Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday Review-Meet the Press

Much waste of Richardson’s time and our time. Several minutes were spent in a meaningless discussion of Richardson’s quarrel with a bereaved mother of a Marine over some death benefit proposal. How tabloid. Richardson was pressed to “apologize” for some offense that Richardson said about five times was the product of different recollections. Then Russert asked “[y]ou’re running on your resume” in a dismissive fashion. Or, “you joined the boards of oil companies. That’s right Tim, NBC cannot hire every ex-Democrat politician, how every much they’d like to and Richardson certainly has a right to earn a living. Much of Russert's focus was this, and other, personal nonsense; nonsense that is far better left on the margins than at the Sunday morning center.

It’s sad to see Richardson pursue a hard left flight pattern. He’s never been a winger, and I don’t think he would govern as one if somehow elected. It’s also sad to see Richardson subduing his usually jovial personality with feigned seriousness that makes him look more like the Maytag repairman than President.

Richardson said his model of a Supreme Court Justice is Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Marry that thought to Richardson’s position as a centrist Democrat and every conservative reading this will understand why the Republican Party is the only hope to implement a conservative public policy.


KenRichards said...

I was particularly disappointed in Richardson's flip flop over Iraq. He stated in a book less than 18 months ago that we can't leave Iraq until we fix it. Now, he's shooting to the Liberal Left and stated we have to leave Iraq. He said we need to maintain bases in Kuwait but I gotta tell you that won't happen if we leave with our tails between our legs. Richardson next said we need to leave Marines behind to defend our Baghdad Embassy. Is he NUTZ? That embassy will be overrun in hrs if we leave the way he talks and the Marines will surely give a good account of themselves but they will certainly die defending the Embassy. All of our personnel will be paraded infront of Al Jazeera and the women of the staff will have a much harder time then the men. The Marines will all be dead so they don't factor in at that point.

One more thing, he stated we need to pay more attention to the Israeli/Palestinian debate. Wow, what insight except Bill Clinton spent his last few years giving everything he could to the Palestinians only to walk away empty handed. Richardson was part of that process by his own admission. So what's changed to suddenly make him successful. Unless his plan is to remove Israel as that seems to be the only position the Arab world will tolerate.

Richardson just proved he has no business as President nor does he understand the Middle East just because he's visited.

Cedar Waxwing said...

If Richardson's vision of a model SCOTUS justice is Ginsburg..then he's not the "centrist" Democrat that he makes himself out to be.

Ginsburg if memory serves me was the former national counsel for the ACLU..and lord knows that if anything..the ACLU is not "centrist".

Russert has sadly lowered himself to the ranks of Chris Matthews in terms of his journalistic integrity and quality.

Its no wonder the MSNBC debate was so widely panned as being vapid and of little substance.


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