Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday Talk Review-CBS, Peter King Shines

The immigration was the issue of debate between Peter King and Ken Salazar. King overran Salazar.

King drives home the fundamental objections to the compromise bill, beginning with the fundamental problem that it dilutes already existing immigration law. King proposes enforcing current employment laws and shutting down the border. Such approaches, King argued would dry up the jobs, sending many current illegals home, and make unlawful entry and re-entry more difficult. Ultimately, King concludes this would allow the market and the government to properly fix the need for migrant labor and get control over its importation.

Salazar response was to make the choice between a Planet of the Apes type round out and mass deportation and doing nothing, which didn’t respond to King’s argument that enforcement would reduce the numbers of illegals through attrition, obviating the need for mass deportations. Salazar indicated that the payment of fines and other penalties defeat the notion of amnesty, which is true in a technical legal sense.

King looked good and was as feisty as I had hoped. We need more guys like Peter King.

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