Saturday, May 26, 2007

Lunch with Mike Huckabee

We had the honor and privilege of lunching with Gov. Mike Huckabee today. A dozen or so friendly faces joined were also there. Bob and Darla VanderPlaats, Eric Woolson and Wes Enos attended for the campaign. Good to see all four.

Gov. Huckabee was, as usual, quite charming and funny; and yes, I am still laughing at the mental picture of John Edwards at the beauty parlor with the other girls from Steel Magnolias. As I so often say, Huckabee is very likeable and likeability is very important.

Several people had questions. Perhaps the two most important were inter-related. When asked to discuss the larger War on Terror, Gov. Huckabee began by stating perhaps the crucial, if far too infrequently expressed, fundamental nature of the WoT-it is very much theological in nature. The enemy, amorphous though they are, unify around a more 9th or 10th Century version of Islam with a 9th or 10th Century ethic. In recognizing our enemy has a religious belief that they should kill us to re-establish the Caliphate then we cannot negotiate with them like a rational actor. The Governor certainly appeared to have hardened his line with respect to the WoT and he certainly described a need for a larger and more powerful military. Music to my ears, of course.

Gov. Huckabee also talked about a national energy policy with a goal of complete independence from Middle Eastern oil within 10 years. His analogy to the moon challenge seems utterly apropos`. Huckabee pointed out that the chaos in the Middle East would have much less impact on us if we could disengage from the oil addiction. Huckabee also gave some idea of how that goal could be achieved and I think that he has a little something in mind for everyone. Some conservation, some new domestic drilling and some alternative fuels, including, but not limited to, ethanol, of course.

The language and the specificity that Gov. Huckabee used today was substantially more refined than his past presentations. The Gov. also re-affirmed his Fair Tax commitment.

Since Gov. Huckabee is the Sunday morning star tomorrow we’ll see how effectively our small group prepared him for the rigors of a Chris Wallace interview. The Governor plans to be coming back so all the readers should try and see him.

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