Thursday, December 14, 2006

John Kerry and Neville Chamberlain-twins divided at birth?

JFK (Kerry, not the President) provided another great example of the liberal intellectual premise (and weakness) yesterday. Not surprisingly, Sen. Kerry believes that we should talk to the Iranians and the Syrians.

I wonder why. A possible reason is a commitment to dialogue itself. Liberals love dialogue. Liberals could engage in months of dialogue to determine a process by which further dialogue can occur, after which further meaningful dialogue can analyze the quality and value of the historic dialogue and the need for future dialogue can be discussed. There is a historic antecedent for such an approach, Neville Chamberlain’s approach to the fascism of the 1930a in Italy, Germany and Japan.

However, the modern appeasers (Kerry, Kennedy, Clinton, Edwards, etc….) have perhaps learned something from the failures of their spiritual grandparents (their real “American” grandparents, of course, actually fought and destroyed the virulent institutionalized hatred expressed by our last global genocidal fascist enemy). But in fairness to liberals, let’s not dismiss “dialogue” with the Iranians and the Syrians out of hand. Let’s apply the Socratic Method to further explore the 21st Century proponents of appeasement.

1. What is the objective of the dialogue?

2. What specifically do you hope to gain from talking?

3. Of what must this dialogue consist to be meaningful?

4. Do we just sit and restate positions without anyone doing anything different or do we negotiate and change behavior?

5. What American behavior will you change, specifically please?

6. If we negotiate, what do we offer the Iranians and the Syrians? Sell out Israel, or maybe the just the democrats in Iraq, ‘cause I’m pretty sure Iran and Syria would love to see the U.S. out of Iraq. Here’s a good one, I’ll bet Iran would be more than happy to get out of Iraq if the U.S. drops opposition to Iranian nuclear ambitions.

Let’s put aside assumptions, quite reasonable I concede, as to the purity of liberal motives for appeasing Islamofascism, the result is still quite predictable. Much like those well intentioned leaders of the UK and France in the 1930s, the people with whom modern liberals seek negotiation view it as valuable only as delaying tactic, buying time until negotiation will no longer be necessary. Adolf Hitler had a name for people who engage in the kind of weakness and appeasement Big John Kerry advocates, “useful idiots”.

If you think that’s harsh, how harsh would be a nuclear flash in Tel Aviv or Washington D.C. - or Des Moines, Iowa?


RF said...

And your strategy is what? Stay the course? - I bet you hated those liberal weaklings like RR who engaged and negotiated with the evil empire.

Anonymous said...


Ronald Reagan negotiated from a position of strength rather than weakness. The Libs promote weakness in America. We've now proven to the world that we have no backbone, our words are meaningless and everyone can act wtih impunity now because America can't be counted on to keep them safe or defend them from evil dictators like that nut in Iran and the bigger nut in North Korea.

I feel a deep sense of dread about the near future. I completely believe that Iran intends to nuke Israel sooner rather than later.

Yet, Libs don't even think there is a problem.

Let's get right on that minimum wage increase though. That's the most important thing going on in the world.

RF said...

True, strength and style are very important in negotiations. Thanks to his relative restraint in international relations, RR was in a strong position to negotiate/engage. It was his opponent that was mired in an ill-advised foreign entanglement.

At this time, we are not in the best negotiating position. Liberalism, D’s or Kerry have nothing to do with our current relatively weak position, though. But, we still are the only real superpower in the world. We got plenty of strength left. And our current opponents (Iran, Syria) are nothing like Germany in 1930’s, which I believe was the second largest economy in the world at the time. Besides, our superior ideology is by far our best weapon. It just doesn’t work very fast.

Anonymous said...


Normally, miscalculations are not as deadly as they are today so we can suffer fools like yourself much easier.

Kerry and other pacifists afraid of their own shadow cannot be allowed to dictate the direction of this conflict. The conflict was coming whether we liked it or not thanks to two different and particularly aggressive forms of Islam on the march for the last forty years.

The only mistake President Bush has really made is to play "nice" rather than hardball like the Veep or at least go with the "Powell Doctrine" as either approach would work better than the middle game we are playing today. The Middle game is still better than the run from your own shadow game you seem to endorse.

This war is more important than facing down the Soviets of yesteryear. If you stick your head in the sand you will not stop the tragedies about to unfold but you may "buy" a couple moments of false peace.


Anonymous said...

Libs are the ones that are destroying morale, hating America, telling the world they think America is wrong. They advocate deferring to the greater wisdom of old europe.

Libs are self hating americans who wish us to become a socialist nanny state - just like Russia, China, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, and France.

It's shameful the way libs talk about their homeland.

Anonymous said...

I think they are cowards truly believing all money spent on defense is money better spent on endless social programs.

