Sunday, October 29, 2006

Invasion of the Shameless

Leaving no stone unturned in his race to bottom feed, the Democrats are bringing Teen Wolf himself to Iowa. If ever you need proof of Ann Coulter’s genius you have a chance to witness a first hand demonstration when you watch Michael J. Fox in action.

I ranted about his commercials earlier. Having now seen several days of comparative video, both of other interviews and performances as well as the same commercial shot in different states, the inescapable conclusion is Fox did something to intensify his Parkinson symptoms in the commercials.

I think that Teen Wolf never graduated from H.S. so we can forgive him the gross distortion of the positions taken by Republican senatorial candidates. Teen Wolf was too busy mac’n in the closet with Boop to have learned either the breathtakingly complex science of stem cell research or the Republican ethical position on using human life as a commodity.

But we can’t forgive his own exploitation of his personal calamity, as pitiable and sympathetic as it is, coupled with the fraud of visually enhancing the symptoms to make himself appear to be even more pitiable. If this isn’t a shameless use of emotional distortion of a complex ethical issue, knowingly false, and aimed at demonization of its opponents, what is?

Fox is the perfect messenger. A well loved celebrity who, in almost all of his movies plays a cute good guy who has to follow his true convictions, eschewing a life of wealth, just like Doc Hollywood. How could anyone dare to question the veracity of his statements? So Republicans, let us deprive the Democrats of the benefit of Fox’s visit and demand that the real Michael J. Fox stick to his movie roles. Tell the truth and stick to real you, McFly.


Anonymous said...

They will say or do anything! Fucking liberals.

Anonymous said...

You are a terrible person for attacking MJF like that. No wonder Republicans in this state are going to be so badly defeated with horrific leaders like yourself in charge.

the stench of stupidity said...

Well, even Rush Limbdick is backing down from his claims that MJF didn't take his medicine or was faking symptoms. Instead Nazi-Rush is now accusing him giving false hope to those suffering from Parkinson. Acutally, the opinion of leading scientists, almost to the point of unanimity, is that embryonic stem cell research holds the key to curing this disease! Now, you Republican bible-riders believe that working with stem cells is unethical or whatever. Let me inform you then, that a stem cell is human life just as much as a bunch of skin cells. It's not life - where to draw that line is difficult, but it surely ain't there - anymore than a seed is life.

How dare you claim that he is demonizing GOP by showing the symptoms of a disease that you basically are preventing from getting cured in a forseable future? You ARE fucking demons already, you are the very foundation of evil, and Chavez was right saying you stink of sulfur. The fact that MJF shows symptoms that - for a fact - is reality to all those suffering from this horrible disease, hardly makes him a lier. He may have showed the worst possible side effects of his meds, sure, but calling that distortion is just like a baby crying when he doesn't get his way. I feel your pain, as all this commotion caused by MJF's appearance has brough stem cell research as a whole back to center stage. Many Reps I know have no problem with stem cell research, but realize that GOP needs to say no to it, simply because so many of it's hardcore conservative voters are against it. They are the ones running this party, the religious zealots who have never been outside USA, let alone their home state. GOP is run by a generation that has failed to keep up with a world that changes in an ever growing pace.

Also, Sporer thinks Ann Coulter is a genious. What she acutally is, is a lying and disorting bitch who will stop at nothing to spred her lies. Are you interested in seeing at to what extent she lies? Have a look here:

Anonymous said...

If we use science to determine when human life begins it is not that difficult. From the moment of conception one is genetically indistinguishable from any other human being. It is true that in terms of appearance it is different, but in terms of genetics a fertilized egg is certainly human. Suggesting otherwise is either the result of ignorance or refusing to see the truth.

Embryonic stem cell research sparks a lot of emotions. A wide array of scientists believe that they can discover various cures if only they are allowed to do embryonic stem cell research. Others question the ethics of this due to the fact that it destroys a human life for the benefit (or potential benefit) of another. For those that are suffering from one of the diseases promised to be cured by the research it is certainly emotionally charged.

Now it is important to note that embryonic stem cell research is deemed to be useless without cloning. We are talking about cloned embryos, but nonetheless, it is cloning. Most of the American public does not understand this. In my judgment emotionally charged ads don't go towards helping in this area either.

It is also important to note that there are recent discoveries in the area of "adult" stem cells that suggest many, if not all, of the same potential benefits of embryonic stem cells. Where this goes in the future is still a question mark, but it does provide hope of cures without destroying embryos.

