Sunday, January 07, 2007

And the lies begin…………………

………….. to add up. Until the Dems actually took power, Thursday, we couldn’t actually say that they had actually broken any campaign promises.

Last Thursday, however, it all became reality. With the reality, came the first snowflake in what I predict will be a blizzard of lies.

After years of complaining about the House lax work schedule and a campaign promise to make a five day session routine for the House, when confronted with the terrifying proposition of actually keeping their word and work those five days, the Democrats did what Democrats do, and backtracked, preferring the old four day week. Wow, that’s quicker than Clinton breaking his no tax pledge. Further proof that these people will actuall say anything to get elected.

Democrats 1 Truth 0


Kenboiraq said...


It was the thought that counted at least and since liberals operate on Emotion they always reserved the right to reconsider upon a closer inspection for any situation. I wonder how they are going to handle their promises to reduce benefits from special interests? Campaign Finance Reform????

Wes said...

I’m sure they will nobly debate the Democrats will take finance reform very seriously while the TV cameras are on and those pesky reporters are paying attention. After all, campaign finance reform ensures that the rights of all citizens are not trampled by the awesome wealth of a few massive donors! It is their duty to stand up for the rights of those without a voice!

Then, when the TV cameras go off and the reporters go home for the day, those same Democrats will line up to collect their campaign checks from Bill Knapp.

They will return again to the “Peoples House” again the next day to pass laws that strip land owners of their rights, and loosen annexation and eminent domain laws, and return touch-play machines to your local gas stations.... Although they wont call the machines “touch play” they will rename the machines “Happy Fun Machines” so their fearless leader Governor Culver wont have to break his campaign promise to keep touch-play illegal in Iowa.

Yoda said...

Hmmmm.... 527 groups are the love child of McCain-Feingold....

Expect that issue to get some attention when the ads start up again, I do.....

WAR Pulling the Goalie

Warmonger said...

Well, aren't the 100 hours up? They are free to do anything now, since the minority didn't allow Pelosi, et al, to pass all of their initiatives that would have saved the country from certain doom.

May as well write off progress and regress to the ole tax-n-spend!

Anonymous said...

John McCain fell for the quintessential Clinton trick...take your bad news and own it as your own. Soon, everyone will forget that you were the reason for campaign finance reform in the first place.

Clinton got caught selling everything BUT Hillary's body and then turned into the poster boy for campaign finance reform.

What if we had just prosecuted Bill for all his violations of existing law rather than make up new rules that have made it WORSE! but gave Clinton a pass.

McCain is a useful idiot.

RF said...

I can tell you R's are rusty in the art of opposition politics. This whining over nothing and going back to the bone-dry Clinton well is quite pathetic. I suspect you'll have some real issues to complain about when things really get going.

Anonymous said...

Democrats are the kingpins of not moving on. (I hate Bush bumper stickers) Clinton is a candidate for president. The Clinton well is overflowing.

Did you read the recent story about Bill being treated for sex addiction? Is the 1st Man of the potential President a dry well, or an overflowing well of potential new scandel?

Is it ok that Obama did all the drugs but Heroin? Will this finally put GW's DUI arrest 30+ years ago to rest?

RF said...

Anon, thanks for proving my point.

The Obama drug thing will be interesting, though. My guess is that when you admit the stuff in your own book way before the potential election, it will be a nonissue. I suspect honesty trumps the laughable explanations ("I didn't inhale") and silence (W on his alleged drug use).

Kenboiraq said...

The Barak Hussein Obama being raised as a Wahabbi Muslim is a little more intense.

Anonymous said...

How is W supposed to comment on "alleged" drug use? The D's made that up to smear. It was the same tactic Rather used with the National Guard story. Just make up some "allegations" and then make them prove a negative.

We know that trick now.

Anonymous said...

AND YET Al Gore ADMITS drug use in College and no one cares. W doesn't do ANY drugs and the media can't stop reporting the "allegations".

Now, Obama has done every drug, BUT Heroin, and he's a HERO???????

Anonymous said...

Here's the current BIG LIE. Rants stated this about the minimum wage and it's impact on other private business:

For example, there is a little known clause in Iowa code that says all casinos have to pay wages at least 25% higher than the minimum wage. I know that one has already done the math, and an increase in the minimum wage will cost them over $2 million – not because they pay anyone minimum wage, but all their hourly pay levels are set as a percentage of it.
I want to know if the Vision Iowa money and all those other corporate welfare programs include these provisions as a criteria for getting the money in the first place.

Does the contract Rants described FORCE employers to raise wages just because the minimum wage rose even though they do not have anyone working for minimum wage and never did?

This is a lie by the democrats that raising the minimum wage is about solving poverty. It's paying back union bosses for all the campaign help.

Anonymous said...

Here's another lie from the culture of corruption party. This report came out today. How is it that the democrats intend to implement 9-11 commission recommendations when the entire 9-11 commission's work was compromised by Sandy Berger's stealing of important 9-11 documents?

What was Sandy worried about? What was SOOOO devastating to him or to those for whom he worked that he went to these lengths to do it?

Washington, D.C. – Oversight and Government Reform Committee Ranking Member Tom Davis (R-VA) released the following statement today on a committee report that sheds important new light on Sandy Berger’s theft of classified documents from the National Archives. The report makes it clear that the full extent of Mr. Berger’s document removal can never be known, and consequently the Department of Justice could not assure the 9/11 Commission that it received all responsive documents to which Mr. Berger had access.

“My staff’s investigation reveals that President Clinton’s former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger compromised national security much more than originally disclosed,” Davis said. “It is now also clear that Mr. Berger was willing to go to extraordinary lengths to compromise national security.

“The 9/11 Commission relied on incomplete and misleading information regarding its access to documents Mr. Berger reviewed. No one ever told the Commission that Mr. Berger had access to original documents that he could have taken without detection.

“We now know that Mr. Berger left stolen highly classified documents at a construction site to avoid detection. We know that Mr. Berger insisted on privacy at times to allow him to conceal documents that he stole. One witness with a very high security clearance believed he saw Berger concealing documents in his socks.
Where's the outrage about STEALING NATIONAL SECURITY DOCUMENTS from Empress Pelosi?

Anonymous said...

Sporer, do a post on RPI chair this Sat....are you in?

RF said...

Anon surely is up on the drug use stuff. I just made a general observation about how people react to and deal with these types of news/allegations. I couldn’t care less what W, Clinton, Gore & Obama inhaled or drank when they were young. But our anon must be very close with W since anon knows exactly what W did/did not do.

Kenboiraq said...

I want him to state if he is a Wahhabi.


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