Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday Talk Review-NBC, Consultant Round Table.

Russert’s first topic, has “Fred Thompson waited too long”, was answered by Fred in a video that preceded the panel discussion. Fred says he’s middle of the pack without spending a dime, and that says he hasn’t waited too long. Matalin, Shrum, Murphy and Carville all agreed with Fred.

Carville’s first remark was an accusation that Republicans are racist misogynists. Some things never change. You have to give the guy credit, he is smart. Carville accurately predicted all the spate of soap opera like books about the twisted Clinton relationship will have no effect on her candidacy-people have heard it all before. Matalin agreed, and warned us to not become complacent in the belief that smearing Evita and Bubba is sufficient for victory. He also had the greatest advice for young men in bars, go ugly early. Lost some Dr. Pepper laughing at that one, especially with his wife sitting next to him.

Russert also pushed hard on Matalin and Murphy to admit that Republicans are some monolithic ultra-conservative splinter party that would reject Rudy Giuliani out of hand. Both rejected the premise.

Perhaps the most interesting issue was the Shrum/Carville take on Obama. Russert showed a brilliant quote of Obama’s about the Bush/Clinton/Gingrich/Gore fights having occurred in an Ivy League dorm in the 1960s. Talk about a perfect way to express a time for page turning. Even the two Democrats on the program recognized the coming power of the B. Hussein Obama’s campaign.

Shrum predicted a close Democrat primary that wouldn’t be decided immediately because three candidates could do well on Tsunami Tuesday. The large number of super delegates will certainly make for an interesting struggle for state party control if the sun rises in the West and Shrum is right.

Carville and Shrum certainly removed any doubt, as if it still existed, that the Democrats only principle is a hatred of George W. Bush. Murphy reaffirmed a point I have been making hard for months, we have a huge advantage if we pick the right guy who pursues a clear, principle driven ideological agenda and forces the choice between the liberal vision of American nihilism and the conservative vision of security, liberty and prosperity. Matalin closed out the discussion on the Democrats’ Achilles Heel: people want to talk about the day after Bush and the Democrats vision of defeat, retreat and redistribution.


probo said...

I am at a loss on why GOP spokespersons, when faced with the not too veiled Carville dig [and others similar to it] that the GOP is racist and misogynistic, do not point out which party appointed a black secy of state and replaced him with a female black secy of state.Had Powell chosen to run, he would have been a formidable GOP candidate. The most impressive losing black Senate candidate in 2006 was not the Dem from Tenn but the Republican from Md

Anonymous said...

Don't forget it was republicans who got women the right to vote too.

Republicans also passed the civil rights bill, not democrats. Algores father fillibustered in fact.

Martin Luther King Jr would still be a conservative republican today.