They don't care about results as much as the thought is most important. They are fools.

the kevorka said...


the soviet foe was quite different from Islamafacism. while the sovs did some heinous things, they did nothing (at least after WW2) that is even in the ball park with the things the iranians/syrians or their surrogates.

stay the course was a metaphor, overused to be sure, for staying and not prematurely abandoning the battlefield in iran, short of victory. stay the course did not describe the tactical implementation of pursuing victory as our strategic objective.

while i wish W was more articulate, the important thing is doing the right thing, and winning in iraq is the right thing to do.

so, lets triple our force committment, exterminate the bad guys through death, imprisonment or conversion to a more-ecumenical-outlook and behaivor.

Anonymous said...

Kevorka is right except he meant to say Iraq. We do need get serious before our enemies recruit more. We should've ended this insurgency before it started but going back to replay the hand is not an option. We do have this hand to play stomp these idiots in Baghdad before every two bit dictator or radical cause starts to believe it is ok to challenge us.

RF said...

In the long term, our best strategy in the Middle East may be to support broadband development in the area. Remeber the news item a couple months back about Iran restricting download speeds? What they are really afraid is our superior basic ideology of freedom and democracy.

Real Ted Sphincter GOP said...

One result of talking with Syria and Iran is that you learn about your enemy. We have been not dealing directly with Iran and Syria since the 70s'. Our disaster in Iraq is partly due to our lack of diplomatic relations. We won the one battle but because we had no true perception of Iraqi society we have stepped in one crisis after another If the Real Sporer wants to serve then go to Iraq. I scoff at the notion That Bush had played "nice"! Bush has played the international game so poorly that we are close to becoming a non entity.
I am tired of radicals calling themselves conservatives. If these times are so dangerous then why are the Radicals on this thread trying to eliminate or discredit other opinions rather than rallying and uniting all of us for the fight. The Christo fascists are just as dangerous as any other radical group. Newt is right maybe Free Speech should be eliminated!
Chamberlin was no liberal and Sporer is no Churchill.

Kenboiraq said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kenboiraq said...

Chamberlain was not a liberal?

How about his appeasement of Hitler even after Hitler wrote a mass circulation book detailing his blue print to take over all of Europe and eliminate the Jews? It worth noting Hitler made good on every threat and only lied when it came to his peace overtures. We should remember this when making historical comparisons between Hitler and Akmakhadddinnnit”therewasnoholocaust”jihadnamajinajadddddd.

As far as Christo Fascists I guess this dipsh*t must be referring to me as I have continually flamed him for his lack of coherence and his cowardice - some things never change. I guess he took a break from his character assignations of another man's wife and it is possible child predator laws are having their desired effect so butt boy decided to spew a little more nonsense.

Oh, and his new phrase “Christo Fascism” must have come from the Michael Moore Cyndi Sheehan. Do Christians kill children for sport? Do Christians fly airliners into buildings or perform mass killings in the public square for flying kites? Al Queda does all of those things and I find it brutally offensive such liberals mention Christians in the same manner as Al Queda.

Butt boy needs to stop parroting Michael Moore's views and come up with his own talking points for once. He should also consider drowning himself in the DSM River so he can't pollute the gene pool.

mohammed was a pedophile said...


You are forgetting one very important thing. The Soviets, despite all their faults, were at least capable of moments of levity and realized that launching a nuclear weapon at the United States would bring about the end of the Revolution in a hurry.

Terrorists lack the capacity for rational thought.

real ted sphincter GOP said...

Kenbot, No the christians act like you. Basically attacking anyone who disagrees because in their tiny minds they know they are more like the fanatical wings. read your history little boy,Christians are just as violent in their conversion techniques. Also read your dictionary, for the definition of liberal and conservative. Playing at being a wanna be hero is so tough KenBOT! It makes you cranky! Oh! when you come to the word ignoramus in the dictionary. Look in the mirror for an example!

Kenboiraq said...

Butt boy when you get done gargling what I know you like to gargle don't be surprised if nobody is really paying attention to you.

You can't debate the issues because you don't really have a position on anything. Much like the extreme left of the Democratic party your only issue is the other party. You don't offer solutions - just indictments and calling you pathetic is a slap at pathetic as anyone resorting to your tactics (see how you treated Ted's wife in your previous blogs) is not fit to be called part of normal human society.

FYI, anyone whose ever lived in a combat zone knows a real coward when we see one and you fit the bill. You can't even identify yourself as you launch your baseless and might I add, classless gibberish. I don't need to prove my bravado as such things are highly overrated. I continue to live on an Army base in Iraq and I keep my life insurance paid up for a reason.

I would gladly trade your life 100 times for every one of the brave servicemembers you aren't fit to look upon. They die for your ability to be and idiot and that is a true shame to behold.

