Friday, June 08, 2007

Presidential Preference Poll-Time for a Reset

It’s been a big week in Presidential primary politics here in Iowa. We had the third nationally televised debate. Fred Thompson made his candidacy pretty much a certainty.

Of course Rudy and McCain withdrew from the Ames Straw Poll. McCain also pulled out of the ICA/ITR Presidential forum.

Anyway, all of those events happening in such a short period of time dictate a reset in the polls.

We are clearing the Presidential preference poll to zero. A Real Sporer correspondent received a polling call from the Giuliani campaign last night that asked for his first two choices for the nomination and his least favorable choice. That seems like an interesting question-we’ve never thought about the inner dynamics of negatives before.

So please:



Spotlight said...

I voted for Rudy as my least favorite. Hope that's OK. Looks like I might be in agreement with some of the regular Repub readers here, as Rudy now leads the poll.

From what I've read of him, he's the most authoritarian character in the bunch. That's what I oppose.

thompson seems to be surging - mitt still can't get above 10% said...

WASHINGTON (AP) - Fred Thompson's expected entry into the tight Republican presidential race is drawing crucial strength from conservatives and older men, vaulting him into the thick of the nomination fight, an Associated Press-Ipsos poll says.

Thompson, has not formally entered the race, but he already has impressed many people. One in four of his supporters cites his strong character, more than any other GOP candidate.

"He can be kind of Reaganesque in his engaging with people," said Ronald Coppinger, 47, a carpenter from Indianapolis, describing a plainspoken style like the late President Reagan's. "I think that's important."

That has helped place Thompson firmly in the top tier among GOP contenders in the AP-Ipsos poll released Saturday.

It shows former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani with 27 percent;

Sen. John McCain, R- Ariz., at 19 percent;

Thompson essentially even with McCain at 17 percent;

and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney at 10 percent.

fred's support coming at expense of McCain and Rudy. said...

Giuliani has lost some support since March—a period during which his abortion rights views have been a focus—notably from conservatives, white evangelicals, older voters and women.

Overall support for McCain and Romney has stayed about even.

Thompson also has shown strong support among older voters, especially men. Three in 10 male Republicans over age 44 said they would pick him.

While that is about the same as with Giuliani, Thompson seems to have gained support from that group at the expense of Giuliani and McCain.

Noting that McCain has been preparing to run since his failed 2000 presidential bid, unaffiliated Republican pollster Tony Fabrizio said the virtual tie between McCain and Thompson "tells you something about Thompson's potential and McCain's weaknesses."

it's not the straw poll that's the problem for mccain. he has no money. said...

McCain's money-raisers are hard put to reach the $10 million goal set for the second quarter of 2008 by the June 30 deadline, after collecting $12 million in the first quarter.

McCain raised $2 million in April and $3 million in May, and is expected to reach $2-3 million in June -- falling short of the $10 million goal and of what his opponents have raised.

Cedar Waxwing said...

I wouldn't go much by that AP Poll..we don't have a national primary kids... This is a state-by-state deal..

In Iowa..Romney's got a hellva organization..he's taken the time and effort to start building what it takes to win at caucus time.

Rudy seems to think he can win the caucus based on his name alone..well..sorry Rudy..we don't play like they do in NYC. You got to come here and have to come here and meet Iowans face to face. Coming here only 6 times between November 06 and now isn't going to cut it.

McCain..well..he's sealed his fate with his little foray with Sen. Kennedy..dropping out of the Straw Poll was the "straw" that broke this candidates back...he betrayed the base with the immigration bill..and he betrayed Iowans for a 2nd time by running away from the Straw Poll...and he wonders why he's having such a hard time fundraising..hmm.

F. Thompson is the enigma..if he gets here..sets up shop quickly and begins to work this state..Romney could be in for a stiff challenge...if he keeps playing coy..he'll lose valuable time.