Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday Talk Review-ABC This Week.

Democrat Bob Menedez delivered, as if on command. Menendez objects to the immigration compromise bill because: (1) it divides families by not permitting the newly legalized immigrants to bring grandparents/grandchildren, siblings and parents into the country, only spouses and children; and (2) it preferences skilled and educated immigrants while discouraging low skill immigrants.

Think of the implications of the two Democrat critiques? First, expanding family unity beyond children and spouses could lead to a flood of 30 to 40 million immigrants, mostly from Mexico, pouring into the United States in a very short time. Only a desire to change the fundamental demographic composition of the United States could explain what appears to be a reckless exaltation of principle (family reunification) over substantive policy. By bringing in a large number of unskilled labor (e.g. by not prioritizing skilled and educated immigrants) you create a larger number of people who are dependent on the government, work for the government and who can be exploited by the government; to wit: millions of more Democrat voters.

Sec. Gutierrez provided an unemotional defense of the compromise. Essentially, the proponents place the status quo against the compromise and ask the voters to choose. Of course, the process of amendment is on-going and nothing prevents Republicans from rallying around a Republican bill (e.g. enforcement and assimilation) and then picking up a few of the new Dem members of Congress who won in R areas.

Gov. Jim Gilmore was on target in his critiques of the changes in the nominating process. By accelerating the process the media focuses its attention on the more celebrated candidates (in both parties I think) which may winnow the school prematurely. It’s hard not to agree.

Gov. Gilmore took a sensible immigration postion. Secure the borders now so as to buy, as George Will said later in the show, the confidence of the voters to later somehow legalize and assimilate the current illegals’ residency status. Smart politics, most Americans occupy share that view. Moreover, it balances principle and pragmatism, which among the most important of leadership skills.

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john mcquisling said...

These people know nothing about immigration. I know more than anyone in the room. F--k you all!!


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