Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Another example of liberal hypocricy……………

……………… if you ever really needed one. Today, we learn that Sandy Berger-more details about him shortly-dramatically compromised national security. The American public has seen neither editorial outrage at NBC, CBS, ABC, the NY Times, the Washington Post, the AP or Newsweek or Time, nor investigative articles plumbing the legth, depth and breadth of the fissure's created by the Berger espionage.

This intellectual apathy to a security leak joins the strange indiffernce to the extent to which national security was compromised by the Eastern European prisons leak; the N.I.E. leak; NSA Al Qaeda intercepts leak; and the international banking intercepts leak-all major national security tools that have prevented another major terror attack on the United States civilan targets since the first President Bush occupied the White House.

We need to get on the attack about this bias-take the fight to opponents of free speech who support the nightmare/fantasy world that informs liberal thought and action. If we don’t, they win the debate by default and our hole just gets deeper with the voting public.

Now, Sandy Berger was a former National Security Advisor, entrusted with this nation’s, and that means you the reader’s, most sensitive national secrets. Berger stuffed National Archival terrorism documents into his socks and hid them under rocks, repeatedly. This is not the behavior of an absent minded professor who forgot to return his library books. This is a calculated act of espionage for, at the very best, a personal purpose, against the United States.

There are a myriad of questions that could be asked about this outrage. Why? Why the particular documents? Was he asked by anyone to steal top secret Archival materials? None appear to have been asked in the main stream media.

Here’s the bottom line question-how devastatingly bad must the content of those documents have been to have motivated so lofty a public servant to engage in such risky and evil behavior?

So, don’t you think these massive security breaches merits at least the level of outrage that the non-leak of Valarie Plame’s non-classifed name? If you do, how then can you not condemn the national
liberal media as the partisan propagandists that it has become?


RF said...


Do you sleep well at night? Are you sure all door and windows are closed so no evil liberal/D can get to you? You seem quite convinced every bad thing in this world is due to us America-hating liberals/D’s.

Seriously, there are times when it seems like one could actually have a great serious discussion about issues with you. But most of the time your keyboard hyperventilates about us evil liberals in every shadow, trying to bring down this great country and all the good people in it.

If you could cool your rhetoric down a few notches and stick to the issues, it would be great to have a debate. But when you summarily attack all “liberals” or “Democrats” as inherently bad, evil and with horrible intentions, it kind of kills the desire to debate the actual issues.

Sleep well my friend.

Kenboiraq said...

But there are many liberals doing things scaring the heck out of those fighting to keep America free from tyranny.

I just saw a photo of John Kerry eating alone at a military dining facility because nobody would sit with him. Democrats seem intent on losing this war to prove a point - whatever point it is.

Anonymous said...

rf - you said:

You seem quite convinced every bad thing in this world is due to us America-hating liberals/D’s.
Yet, every bad thing in this world IS due to america hating liberals.

Anonymous said...

People who love america do not want to quit the war and thus, LOSE the war. Liberals can't wait to LOSE the war fast enough. They can't wait to LOSE. They will destroy America. They are already doing a great job of it. We are buckling at the knees and almost on the ground.

Anonymous said...


Do you have ANY concerns about what documents Sandy Berger would have given up his life for? They must be pretty damning of something important to know. Why are the democrats all shook up about the plame lie that never was, but say absolutely nothing about this very serious issue?

Why do democrats lie?

Anonymous said...

Gordo is all shook up about Fox 17, but doesn't care a thing about national security.

Those 100 hours sure are full of depth. Not one substantial piece of legislation.

Anonymous said...

How embarrasing and irresponsible to steal copies of rough drafts of memorandum from the 1999 millennium celebration. Who was he trying to protect?

RF said...

My comment was not directly related to this post or the Sandy Berger issue. Obviously, there are some real questions about the Berger thing. I would be interested to learn more details. And Gordo on Fox 17 & Latham was comical. No argument there.

My comment was about Sporer’s general style of discussing issues. I wanted to give him some feedback since he’s been wondering why no D wants to debate him. I actually gave it a shot. I don’t find his style to be conducive to respectful, issue-based debate. Maybe I should give him some slack due to his party position. But if this is his approach, he should not expect real debate from the other side either. I can repeat old platitudes and stereotypes about R’s with the best of them. It just don’t think it leads to real or meaningful debate. It’s the same problem Steve King has. Even when King has a point, the actual issue gets ignored because of his abrasive style and unnecessary insults.

RF said...

Someone really should organize a Gordo-Sporer debate. Obviously, it would add nothing substantive to the discussion, but it would provide a very interesting historical snapshot. We could capture in a short debate all the stereotypes about both parties and current party talking points. Something interesting for future generations to ponder.