Friday, October 27, 2006

A Republican Man of Steele!

The Real Sporer has been carefully watching Lt. Gov. Michael Steele’s Senate campaign in Democrat Maryland. Mike Steele is the highest ranking elected black Republican.

This guy is a rock star in many ways. One of those is a very persuasive campaign style. Check out this ad, it’s great, largely positive and all about the candidate himself and his agenda. Steele also has charisma and is likeable, both important attributes. Don’t you think more campaigns ought to focus on the positive attributes the candidate’s ideas or am I just Don Quixote in the land of wind mills? Let me know your thoughts.

Steele’s response to the outrageous Michael J. Fox ad is fantastic. Not quite the star power but much, much more personal. Be sure to check out the great looking dog.


Crab State Hawkeye said...

Michael Steele probably won't win, but if he does he'll become a big force.

Good catch for someone in Iowa.

mohammed was a pedophile said...

I'm also watching Ken Blackwell in Ohio.

Anonymous said...

Both are great men.

It's too bad the racist Democrats delved into Steele's personal information illegally, threw Oreo cookies at him and called him an Uncle Tom.

Democrats, if you truly are the party of African-Americans, why do you destroy a fine, upstanding man while leaping at the chance to protect that true fraud, Jesse Jackson.

Cedar Waxwing said...

Don't be so sure that Steele is gonna lose..this stem cell thing is starting to backfire in the Dems faces by firing up the base even more than before.

The polls have got Steele virtually tied now with Cardin..

If Steele wins this can be damn sure that there will be GOP Pres hopefuls in 08 looking to him as a possible VP choice.

mohammed was a pedophile said...

The term "racist DemocRATS" is redundant.

Anonymous said...

Steele was awesome on Russert. Russert thought he had him on affirmative action and then Steele presented the best argument I've heard ever on what affirmative action is and what it isn't. He is a champion of affirmative action as it was intended and not as it as developed. He is a true believer in the word of Martin Luther King Jr and we need his voice in the public arena.

To the man of Steele! You have fans in the Hawkeye state!