Wednesday, December 20, 2006

If you ever wondered…………………………..

……………… why the Real Sporer calls the Democrats the party of the four “Ds”-deception, division despair and defeat, the Des Moines Register’s in depth coverage of the Harkin-Vilsack response to the Swift illegal immigration raids provides vivid proof. It also means I need my readers' help to find a synonym for “pander” that begins with the letter D.

A December 19 story regarding Tom Vilsack’s take on the Swift illegal alien raids commenced this week’s lesson in the politics of gratuitous attack and shallow pander. Any fair reading of the mindlessness of the attack, which
centers on the Vilsack Administration being uninformed about the raids by the Federal authorities leaves any thinking human in no doubt that those federal authorities who were enforcing federal law might have thought telling the Vilsack Administration could result in the Democrats interfering with the raid.

I'm not sure which is my favorite complaint, and these are both richer than Krusty Kreme with double Kreme. First, Gov. Vilsack raises the hypothetical specter of impairing state investigations. Now, I ask you readers, don’t you think that busting a vast multi-state human smuggling and identity theft conspiracy that involves at least 1200 people violating serious federal laws isn’t a little more important than whatever hypothetical investigation state officials could have been conducting had they actually, as in happening in the real world, been conducting an investigation that was impaired by the inconvenient enforcement of federal law. Remember those scary words “federal preemption” that liberals used to intrude the federal government into every orifice of the body politic Governor? Well, that sword sometimes cuts both ways. The other truly unbelievable complaint is the lack of a media plan? Like what to tell the press is more important than capturing 1200 or so illegal aliens, a couple of dozen of whom certainly
appear to have committed serious crimes while already illegally residing in Iowa.

Then, quite predictably, our junior Senator
leaped to the attack, accusing the Bush Administration of violating human rights-without proof of course, but then when did Sen. Harkin ever allow something like a fact to interfere with an opportunity to sew disrespect for the United States. D’ya ever wonder what the American global image would be if self loathing Americans like Tom Harkin and Ted Kennedy brought the nature of their rhetoric a little more in line with reality? More apropos` perhaps, d’ya ever wonder how the same non schizophrenic mind could simultaneously find a lack of “human rights” in the lawful arrests of hundreds of criminals, whose very presence in our country is illegal, yet find Daniel Ortega worthy of support? How much due process did the Sandinistas provide the victims of their mass political executions, Senator?

Then, bringing it all home the Democrats return to their favorite pander tactic, the children. You guessed it; both
Harkin and Vilsack attack their government for abusing the children and families affected by their own or a family member’s arrest. Criminals typically hurt their families worst of all because the arrest of criminals really interrupts family life but that isn’t an excuse to attack the people who arrest the criminals.

This is the political jabberwocky with which we have allowed the Democrats to define debate in America. People get hurt when criminals get caught but more people get hurt a lot worse when criminals don’t get caught, and it really is that simple. There is no evidence to support any of their complaints, unless you include the self serving and uncorroborated declarations of the people arrested and the usual “human rights” activists who reject all concept of governmental authority they don’t weal while admiring or excusing the most vicious of human rights violators, like Tom Harkin’s political mentors Daniel Ortega and Fidel Castro.

This latest Democrat attack is straight out of the same old playbook-deceive the public so as to divide people along ethnic lines, breed despair and alienation in an increasingly unrealistic population and seek to make defeat a virtue. Democrats, who desperately want to pander to voting citizens of Hispanic descent and, if recent history is any evidence, desperately want non citizens voting as well, want the public to accept defeat in our attempts to control the borders so that their agenda of unlimited and uncontrolled immigration becomes reality.

So, think of a synonym for pander that begins with D, and tell everyone you know about this latest insanity from the party of distortion and about the great Republican District Attorney Matt Whitaker who is looking out for the taxpayers, the legal residents, and the victims of identity theft.


Kenboiraq said...
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Kenboiraq said...

The D's never cease to amaze me and I am getting to the point I simply assume they hate America to explain their actions. They certainly lack consistency in every action, other than self-hate for our country, as many of their activities have fratricidal consequences even within their own party. Unfortunately, the entire world falls over every world uttered by our cut and run party and we wonder why Al Queda suddenly steps up their came in concert with Iran & N. Korea's attempts to sell nuclear technology without pretense.

