Wednesday, January 10, 2007

State Chair Race Update

Bob VanderPlaats let me know today that he was not a candidate for the State Chair position. Bob’s message was pretty clear, “he’s not bitter and he’s not going away.” Great!

Bob is a great spokesman. Our state and our party are lucky. Jim Nussle also announced that he's staying in Iowa and in our public affairs-and congratulations to Jim on what looks like a great venture. Like Jim, Bob's a pretty young guy with a lot left to offer. Both Jim and Bob have it within them to move the overall party (all of us) forward in a new and very different direction, ‘cause the status quo ai’nt working. Both are young, smart and ambitious enough to find that new direction, that's for sure. So cynics who say its all self promotion, why is a thirst for further office a badge of dishonor? Assuming either or both Jim and Bob harbor continued elective ambitions, who would have a greater incentive to work hard at party rebuilding than people whose future's may depend on that party organization?

On a related, if less significant issue, and to put another scenario finally beyond the horizon, as I have maintained all along, I am not a candidate for State Chair. While defeat just makes the Real Sporer burn ever hotter, and I too am not going away (so, Aggressive Stubborn Slammers Excoriating Sporer, particularly those that have been promoting me for governor, I'll continue to pain you for years), but I am not now, nor have I ever been, a candidate for any political office higher than that I now hold.
Stay tuned for updates…………………..


iowa brat said...

Who is up for co-chair Ted?

What's the deal with the RPI being broke? True?

The Kevorka said...

R.P.I. Broke. Never.

They know the smell of the hunt for the money moose.

Big-killer said...

Ted - fill us in some more!!!

Also a quick question - Are the
"Aggressive Stubborn Slammers Excoriating Sporer" related to the
"Anons Spewing Senseless & Endless Slime" ?????

And a request .... since you are local can you bring a pillow Friday night for those among us that suffer from TPD*????

* TPD - Tired Posterior Disease

Anonymous said...

Ted, just promise us it won't be Bonnie Hall. Please.

Anonymous said...

Its a big loss to the state. Sorry that you aren't running for chair.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough, Bonnie Hall is being championed by Terry Branstadt. She's the Boone county chair and Terry attends the meetings and is active in Boone. It would appear that Terry wants Bonnie to be chair.

I wonder why? Does anyone know anything about that?

Cedar Waxwing said...


We were told in Johnson County by the 2nd District Central Committee Reps that Vander Plaats was indeed a candidate.

Who's full of BS here.

the chad said...

Aggressive Slandering Slammers Excoriating Sporer is more like it. Never seen more lies told about a guy who doesn't hold statewide/national office. Bet VanderPlaats hardly gets criticized.

Anonymous said...

It appears that BVP pulled himself out of the race.