Debating you as to the violence of Christianity is like sticking a fork in a plugged in toaster - it is generally a stupid idea. Debating you is only stupid because you don't know your history and you never have a point other than to lie, misdirect, and generally smell up the place.

Jesus Christ died for our sins (even yours) and was never violent. Can any other religion (see Islam) claim the same for their prophet? As for violence in Christ's name show me suicide bombers or those dying to get into heaven for violence - it does not exist. The crusades and all other religious wars fought in the name of Christianity were for PROFIT.

Go back to your hole and don't worry we will not miss you.


Kenboiraq said...

Not to minimize sticking forks in plugged in toasters - Mr. Subliminal speaking - I think Buttboy should try it and get back to us how it all went.......

mohammed was a pedophile said...

Jesus Christ died for our sins (even yours) and was never violent. Can any other religion (see Islam) claim the same for their prophet?

And Jesus never buggered the kinder.

Kenboiraq said...

That was funny as *****!

Anonymous said...

This from Buttboy - kind of ironic that he complains of others that which he himself does.

Excerpt: "Basically attacking anyone who disagrees because in their tiny minds they know they are more like the fanatical wings."

Buttboy - aren't you attacking Ted with your buttboy name because your tiny mind (rectum) disagrees with his well spoken opinions?

Perhaps you could discuss policy like adults do with adult names rather than using your buttboy moniker where your sole purpose in using it is to attack someone with whom you disagree.

What an ass. How self descriptive.

Anonymous said...

BTW Kenbo

Democrats have a different meaning for tough than republicans. To them,it means to run and hide and admire France. They give up their sandwiches on the playground and whine and cry about their feelings being hurt. This is their definition of being tough.

Kenboiraq said...

Iran is rejecting their "hard line" President by elected moderates in today's elections. These candidates were the "survivors" or inter-party vetting and seem to share a common goal to keep Iran non-nuclear (as in not glowing Negasaki style).

Apparently, the whacko President remains in office as he was not up for reelection but he is already making moves to KILL his opponents. Nice to see some believe we should negotiate with such a reasonable fellow.

Kenboiraq said...

Iranian student activists who staged an angry protest against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad last week have gone into hiding in fear for their lives after his supporters threatened them with revenge.
One student fled after being photographed holding a banner reading, "Fascist president, the polytechnic is not for you", during Mr Ahmadinejad's visit to Tehran's Amir Kabir university. At least three others have gone underground after being seen burning his picture. Vigilantes from the militant Ansar-e Hezbollah group have been searching for them.

real ted sphincter gop said...

I am amazed how this bloggers are concerned or fixated about my butt either this blog is inhabited by proctologists which I doubt or Faux GOPs who lick and sniff a lot of butt. Sort of the Border Collies of the GOP.
The next time I see a tough Republican will be the first time with the exception of J Mc Cain. The modern republican likes to strut and puff and preen then run and hide. If I had to choose between having a French guy watch my back or one of you Faux GOPers, it would be no contest. You guys are the ultimate phony warriors.
I see Kenbot is rallying the troops against Iran. Take his statements about Irans lunatic president and substitute USA and the song remains the same. Our prez just stated we are losing the war in Iraq and you want to go to war in Iran? I can just see KenBot shooting rats in the dump with his bb gun and putting his trophy on the wall of his mom's trailer all the time whispering to himself" I am a brave wittle warrior, Right Uncle Ted?" Hey anonymous, I see you are using your name to discuss issues as an adult. For serious discussions I go to other Iowa conservative sites. This site is just for the dung throwers of the GOP

Kenboiraq said...

Somehow I doubt dillweed buttster is taken seriously on any mainstream website. I reiterate my previous statement that debating this idiot is a non debate because he lacks any issue other than mocking Republicans.

It was funny he mentioned the French as the personification of manhood and since he failed to jump in a river or try the fork in the plugged in toaster perhaps he could run his cowardly (well lubed) butt to France or at least Quebec.

As for Iran I am sure it will not be the USA nuking them but rather Israel and pointing out the fact the oppressed population of Iran rejects their whack job leader's nuclear exchange plans is a long way from my advocating attacking Iran.

I can say I have yet to meet true idiots like this guy in Iraq. Most people here fall into the Republican camp but even the liberals manage to make a decent argument.

Kenboiraq said...

Like I said, not all liberals are idiots like sphincter breath
and many rise to the occasion considering world security is at stake.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair will calls upon moderate Arabs to resist Iran's ambitions.

Speaking in the United Arab Emirates, he will underline what has been the theme of his Middle East tour: moderate leaders must be empowered against extremists.

"We must recognize the strategic threat the government of Iran poses, not its people, not possibly all of its ruling elements, but those presently in charge of its policy," he will say, according to extracts of his speech released by his office.

Iran seeks "to pin us back in Lebanon, in Iraq and in Palestine," he will tell business leaders in Dubai.

