Monday, October 23, 2006

The home and away series continues

Gordon Fischer just did something every other Democrat has been afraid to do, actually go virtual toe to virtual toe. Well, I let you pick the first topic so here’s my response to your reply.

1. I concede with respect to his website. His speeches and introductions are replete with references to both. I have become numb to the commercials but I will start to watch again.

2. On what conceivable basis could this economy be described as mediocre? Economics is a pretty statistical science. While nothing is perfect we have sustained low interest rates with housing construction and ownership at record levels, historic sustained unemployment, and historic sustained advances in productivity, record stock ownership and value, etc... I well documented by economic argument with real economic statistics. The G man responded with a sort of subjective description of the mood of the voters.

In so doing, Gordon, you concede a very important, yet heretofore un-raised issue-the disconnection between Democrat rhetoric and reality. For whatever reason-and its well beyond me-Republicans remain committed to the nostalgia that the campaign ends on Election Day. For some reason most of us haven’t listened to Democrat after Democrat end their concession speeches with a defiant cry that the fight goes on, and so it does. I, like the Democrats, recognize the campaign never ends in the world of the 24 hour news cycle, and we cannot abandon the rhetorical battle field.

As a result of abandoning the battle field for a year, the popular press template, basically the DNC talking points became the media template. Most people feel that their economic situation is good but that the overall economy is weak. This is corroborated by high consumer confidence. However, 60% of the population thinks the booming economy is in a recession. People have finally succumbed to the echo chamber of hate that tells them the economy is terrible, every day of the Bush Presidency.

3. Having now seen this and other statements I think that Jim's critical of the current form but thinks the idea has merit in principle. What are the exact quotes you sited (links if possible) so that we can judge the context in which your summaries were made.

4. Thank you for your concession of the shameless hypocrisy of Democrats using "Foley" as a partisan weapon. What do you have reason to believe the Republican leadership knew about Foley that would have even come close to the sexual misconduct to which Bill Clinton admitted? Hence, what reason did Denny Hastert have to believe there was anything more to do than tell the perv to knock it off, especially since the 17 year old’s parents asked the GOP leadership to hold off so as not to embarrass their son.

I remind the reader of the difference. When the Dems have a member who has a physical homosexual relationship with a 17 year old page, he got 3 standing Os and a committee chairmanship while we booted our guy who sent dirty messages (kind of like pizza and cigar night at the Clinton Whitehouse).

5. They make good wine, and virtually nothing else.


Anonymous said...

Gordon's letter is funny. I wonder what the Democrats would do about any of the "problems" they dwell on.

They do represent the lunatic fringe.

Iowa Original said...

We'll have to see if Gordon pursues this debtare further. How did the Republicans let the Democrats sell bullshit like Gordon's letter to Rush?

Anonymous said...

Been out of town for a week or so, glad to see Sporer back in action.

Thanks Mr. Chairman. Maybe you can do something to save us after the flood on Nov. 7.