Monday, December 18, 2006

Merry Christmas Politicians

It was great to see such a wonderful social turnout at tonight’s RPI Christmas Party. Obviously tonight was a little different than previous incarnations of the annual get together at RPI HQ. Our legislative leadership gave the appearance of disliking their current Minority offices, a good sign because if you show me a good loser I’ll show you a loser.

The poor results notwithstanding, turnout was great. First, I’d like to extend our most grateful of thanks to Gov. Jim Gilmore for attending the event. I’ve said it before on other forums but Gov. Gilmore is the quintessential evidence of the depth of our bench. While Gov. Gilmore is still something of a dark horse in our race, he’d be a rock star in the Democrat field. Who has more executive experience over on their side-Tom Vilsack? Which Democrat has expressed Gov. Gilmore’s studied insight on terrorism-Hillary Clinton? My point is not an endorsement-I’m looking for the best in all our guys (and maybe gal if Condi’s sense of destiny eventually vanquishes her modesty) and talk them all up (so paranoids-keep reading and I’ll show your horse some love soon enough) but rather the choice between us and them. That’s a choice we should always seek to highlight!

Great local turnout for a Republican party, as well. I saw our entire Congressional delegation; (Reps. Tom Latham and Steve King) and both Ag. Sec. Bill Northey and State Auditor Dave Vaudt. It looked like all of our legislative leadership came; I think Chris Rants was still there when I left. Govs. Ray and Branstad were both in attendance. Not surprisingly Chairman Ray Hoffmann, Bill Dix, Chuck Laudner, Bonnie Hall and I’m sure some as of yet undisclosed Chairman candidates filled every corner-you just have to love all that intrigue. Maybe you readers can add your suggestions to all those I heard tonight as to how I should cast my vote, eh?

Quite surprisingly, however, Leon, who is a super trooper, came down. Leon’s father passed away yesterday, finishing off almost the worst imaginable year for the big fella. Leon’s appearance is about all the inspiration anyone could ever need to leave it all on the field. Tonight, Leon gets the hero of the week award for showing the leadership flag at that party tonight.

Far too many friends were there to name and thank everyone, so, I’ll just leave it at Merry Christmas from me to one and all of you.


Cancer Man said...

Great event? Some of us will never know as we never heard anything about it till reading it on this blog.

For God's sake Ted, just run for state chair and end our misery.

Wes said...

The fact that the event was so under-publicized may have more to do with RPI not wanting what’s left of our elected leaders swarmed by recently unemployed political hacks begging them for jobs, than with poor planning. However, Ted’s article raises an interesting question: What IS Gilmore planning to do?

For a long time, I like a lot of observers, figured the race would likely be a 3 way race between McCain’s star power, Romney’s money, and Huckabee’s conservative credentials and background as a popular Southern Governor. Yet, to say the Huckabee’s expectations have fizzled in recent months is an understatement. I am so under whelmed by the organizational strength of Huckabee’s fledgling movement that I dare say we may have lost our projected 3rd player in this contest. This massive loss of creditability resulting from Huckabee’s total failure to mobilize has caused an unexpected void in the field of potential candidates that I see as truly up for grabs. Although, looking at the field of potential candidates, I don’t see anyone apart from Gilmore capable of stepping in to fill that void. Perhaps I’m wrong, in which case tell me who else is capable of stepping into the role seemingly vacated by Governor Huckabee, but from my perspective, if Gilmore dose not step into the race, we are looking at a 2 man race between Romney and McCain from here on in.

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I see some possibilities with this candidacy.

Anonymous said...

Could it be, Cancer Man (Todd), that you simply weren't invited?

Anonymous said...

He's a cancer allright. A man? That's stretching it.

Nick Ryan didn't put it on my calendar said...

Last time I looked Nussle was still part of the Congressional delegation. Did he just not show or has he already moved out of state?

Leon is a class act and my sypmpathies on his father's passing. I hope he's not finished with Iowa politics yet.

Anons are pussies said...

Jealousy is a bitch.

WAR Yoda, The Real Sporer, Nick Ryan and anybody else that gets trashed by gutless anons that don't have a political pot to piss in

Assman, Table for 1 said...

"gutless anons that don't have a political pot to piss in"

kapitan kunetsov said...

Jealous of someone who lives off of his wife?

WAR people who make their own money!

Kenboiraq said...

This from a commie captain?

It's not fair? Who's the nihilist here?
-Walter (Big Lebowski)

kapitan kunetsov said...

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Kenboiraq said...

So what is your point and what do you mean by...

Jealous of someone who lives off of his wife?
WAR people who make their own money!

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