Ultimately, however, whether or not to allow embryonic stem cell research is not a scientific question. It is one of ethics and, shall I say, morals. This question can not be left solely to scientists. It requires the larger community asking the question how far are we willing to let scientists go in order to find cures? Where do we draw the line in a principled, as oppose to arbitrary, manner? Again, emotionally charged political ads do not help further this discussion in a deliberate and thoughtful manner.

Hopefully, we can have an honest discussion about this issue soon. A discussion that lays out all of the facts and the concerns in a fair, thoughtful, and sober manner. Until then we are stuck with ads, from both sides, that don't work to educate the public. Ultimately, this neither honors those suffering from these horrible diseases or takes ethical concerns seriously.

mohammed was a pedophile said...

Lets end this discussion right now.

Banning federal funding for embryonic stem cell research was revolutionary in the sense that it did, well, nothing.

It did not ban private funding or research. The RATS are now parading out the "victims" and hiding behind them as a substitute for legitimate discussion of the issue.

Although about 85% of the time I consider Glenn Beck to be a useless twit, and seeing as how even a broken clock is right twice a day, he had the stem cell argument nailed. There is actually MORE private funding for stem cell research now that the government is out of the game.

Using "victims" of a disease (or using a dead husband or son) as a prop to spew your partisan political rhetoric and then hiding behind the affliction (or the corpse) to disallow any criticism is far more disgusting than anything Rush Limbaugh ever said or Ann Coulter ever wrote.

The RATS should be ashamed of themselves but they have no sense of shame to that is kind of moot.

Kenboiraq said...

Taking time from my busy task of grilling Judge Pelton

I must weigh in on MJF's the shameless lie that the Federal Government is preventing Stem Cell Research. As Mohammed was like Michael Jackson mentioned private industry is free to spend money on such endeavors. The Federal Government will not, by will of the people, waste trillions to chase every possible cure. Democrats forget their own party's managed health care program would still kill many as the cures are too expensive. It seems the Dem's want it both ways all the time.

"Two Faced" probably is an insult to two faced people since the Dems go back and forth and then back again. And, all voting must be based on "Emotions" which explains everything in the Democratic agenda.

Oh, and Judge Pelton of Iowa's 7th District will be statewide news in about 1 week as we don't need judges that operate as he does. I'm a dad not just a paycheck!

Anonymous said...

MJF admits he hasn't read the Missouri proposed legislation. He doesn't even KNOW what he was promoting. He was exploiting his very sad illness. As the genius Ann Coulter has pointed out, it's a standard tactic of the Dems to trot out victims and then act all indignent of those same victims are asked a question.

If you are going to enter politics, you better be ready to have your position challenged. As Nancy Pelosi pointed out on 60 minutes when she was explaining how she was going to bring back dignity to to Washington by then calling the President incompentent and explaining how she was going to take "any suite she wants",

"this isn't a tea party, it's politics"

Michael - this isn't a tea party and you are exploiting yourself with a lie. Your position is a lie.

mohammed was a pedophile said...

The thing that strikes me is how much of a non-issue this is. This is a mountain out of a molehill stirred up by the criminal liberal news media.

A few unctious religios are stirred up by this but the conservative/libertarians see what a farce this whole debate really is.

Anonymous said...

We as Republicans simply need to expose that Teen Wolf is trying to over-turn our anti-cloning law. This isn't about stem cells at all.

Oh, and the liberal American Medical Association even says there's no way stem cells will ever cure Alzeimer's. Impossible. They acknoledge a possibility on other diseases, however.

This is about federal funding. It's just another pork project that lines the pockets of the Hitler technology special interest groups.

Bob Waters said...

Ted, Fox says that he accidentally overmedicated himself before doing the ad. Not that this makes his commercial on behalf of Claire ("Bush Murdered People in New Orleans Because They Were Black!") McCaskill and the Mengele amendment less of a blatant emotional appeal, but in fairness, it should be said.

Funny how those who disagree with us, though, can't seem to bring themselves to address the issue of emotional manipulation, and think it's "terrible" and somehow a personal attack to raise a perfectly reasonable question about a guy who has admitted foregoing his medication in order to manipulate a Senate subcommittee on one occasion might have done so again for the ad- especially given the vast discrepancy between his symptoms in the ad and the ones he has recently manifested in public.

Funny, too, how woefully misinformed folks on the other side often are- like Anonymous, who points us to the liberally spun anti-Coulter page. She seems unaware that in fact even pro-stem cell scientists concede that by no means clear that fetal stem cell therapy will ever be practical, and that any therapies that might be developed would be years and perhaps decades away. There is a medical term for growing, undifferentiated cells in the body: cancer.

