Friday, June 01, 2007

Crow will be the entrée de jour at ……………….

………….. the next National Press Club dinner. I just can’t wait to see Joe Wilson in a frog suit, white gloves included, serving it.

How recently it seems that Joe and his own Hot Spouse, Valerie Plame, were the lionized heroes of the left. The Nation Magazine and the Fertel Foundation had just awarded Joe the first Ron Ridenhour Award for Truth-Telling-an award that I suspect was invented for him. The hard left Vanity Fair described the captivating luncheon:

“[o]n a sunny Wednesday in mid-October a mixture of journalists, lobbyists, and the odd politician were sitting down to plates of cold salad in a stuffy dining room at the National Press Club in downtown Washington, D.C., when Valerie Plame (Wilson), wearing a sharp cream pantsuit, entered the room. The occasion was a lunch given by The Nation magazine's foundation and the Fertel Foundation to present the first Ron Ridenhour Award for Truth-Telling to her husband, Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV.

Wow, almost like Camelot. The problem,
Joe Wilson was a monumental liar. Today, the Jay Rockefeller Senate Intelligence Committee released the complete text of its investigatory report on Wilson, affirming and amplifying it’s earlier conclusions that Wilson’s story was largely fabricated and that his findings not only confirmed the literal truth of the President’s State of the Union language, but made it more, rather than less, likely that Saddam was trying to buy enriched uranium “yellow cake” in Niger.

The larger issue is the shameless dishonesty of the Democrat politicians who have known for years both that the substance of Wilson’s article, and his subsequent testimony before Congress, was perjured and that Plame was not a classified agent at the time she, not the Vice President, recommended Wilson for the Niger job, another now unambiguous lie of Wilson and Plame’s. What conceivable good faith explanation could support the use of such utter lies, not differences of opinion, but factual lies, to undermine public morale during a time of war? If the exploitation of Wilson and Plame’s lies do bespeak a willingness to say or do anything for political power, nothing could. The question is, will this White House at long last fight back at the currish pair?

Why on earth doesn’t Pat Fitzgerald indict Wilson for perjury? Providing false information to federal law enforcement agents? Releasing classified information? The predicate facts are all present on the public and congressional record and with far greater clarity than supported the vast expenditure of public funds in the Libby witch hunt.


Still trying to be like Ted said...

Yeah, what kind of pussies are Republicans.

We have these fuckers caught in complete lies and we don't have the brains to change the fucking topic to talk about their lying for a while?

Sporer, get your ass to D.C. and slap the fucking piss out of those pussies in the White House until they at least show some color.

How about that Papa Bear.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Chairman, you need to become more vocal, much more vocal.

Republicans won't get anywhere if the Democrats dominate the media. Sporer is right about this issue, and who ever is trying to be like him is also right, however rude.

Time to change the subject by going after Wilson and Plame. It gets the Republicans back on the same team with a common enemy.

Smart Sporer, smart.

KenRichards said...

I think Wilson and Plame are guilty of Treason.

Anonymous said...

Wilson lied, republicans died.

democrats lied and joe wilson is the biggest useful idiot yet said...

There's some really riveting stuff in the report. Remember the shouting the democrats were doing about how Bush pressured the CIA to adjust their analysis of Iraq's WDM's etc. Remember the BUSH LIED nonsense?

Turns out the Democrats were the big liars. There was no pressure. NONE. Why is the MSM so easily taken advantage of by democrats? They clearly did not do any research when they reported their lies. The NY Times commits journalistic malpractice are simply propagandists with vile and malicious intent to defraud the public.

You can read all about that starting on page 284.

Anonymous said...

I thought Spotlight was going to get the report to show there were no connections between Saddam and other terror groups.

The actual report has pages of lists of contacts and connections.

impeach pelosi said...

Looks like the democrats are the ones doing all the lying about the war. Why do they want to lie to america about the war? what is in it for them to defraud the american people into thinking there is no "greater terrorism threat"?

we need to impeach Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi for lying to the american public about the war.

RF said...

You folks really think the war is going to be a winner for R's in '08? - I personally can't wait till the R nominee and the party start running away from the Iraq debacle as soon as the nominee is known. It will be fun!

Cedar Waxwing said...

Rf..When terror plots like the one at JFK are discovered and're damn straight people are going to be glad that we're fighting these people on their turf..and not being overwhelmed by them on our own soil.

These people want us dead..they've wanted us dead and gone for decades...

They've been plotting against this country for decades..we're only now fully engaged in the battle..

RF said...


I think your horse died in 2006. I doubt any '08 R contender will be riding on it. Even McCain will have his own anti-W twist to it. As I said, let's get back to this topic after the R nominee is known. I look forward to your posts defending your nominee's statements distancing himself from the Iraq debacle.