Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday Talk Review-Fox News

A big show for Republicans this morning! Potentially the biggest long term news is the exposure of Mike Huckabee and the continued growth of his candidacy. Gov. Huckabee started with a clear and easily understood defense of the Fair Tax proposal for comprehensive tax reform. Since 98% of the population disapprove of the tax code it certainly is popular, what we’re waiting on is a consensus of how. Huckabee’s approach provides a clear road of reform and it is hard to beat something with nothing.

Huckabee also showed great skill and tact in defending his record-which does feature a couple of tax hikes-and distinguishing himself from the other candidates. The Governor very cleverly compared his opposition to William Wilberforce’s opposition to slavery. Clever for taking the moral high ground. Clever for presenting the a priori argument of moral principle as a basis for political action. Very clever for linking himself to a heroic figure that is being promoted in the liberal media of Hollywood movies. An absolute “A” grade for Mike this morning.

…….. and then the big news. Republican immigration rapprochement!

Specter opened by repeating the usual justifications for reform and then said he was open to modifications to the bill. Chris Wallace followed up his outstanding debate performance with two insightful questions that set the process in motion

Wallace asked Hutchison that, if we do nothing, is it not silent amnesty, and uncontrolled at that? Hutchison agreed that reform is necessary and the status quo is worse than doing nothing.

Wallace then followed up to Specter with a second great question.-why not have accomplishment based triggers? The other legalization aspects of the bill (which is the cost of our failure to enforce the border since 1986) would not be effective until after actual on the ground success in controlling the borders would have been accomplished as opposed to merely funded.

The second question operated as a trigger for open negotiations between the two Republican Senators. Both criticized the process of writing a bill on the Senate floor but seemed to find Fox News Sunday a comfortable venue for some horse trading. Both left the impression that actual positions may have changed.

Nothing was decided but progress was made. I still think that if we Rs come together on something-because we are a lot closer than are the Democrats are to each other or we to them-and then pull a just a few Dems from conservative districts, like the guys who barely beat our write ins in the House and Jim “Bat Masterson” Webb and the Jon “Sgt. Carter” Tester to jump our way on the deal. The Fox dialogue improved the chances of immigration reform rather than mere change. A big show this morning.

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Cedar Waxwing said...

It's time for more Presidential candidates to get behind the FairTax national tax reform proposal.

The FairTax is the most popular tax reform proposal in Congress with over 60 cosponsors of the legislation..including our own Rep. Steve King and former Speaker of the House Denny Hastert.

Other candidates unfortunately still are trying to "fix" the current tax code..The current code is amount of band-aids are going to solve the problem.

FairTax will be making a lot of noise in Iowa over the coming months...they're going BIG at RAGBRAI, the State Fair, and the Straw Poll amongst others.

Also look for FairTax to be a big part of the Iowans for Tax Relief/Iowa Christian Alliance forum in Des Moines on June 30th!