Sunday, October 22, 2006


Did anyone else catch the irony of Chet and the Dems sending Tom Vilsack and Tom Harkin out to defend Chet’s integrity on his obvious Touchplay deal? Hey, huge contributions from one industry in the final days of an election aren’t an indication of how that candidate will govern. Just ask Tom Harkin and Tom Vilsack.

Harkin and Vilsack are the slickest of the slick. Tom Harkin has fabulously enriched himself by knowing just when and how to grab the paper bag. Tom Vilsack has perfected the art of turning campaign contributions into policy-at least this side of President "Pardon Me, Mr. Chung" Bill Clinton. Not even Democrats trust the Tom Toms, love them because they win-the one thing that cures all sins for Democrats, but not trust them. This will be Globetrotting on us if we let the Democrats use Harkin and Vilsack get by as the pace setters on integrity.

I’ve always said that Chet’s not a bad guy so it is sad to see his campaign degenerate into the typical Democrat distortion and deceit. The most recent anti-Nussle attack ad, and Chet's debate perfromance repitition of it, wildly distorts Jim’s positions on the issue based on votes on the micro aspects of much larger bills. Members of congress cast thousands of votes, votes that have become an albatross in the age of computer generated advertising. Chet looked better than he did previosly because he simply returned to a factually challenged script that his people have taught him to say.

I do try to avoid personal attacks but this one I cannot resist. Chet knew he was doing OK because he had that dumbest kid at the smart table look every time he didn’t say something silly or feel confused, like the first two debates. In light of the sixty minutes of deception and distortion we heard, I had to get that one off my chest.

Jim should get on top of this-hard-let the people know that he’s hot about the distortion and deception so maybe more our flock will get fired up as well! I say that Jim draws on the bulldog that we know is in him, pull a Harold Ford, and confront Chester when Chet’s people haven’t programmed him. That would be more like Batman dropping in on the Penguin (on steroids) and the other bad guys. Crash! Bam! Pow!!!

By the way Chester, who is going to pay for that 35-40% hike in the minimum wage you want? The consumers, that’s who! How about all of those other union contracts that have automatic escalators tied to the minimum wage? More cost to the consumer. Of course, increasing wages increases the payroll tax burden on businesses and consumers. Yes sir, there’s a recipe for improving Iowa's business climate.

Let’s pile on Pachyderms! Two weeks to go, let's leave it all on the field.



Anonymous said...

I know that this is not on point to the discussion above but I wanted to get your opinion. President Bush is going to change policy direction after the election vis-a-vis Iraq. Which name for his policy do you prefer: Duck and Cover; or Hide and Cheat?

mohammed was a pedophile said...

Who is going to pay for the stand alone rise in the minimum wage that Nussle wants.

Sure, he says that he also wants to decrease regulations so at least the guy who writes his talking points has at least a very, very, very rudimentary understanding of basic economics.

Now I'm not that smart of a guy, but if your business climate is as bad as the one in Iowa, you don't make it MORE expensive to do business here.

Anonymous said...

Please read:

Hilarious stuff that shows what GOP politics is REALLY about!

mohammed was a pedophile said...

The only redeeming feature of Rolling Stone is P.J. O'Rourke.

Pissed in Des Moines said...

Some clever anonymous posters. Spoken like people who get their news from fake news sources like John Stewart, Dan Rather and the NY Times.

hefty fine said...

Pissed in Des Moines: Watching loads of Faux News I guess?

It's interesting that the rest of the Western World has realized that GOP in general consists of a bunch of power-hungry old horndogs too stupid to be in charge of anything, and yet they are allowed to run the most powerfull nation on the planet. It's scary, oh, so scary. To us - who see America from the outside - GOP represents corruption, old men who got into politics because it pays well. Look at your Senate, your president, look at Abramoff, look at Foleygate, look at your wars, your immigration, your economy.

Meanwhile, the Democrats have always been the young, well-read and clever, a movement going forward. GOP is going backwards. But of course, it's in the rural parts that Republicans are strong. Just like religious violence, voting for GOP is an effect of being poorly educated and narrow-sighted. GOP protects your tiny little world and anything that comes from the outside scares you sensless.

USA is running on fear and oil. The fear is increasing but you're running out of oil ...

Iowa Original said...

Hefty fine is delusional. You say it all for your fucked up side of the equation.

Its our war. Did the terrorists check ID cards on 9.11, either time? Maybe they intended to kill only Republicans when they suicide bombed the barracks in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon.

mohammed was a pedophile said...


Meanwhile, the Democrats have always been the young, well-read and clever, a movement going forward.

Tell that to your constituency.

Recovering alcoholics, felons, recovering wife-beaters, recovering child-buggers, welfare crack whores squirting out kids, bureaucrats with bad combovers, the unemployed, pointy headed "intellectuals," and smelly, high, former hippies, and terrorists. A merauding band of caterwauling freeloaders banging their tin cups on the sidewalk demanding handouts.

mohammed was a pedophile said...

Let's also not forget the other DemocRAT constituency, militant feminists with hairy armpits.

hefty fine said...

... pedophile:

Constituency? You talk down to the Democratic constituency and - by implication - prefer the republican one. Well, let's have a look at it then:

Illiterate rednecks with gunracks on their gunracks, scared shitless and shooting at anything that moves or looks out of place. That's it. All hail the GOP voters, so firmly clinging to the past.

pissed in des moines:

What's fake about Jon Stewart? I mean, sure, since all you've got is Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly, I understand he's a pain for you, but calling him fake? Or the NY Times? How about the Washington Post then? Or CNN? Or ABC News? It's funny how GOPers always call the truth "a conspiracy" or "leftist propaganda". It's not the journalists fault Republicans are so fantastically prone to fuck up ALL the time. It's oh, sooooo easy to make fun of your gready, perverted, corrupt, lying and distorting leadership of old, grumpy men. So don't mind if the rest of the world think you need to wake up and smell the smoke, cause that's your government burning your country to the ground.

iowa original:

I don't even know what you're on about? It's the way a huge part of the Western world looks at you, that's all. I never said you were wrong to overthrow the Talibans, but it seems you've failed in doing that, as they are now re-emerging in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the ammount of terrorist attacks worldwide is increasing, North Korea has gone nuclear (because Bush backed away from Clinton's deal with Kim Jong Il during his first year as president), you're running out of oil, you refuse to help save the enviroment and your local politicians are fucking pages. Well, great fucking job.

mohammed was a pedophile said...

I'll take illiterate rednecks over illiterate crack whores every day of the week and twice on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Well, I have to admit- not that I like politics (although it may be the biggest game) but that was pretty interesting seeing Touchplay get tied in with the Democratic side of politics! To the Real Sporer, this is probably the only 2 cents of mine you'll get on here so savor it! I'll talk to you later...

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