Thursday, October 26, 2006

But on a bright spot....

the ads are getting better around the country. “The Stakes” is a very powerful ad that explains just exactly what the stakes in our next election are. There is no reason to believe that the Democrats’ tenuous, at best, connection to reality can be survived in these most dangerous of times.

Even better is the new “Come Hither” ad about Harold Ford. This thing is hilarious. From the level of Democrat whining, baby we know we hit home with this one. It even has the now buffoonish Chris Matthews saying things like only the Republicans run negative ads.

Chris, did you miss the Michael J. Fox ad Monday night, or don’t you consider a false scientific claim, asserted by a Parkinson’s ravaged Teen Wolf that Republicans want to personally kill Doc Hollywood, Marty McFly and Alex P. Keaton-not to mention the “Burning Churches” Missouri ad in 98 or the “Bush Lynched My Father” ad from the national campaign in 2000? You certainly haven't seen the Democrats recent use of Mark Foley's libido in their ads. Actually, thanks for the insight Chris. Do we need more affirmation of your media bias than a belief that extremism in the smearing of Republicans is no vice.

Finally, I'm not sure that having Chet and Patty show up on TV looking like Monte Python characters at the zoo is the best way to enhance Chet's image as maybe just not smart enough to be governor. That same Cracker Jack research and operations team that plagiarized Jim’s policy proposals and conceived the quickly rescinded venture capital plan must have been working double overtime to come up with this one. They were clearly too busy to check with other Rainforest proponents like Tom Harkin and Tom Vilsack about the Democrat position economic development and public works.

After all, whatever its other merits, the Rainforest would create hundreds of well paid construction and technical jobs and produce a valuable public asset for an important science for the next generation. What's next, Chet and Patty dressed as Oliver Wendell and Lisa Douglas on a Green Acres set talking about Jim's congressional support of Iowa's corn and soy bean industries?

Chet, brother, people are laughing at you and not with you on this one.


Anonymous said...

Is Chet the talking pig?

Anonymous said...

Arnold was the talking pig.

Is Denise O'Brien Mr. Haney?

mohammed was a pedophile said...


You left one out. Al Gore was the first to use Willie Horton in a campaign ad in the 1988 New York primary.

Crab State Hawkeye said...

Come hither, you kill me.