Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Rep. Jodi Tymeson defends education..........

………………. and takes the Dems to task for their payoff to the ISEA. Jodi submitted the following for publication.

"Iowans have always been proud of our “local control” school districts and local standards, but it’s time we looked at the fact that all other states have statewide standards, and they are outperforming us on national measures.

The 2006 Legislature, with the House controlled by Republicans, set statewide graduation requirements. We also set a goal that 80 percent of high school graduates would complete the ACT core curriculum. But don’t get your hopes up for higher education standards with the current Democratic-controlled Legislature and Governor’s office.

Unfortunately, in 2007 Democrats eliminated the goal that 80 percent of high school graduates would complete the ACT core curriculum. Last session, Rep. Phil Wise (D-Keokuk) proposed an amendment to set higher standards that was rejected by his fellow House Democrats (47-49). All 43 Republicans present and 4 Democrats voted for higher standards.

Refusing to set tough statewide standards wasn’t the only thing “accomplished” by the 2007 Legislature. Teachers were given a big pay raise without any additional expectations. In fact, Democrats removed a provision in current law that limits low-performing teachers to a cost of living (COLA) raise. That removal effectively means a master teacher and an ineffective teacher get the same pay raise negotiated by the union. Speaking of the teachers’ union, they certainly aren’t lobbying for higher standards. Not only did they watch Democrats repeal higher standards, they supported Governor Culver’s veto of a provision in the teacher pay legislation that would reward good teachers statewide by moving them up a career ladder. This veto dashed the hopes of parents that student achievement would be one of the various factors considered in moving teachers up the ladder.

Iowans shouldn’t be surprised. The Iowa Department of Education has proposed “model” core curriculum (not as tough as ACT core) and Democrats, after voting to repeal the ACT goal implemented by Republicans, passed a law that “encourages” school districts to adopt the “model” curriculum. “Model” and “encourage” are not words that demand higher standards and performance.

Educators at our colleges and universities will tell you our students are not prepared well enough for higher education or the workplace. We need to raise the bar on expectations instead of removing the bar. Iowans should contact their legislators and demand higher standards in education."

Thank you Jodi for reminding the Iowa voters that our K-12 schools do not exist to provide a jobs program for educators but rather that educators exist only to educate students.


Anonymous said...

It's really simple: Democrats need to dumb down our kids so more of them are swallowed up into their state-run institutionalized mecca that they dream of for this country.

Paying teachers more with no accountability and no higher standards is ridiculous.

I'm sending my kids to private school, and I welcome the legions who will join me thanks to the deterioration of our public schools at the hands of the teachers unions.

Anonymous said...

The teachers' unions are destroying the schools. The are not only doing a poor job and the three "Rs" but represent among the most radical and extreme left wing elements in the USA.

What can we do? Get involved in your school board elections, that's what.

Anonymous said...

Agrees with Anon 5:07 I heard a statement on-line where a former Chair or Vice-Chair of the NEA said: " Kids ...Care about the kids?? I will care about the kids when the kids start carrying union cards."

Level-headed people have to take the school boards back from the lefties and the spineless.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of spineless---all these teacher-bashers are . . . .anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Jodi - I'm aware of a group called PEI, Professional Educators of Iowa. They seem to be on target as the antidote of the ISEA. Am I wrong?

actually, I think the D's figured this out first. the real battleground is taking back education said...

remember the phrase - from the school house to the white house? That is what we forgot to do in Iowa. We only cared about the White House. time to take politics back local and invest our party resources in local elections instead of only caring about presidential elections.

The schools need to be taken back first as the essential building block of repairing the larger society.

look for the union label said...

the teachers union is like all other unions. More pay for less work. Unions have no place in a profession such as teaching. Teachers don't make widgits. Why would a teacher ever want to be part of a union? They can't call themselves professionals if they belong to a union.

If I were a teacher, I'd hate to be considered a blue collar worker, working for thugs instead of working for students and the community in which I serve.

Anonymous said...

i thought democrats favorite phrase is "it's all about the kids".

And they wonder why we all ridicule them when they say that.

KenRichards said...

I am sure Rep. Tymeson is not afraid of the teacher's union as she did not attain the rank of Brigadier General and Brigade Commander in the IANG by accident!

Go Jodi!