On the other hand, we've recently discovered that stem cells can be recovered from a grown person's nervous system and cultivated artificially. Fully differentiated, adult stem cells are being used to treat sick people all the time; it's not clear that fetal stem cells ever will be.

Anonymous said...

Gaybashing, xenophobia, and now the bashing of people with Parkinson's; oh when will the Republicans ever end?

Answer; November 7th

mohammed was a pedophile said...

There goes anon again. You are worse than the dolts on Krusty. You never refute anything.

You are dumber said...

What part of Sporer's post is wrong, anon 927? Or can you only call names?

Anonymous said...

When did Fox become an American citizen?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:27, QUESTIONING FACTS is not "bashing." You don't get to undemocratically shut someone down (or shut them UP) because they are questioning the opinions being spewed from a victim of a disease, or, for that matter, from someone of a certain sexual orientation or because they happen to be from a minority ethnic group. None of that imbues them with "special powers" or divine insights that cannot be questioned.

When did so-called Democrats become so darned UNdemocratic?

Anonymous said...

The Real Sporer accuses Fox of exploiting his personal calamity and committing fraud of visually enhancing his symptoms, but offers absolutely no proof, yet you want anon 9:27 to provide proof?

Logically, the burden of proof falls on Sporer, since he's made the unwarranted claims. I heard on NPR that the only thing that Fox may be guilty of in the television Ad is not taking his medications to help control the symptoms associated with his condition.

So in essence Fox was actually playing himself in the Ad, but according to Repbulicans, this merely serves as a distortion.

pissed off in des moines said...

not to make fun of people with disabilities but anon 9:08 must be autistic.

What proof do you need to see the Fox ad is political, which means it serves a political agenda.

Fox's exact quote was the exaggerated symptoms were caused by overdosing, whether accidental or intentional, but either way the symptoms were exaggerated, and Fox and the producer's surely knew that before they aired.

The content in further false, none of the Republicans Fox attacks, by implying that they don't care if he and those like him suffer, because they are against stem cell research. Such a gross generalization is knowingly false, which means a lie in case you forgot.

By the way, what do you think you'd hear on NPR for Christ's sake? Why don't you site Jayson Blair in the NYTimes?

Did you read the web links, watch the videos? What the fuck more proof do you need Rainman.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget Michael J Fox - the Canadian who didn't graduate from High School - admitted that he purposefully distorted his behavior before Congress. Why should we believe anything else he says. He did it as a ploy of sympathy.

It's stunning to me how Democrats exploit personal tragedy for political gain.

Why do Democrats hate people with Parkinsons disease?

Bob Waters said...

Er... Pissed Off in Des Moines... Claire McCaskill is a political candidate, and the ad was made in support of Clair McCaskill. Its subject matter was a political issue in which McCaskill (who once accused President Bush of deliberately murdering people in New Orleans because they were black) holds the position which Fox supports, and her opponent (as Fox pointed out, mentioning him by name) holds the opposite position. It was the entire purpose of the ad to support McCaskill and her position, and to oppose Sen. Talent and his.


In other words, your argument has about as much logic behind it as most things Democrats say.

Bob Waters said...

BTW, there are serious ethical problems with fetal stem cell research, which has never in fact come up with a single cure for anything. Even the notion that it might is entirely theoretical. Other therapies involving adult stem cells actually have cured diseases, and offer promise for Parkinson's and other such diseases as well.

To suggest that people with ethical qualms about stem cell research don't care whether people with Parkinson's suffer or not is beneath contempt.It's of a piece with the Democratic habit of attacking the motives of anyone who happens to disagree with them.

Hate is an ugly thing, and I hope some day Democrats will cease to make it the heart and core of their message. Maybe they'll even rediscover logic, and debate the issues rather than call people names and attack peoples motives.

But I'm not going to hold my breath.

Bob Waters said...

The proof is supplied by Fox himself, who admitted in his book deliberately not taking his meds before testifying before a Senate committee in order to enhance the effect.

His explanation for the obvious discrepancy between his condition in the ad and in other recent public positions (itself sufficient evidence to raise a reasonable question) is that he was accidentally overmedicated when he did the controversial ad. I personally think that's an adequate explaination- though it doesn't change the fact that the ad itself was a blatant emotional appeal which made no attempt to address the actual issue involved- the ethical objections many of us have to cannibalizing human embryos for spare parts.

Bob Waters said...

BTW, have you notices how many of the comments by Democrats on this blog- and elsewhere- are nothing but namecalling and ad hominem attacks?

It must be awful not to be able to summon any actual arguments for one's position!