Tuesday, June 05, 2007


We will give a more thorough critique later tonight but the early return is Rudy looked the best tonight.


Anonymous said...

B K still thinks that Huckabee got the short end of the opportunity this evening.

The Real Sporer said...

Yes, I intend to comment on that in my full review. I think Huckabee was intentionally dissed.

How about hearing a little more from him on the war and the economy.

defeating john mcquisling is priority number one said...

Damn Sporer. You're quick.

Anonymous said...

short end of the stick..Gov. Thompson got just four questions compared to at least six for the others.

Anonymous said...

That's actually GOOD for Thompson. The more that guy is on the screen the more he hurts himself.

Anonymous said...

Wow....Tancredo didn't have more to say??

Steve Deace said...

The clear winner is Fred Thompson. The Republicans only win by articulating a vision that is clearly a conservative contrast to the Democrats. They can't win on a single issue, even if that issue is the war.

The only way the GOP can win is by offering the nation a stark contrast to the Leftists, which means you need someone with a consistent record, and someone who's not afraid to do to Bush what Sarkozy did to Chirac.

The so-called top tier doesn't fit that bill. The money people know this, which is why they're pining away for Fred Thompson. Someone from the so-called second tier (Huckabee or Brownback) needs to get much more aggressive on the campaign trail. Especially Huckabee, who next to Rudy is the most naturally presidential looking and sounding candidate the GOP has. And that includes Fred Thompson.

love ya steve o, but....war really does outdistance every - other issue this time by a long shot. said...

Steve- I think you may underestimate how strongly people care about leadership on terrorism. I stunned too, but people who usually care about what you are about care about kicking the crap out of islamofascists even more than they care about what you care about for this 4 year period.

I have not been a Rudy supporter, but, after these last two debates, I'm more impressed than I thought I would be with Rudy's leadership tonight.

Steve Deace said...

The American people are tired of the war...they're lazy...they live in a world of pain avoidance...and just want the bad man to stop. That, along with corruption and out-of-control spending in the last Congress, is why the GOP lost so badly in November.

You, dude, have your head on straight. You understand that our civilization is at risk, just as it has been from militant Islam off and on for the last 1300 years. However, most Americans don't understand this. And the dirty little secret is they don't want to.

We've become a lazy nation, which is why we have an obesity epidemic (which until recently I was contributing to). There is still a remmant that remembers the old magic, but outside of some pockets in the Midwest and throughout the South, they're non-existent. Almost every major city in America has gone liberal to Leftist, as has almost every major university. Liberalism is lazy, all you have to do is play the victim and say yes to other people's money, and it appeals to lazy people.

People have already moved on from the war. Most just want it to end. They see Iraq as something different than the War on Terror, thanks to the failings of the Bush Administration. The one single-issue that has a chance of defining the next election is the illegal immigration compromise, but that's going to divide the GOP the way slavery expansion divided its predecessor.

That's why I believe the GOP must articulate a clear and consistent conservative worldview/value system if they're going to win. Otherwise, they can expect to be demagogued right out of power all over again by the Clintons.

The GOP never wins by running to the middle. You run to the middle and I might as well vote for the folks that will give me the most free stuff. That's a tastes great, less filling debate. The GOP only wins by ignoring moderates, not conservatives.

McCain and Rudy have no shot of doing what I'm saying. Romney might, because his media team is very good, but his record has more holes than the charred remains of Saddam's sons.

Mrs. Bowman said...

To Steve Deace:

People have already moved on from the war.

This comment makes me sad. I think you're making a huge generalization here. Do you have any facts to back that up? I mean REAL facts.

Steve Deace said...

Yes, I do. The election returns of 2006, the President's 35% approval rating for the past year, and the mood of the country. I'm not saying it's right, I'm not saying I agree with it, because I don't. But I like to look at how things are, not as I want them to be. That way I'm never surprised. As Vince Lombardi used to say, "It is what it is."