the crowd and on the stage. State Chair Ray Hoffman and Co-Chair Leon Mosely will be among our many guests. Lt. Governor candidate Bob VanderPlaats is expected along with the rest of our state wide slate, Auditor Dave Vaudt, Sec. of Ag challenger Bill Northey and Sec. of State up and comer Mary Ann Hanusa will have a chance to say a few words about how we get control of the Golden Dome.

U.S. Senate Candidate Steve Rathge, a Linn County businessman is planning to make his Polk County debut and I’m sure we’re all anxious to take the measure of the first guy out of the box against the very face of liberal hate and rage itself, Tom Harkin. (Cannot resist this aside, have you ever noticed the striking similarities between the literal words of Tom Harkin and Hugo Chavez?)

Most of the area legislators are in the audience, as are many state central committee members. It’s a great chance to socialize-it’s a very social event-listen to some great live music and talk some good politics. We always have good media turnout-lots of live shots for the local news. We might even come up with something better than Gov. Mike Huckabee jamming live with band for three numbers.

Cost is only $25 a head and we’d love to see you there, so show up, sit back and let the evening go.


Anonymous said...

Its the cool Republican place to be. WAR Sporer/Brandmeyer

Kenboiraq said...

Viva La Revolucion Amigo Harkin! Except, of course, when his wife stands to profit from the sale of helicopters to a neighboring Central American struggling democracy. Otherwise, communism must prevail for such socialists.

Tom probably wishes some of would forget his wife's multi-million dollar profit from a deal he brokered in the senate.

Linn Man said...

Ted usually you are perfect...but it's Rathje. He looks just like George Hamilton. He's an arrogant s.o.b. too!

Anonymous said...

Geez Uncle Teddy - How prescient of you to know that Harkin was going to come out today and defend his ole buddy Hugo. What a nut. If it weren't so tragic in it's seriousness, You'd have to laugh at Hysterical Harkin. He makes Dean's scream seem like a pleasant siren sound.