Teddy probably hit the nail on the head when he stated this is no more than pandering as statements from Vilsack and Harkin clearly fail all logic tests. I may have to pull a Dick Morris and leave the country if Hillary becomes the President. It will be rather easy for me as I have been out of the country for almost five years already anyway.

Anonymous said...

Ken bot
Please keep staying out of the country! You and Dick Morris would make a cute couple as you prowl the brothels in Thailand keeping usa safe from terror looking for that perfect little boy!

Give a big kiss to mark F and Ted Haggard for me!

Ted Sphincter GOP said...

Ken Bot;
I did not realize that you have not been in the states for the last five years. Let me fill you in on what has happened to the country you left. After 911 we were ready to capture that Saudi mastermind Osama, in fact we had him surrounded, but for some reason we let him escape because our president wanted to invade Iraq because it was basically innocent but had oil unlike Osama who just had oil money. Well, the world was united with us much like in 1991 but this time we had weakened Saddam so much that we went in with less than half of the troops that the generals wanted. It was sort of the "i can beat you with one hand tied behind my back"that school bully and drunks use. Well we went in with the belief that the people in Iraq would welcome us with cheers and flowers. That lasted about two weeks when Iraq realized that the US only wanted their resources and that quality of life was much worse and that senseless death was more probable under the liberators rather than Saddam.
Because we didn't have a plan after the conflict and because we had too few troops all the old munitions dumps were raided and used to blow up our guys. Oh I failed to mention Our president was so concerned about our soldiers that we let them fight without armour but did let family members buy it for their sons. He was so concerned about our guys that he cut VA benefits and many soldiers families went on food stamps.
The best part was when our brave president flew onto a carrier with a MISSION ACCOMPLISHEd Banner. As you are a warrior you would know that one battle doesn't end a war. Well all hell broke loose in Iraq. Our allies from Poland ,Japan, Spain latvia etc you know all those traditional powers realized that they were in an unwinnable situation and withdrew their troops.
Well the initial reason we attacked Iraq is that they had weapons of MASS DEStruction. When it became apparent to the world that The president was lying we switched to the noble cause of liberating the Iraqi people, Then it became the fight against Al QUEDA though Saddam was doing a good job before we started on nation building crusade( which Bush stated in the 2000 debates that the USA should never do) Since then they have gone through a variety of reasons why we are in Iraq including to stabilize oil prices and they even pulled out the old Vietnam domino theory which was wrong then an wrong now.
We proceeded to teach the Iraqis the Republican version of democracy which involves torturing prisoners then releasing them after three years because they innocent. The torture in 2004 involved simulated sex acts( Hetero+Homo) that would prove to be prophetic as our GOP leaders were found to be a bunch of corrupt deviants who pushed religion and embraced Christianity but basically laughed at the religious right!
On the home front the GOP congress totally abdicated their authority and made a mockery of our system of checks and balances. They gutted the Constitution by trying to crush any dissent. The president used the "for us or agin us" line to make anyone who questioned his insane policies as unpatriotic or traitorous!
Get this the cost of the war has been 2 billion a week for 3 years now but Bush cut taxes for the rich and our debt has skyrocketed. Not only that but the majority of our debt is held by Communist China and when they call that debt in we will all be speaking Mandarin and working in Wal Mart sweat shops. The president reiterated to the American public that it is our duty to shop till we drop so we can show our patriotism

Congress passed a new security act that not only allows us to ignore the Geneva Convention protocols, but also suspends habeas corpus. It also allows the government to invade our privacy to keep us safe. Here is the big kicker the bill allows the president to decide what is treason and who is an enemy combatent! The Sheeple say such things as "Well Let them I got nothin to hide" Without thinking that what they support today may not be in vogue tommorrow which will label them as New enemy combatents. Just think Ken BOt your opinions that you wrote here can be used as evidence against you! Bwahahahaha! Because you are such a warrior I assume that Bushco Inc does not want anyone coming back to the country with any sort of fighting skills so be prepared to be detained by the Dept of Fatherland Homeland Security. They have been honing their security skills busting hard working pregnant hispanic women Keeping you safe from unsanitary taco wagons. If you have been fighting in desert areas and have a tan you have a better chance of being detained as we all know that brown skin folks can't be trusted. Oh also Our ports are controlled by Arab companies that employ mostly Muslims that you fear so much.
Later I will tell you about what has befallen our once proud Iowa GOP since the mooks took it over.

