Saturday, May 26, 2007

Tommy in Council Bluffs-May 26.

Tonight we have another report from the 5th District. Dannette Hein-Snider, current First VP of the 5th District Federation of Republican Women-and incoming President-was on hand to provide the first hand coverage of Tommy Thompson’s visit to Council Bluffs today.

Governor Tommy Thompson who has been in Iowa every week since December 2006 was a guest this afternoon at an event geared toward Christian educators at the Mid America Center in Council Bluffs. Dr Phil Kayser, President of Biblical Blueprints, opened the program by giving several reasons to the small but dedicated grass roots crowd why Christians should be engaged in the political process. He drew laughter when he stated that "politicians are like diapers...they need to be changed every so often."

After a radio interview Gov Thompson opened with his usual remarks of where he was born telling the audience that his hometown was so small that when you dial a wrong number you still talk for 30 minutes. Tommy was as animated as I have seen him (this is the fifth time) and the crowd seemed to really enjoy his personal stories. Gov. Thompson refers to himself as a reliable conservative and used that moniker several times during his presentation.

Thompson campaign continues to focus on a strong ground game. Tommy reminded us that he has visited 51 Iowa counties in seven months and is looking forward to visiting the remaining counties. Thompson was scheduled to leave Council Bluffs for an event in Glenwood but did not hurry his responses and answered several questions including his stance on Iraq, immigration, and Supreme Court judges to the satisfaction of the people delivering the queries. Rep. Greg Forristall attended and then travelled out to Glenwood with Gov. Thompson.

Thanks again to Dannette. Our Real War Correspondents allow us to provide first hand reports of for the many Iowa Presidential visits. We hope to have some further coverage of next week’s visits.

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What about a Fred and Tommy ticket?