Sunday, May 27, 2007

Romney answers questions in Iowa on ………….

…………… May 30 in West Des Moines. Mitt Romney will be at the Hy-Vee Conference Center 5:45 next Tuesday night. The address is 5820 Westown Parkway in WDM.

The Real Sporer will have a couple of Real War Correspondents in attendance so there will be a couple of ground level activist reports on Mitt’s event.

One key will be found in the nature of the questions. It will get reported here if the audience is salted and the questions and answered canned or if Mitt takes ‘em as he finds them. I’m betting on the later, the guy is pretty quick on his feet.


Spotlight said...

He's not quick enough to know what a haircut costs! I heard him say he'd never paid more than $12 for a haircut. It costs that much in the smallest towns of rural Iowa. I bet millionaires like him pay much more in Boston. Why doesn't he know? It reminds me of Bush the Elder not knowing what a bar code scanner was when he saw one at a supermarket. These guys are not in touch with Main Street.

Anonymous said...

Sporer - especially like the emphasis on "canned" vs. "real" questions. Now that he's the front-runner, I'm sure we can expect some nasty questions. He'll knock 'em out of the park, though.

The Real Sporer said...

Thanks. Oldest trick in political organizing.

Some go the Hillary route, every question is staged and rehearsed.

Spotlight, you're way off on Romney. Mitt is very sharp and quick on his feet. Watch the old debate tapes of Romney v. Kennedy.

You've got to have some friendly softballs but strong campaigning also requires some out of left field stuff, which often provide the best sound bites.

Candidates can overprepare and lose sponteneity. Mitt has made all the right moves thus far and it appears to be working.

hillary even scripts her votes.she waited til obama voted before voting on the key issue of our time said...

Meanwhile, the source said many New York Democrats believe Clinton "isn't doing so well out there, that she may not have what it takes to become president.

"When you're out talking to real Democrats in the field, you hear them say, 'She has no pulse. Just polls.'

Did you see how she voted on the Iraq resolution? . . . She waited to see how [Barack] Obama voted before she did. So calculated even on such a core issue," the source said.