Please Ken stay away from this country. It won't be safe until we clean out the six year of stench that the GOP has dumped on the country we love!

Anonymous said...

Who do democrats hate people who are victims of identity theft who have their lives destroyed because of this serious crime?

Why doesn't Vilsnake care about them?

Anonymous said...

Why does buttboy and his other "caring" democRATS promote the use of identity theft to achieve their goal of destroying america?

Anonymous said...

Why are Union people democrats? Once again, the democrat party returns to their slave party roots. Yes, the party that advocated slave labor in the South again advocates for slave labor.

After all, it is the the slave labor trade of illegal aliens that cause unions to have trouble competing and lowers their wages.

What is all this nonsense about raising the minimum wage when Harkin is perfectly ok with slave wages and conditions? If Swift and other companies can use slave labor at slave wages, that certainly steals potential union jobs away. Unionized Americans used to be employed at those jobs.

What are unions getting from the democrat party?

Why do Democrats encourage slave labor?

Anonymous said...

This just in: The latest from the culture of corruption party.

"WASHINGTON (AP) - President Clinton's national security adviser removed classified documents from the National Archives, hid them under a construction trailer and later tried to find the trash collector to retrieve them, the agency's internal watchdog said Wednesday.

The report was issued more than a year after Sandy Berger pleaded guilty and received a criminal sentence for removing the documents.

Berger took the documents in the fall of 2003 while working to prepare himself and Clinton administration witnesses for testimony to the Sept. 11 commission. Berger was authorized as the Clinton administration's representative to make sure the commission got the correct classified materials."

Those rascally Clintons. I'd like to know which documents he was specifically cutting up into little pieces. What documents were so damning to the Clinton presidency about 9-11, that Berger would take this risk on Clinton's behalf?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:08, you have so little grip on reality I worry for your sanity. Seriuosly. You need help.

Anonymous said...

So, we have to have illegal slavelike labor because regular americans won't do those jobs??? So, that's the justification Harkin and Vilsnake use to encourage the importation of illegals?

Gee, I guess they were wrong.

This is today:

GREELEY - The line of applicants hoping to fill jobs vacated by undocumented workers taken away by immigration agents at the Swift & Co. meat-processing plant earlier this week was out the door Thursday.

Why do DemocRATS hate American union workers?

Cancer Man said...

I wonder if the D's realize that it was minorites and yes legal immigrants who had their identities stolen. Not just evil white folk.

Good work Sporer!

Kenboiraq said...

Buttboy needs to be renamed "Nut Job" because his rambling post should've been titled as a book or at least a manifesto.

Seriously, I lasted right until I read something about everybody speaking Mandarin Chinese and at that point I had to quit for sanity's sake.

This guy has every Michael Moore talking point memorized and his portrayal of the events of the last five years were both fanciful and comical. I guess my actual experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan pale in comparison to his drug induced contemplations mixed with his background (see the View with Rosie).

real ted sphincter gop said...

And Ken Bot can't
stand the truth.
Your own heroes have sold you down the river. I was just giving you a chronology of how our own party has wrecked America and our reputation since you been ooc.
it seems like ramblings because the actions of our country seem surreal and absurd! you can't comprehend how the GOP has embraced corruption and deviancy.
Even Bush's dad shed tears when he sees what destruction his drug addled son has wrought.
Merry Christmas to all! Remember we may not agree but we are all trying to make our country better!

Kenboiraq said...

I wish that were true but I am convinced many Democrats don't care about our country at all.

BTW - I am in Iowa for a couple days so I am here at least as often as Harkin!

Anonymous said...

Ken, you should run for senate!

Anonymous said...

Harkin comes back to Iowa to celebrate Kwanza!

he he he