"Our response should be to expose what they are doing, build the alliances to prevent it and pin them back across the whole of the region."

He says to do this "we need the open and clear backing of the countries in this region that know better than me what is happening and why."

Blair's spokesman dismissed suggestions his comments on Iran were designed to pit the region's Sunni Muslims against Shi'ite Iran, saying the prime minister worked with all faiths.

The prime minister -- making a push for peace in the Middle East before he leaves office next year -- will say the struggle between "moderates and extremists" will impact the security of the wider world.

"It is not too late but it is urgent," he will say.

Anonymous said...

Quote from Buttboy

This site is just for the dung throwers of the GOP

Well, I guess you'd know, wouldn't you? You'd know all about dung, wouldn't you buttboy? Dung sums up what you offer in terms of discourse.

Anonymous said...

Buttboy is too dense to understand Larry the Cableguy makes fun of people like him!

real ted sphincter GOP said...

You guys are too dense to understand that we are the main threat to world stability.

If your idea of humor is Larry the cable guy then now I know that you are one sophisticated Iowan.

You guys are making fun of the French because they were smart enough to not send their soldiers into a disaster? typical 21st century GOPers. They will fight to the last drop of Your blood. , While the 101st fighting keyboarders or 11%ers stand behind a policy that even the Joints chiefs of staffs are against. Tony Blair is pulling out his troops. He got tired of the GOP lies. They want a surge of troops KenBot and all anonymous bag wearers here is your chance! Can you hear me from under the covers? Who knows maybe The Bush Girls and Rep Kings sons will join? Maybe Mary Cheney and her partner will go.
You guys seem to believe that you are Colin Powell and Patton all rolled into one. All that you lack is intelligence and a sense of duty.

Anonymous said...

This from an anonymous coward who feels the US is the real threat to the world's security.

Obviously this person fancies himself to be much smarter than he previously let on given his beginnings of a real argument. I suggest he drop the moniker and find a real name indicating future rational discussion.

The US military doesn't have a great plan for nation building and certain issues fall into the "all of the marbles" argument the military spends much of its time practicing. In case this is confusing I am referring to nuclear issues and countries inclined to use nukes to settle scores.

Anonymous said...

All you need to know about buttboy is that he defers to France for his opinions.


Again, proving his moniker to be appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Buttboy wants everyone to know it only hurts the first few times but after a few hard poundings he started to the man dance!

I wonder if he is regretting his choice of name yet?

Anonymous said...

I forgot a vital word in the first sentence and it should have read he started ENJOYING THE MAN DANCE!

Real ted spincter GOP said...

lets see GOPs guys still fixated on someones butt, Must have learned about sex on his dads sheep farm or they were in Ted Haggards church or they use to play the J Edgar Hoover dress up game> You closet cases are real sickos. I guess you are not fighting the War for Halliburton due to the fact you lost your army commission when you flunked the the don't ask don't tell test.

These Iowa hicks are still making fun of the French . I bet you still order freedom fries and freedom toast.It is fun living in this state you can predict the future for them. Hey Iowans, I predict that the GOP will get their ass handed to them not only in Iowa but across the nation in Nov 2006. Also some day cars will have front wheel drive and disco dancing will be a hot fad! What mooks!

Anonymous said...

And who invited this by naming himself an ass followed by non stop sexual banter?

Hypocrite without an issue and lacking facts or brains.

Anonymous said...

Buttboy just can't stop with the references to ASSes.

"I predict that the GOP will get their ass handed to them not only in Iowa but across the nation in Nov 2006."

By the way, are you predicting the future there Carnac? The election of November 2006 has already passed.

Why are so hateful to gay people? What is up with all the name calling about gays? Is it because of your fixation with your own sphincter?

Why do democrats hate gays?

I'm curious, are you the product of a the union education system that no longer teaches english? Your writing skills are atrocious.

I bet you were socially promoted to the next grade when you weren't ready weren't you?

Kenboiraq said...

Hicks? I guess we can't all be so cosmopolitan as he and Ward Churchill.

I feel like such an Eichmann......

real ted Sphincter GOP said...

You are an Eichmann, You dress up and goose step as a soldier then justify actions by "Only following orders!

I don't have a problem with gays at all. I just think that closted predatory GOP gays should be embraced by you guys as a integral part of your party. I have never made derogatory comments about gays. I only point out the hypocrisy of your party fighting against civil unions adoptions etc while your own leadership employs jeff Gannon Guckert escort services. You guys have to come to grips that the GOP stands for nothing.
Oh and to anon coward, I can tell you were HOMME Skooled by your total inability to contribute to society. Yes I know November already hapened you mook! I was pointing out that most of you sound like you are living in Tennessee in the 20's . Oh Nevermind boys, Go back to your hogs!

Kenboiraq said...

yada yada yada...