Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday Talk Review-Fox News Sunday where Newt …………..

………….Gingrich again demonstrated that he is simply the smartest and most articulate politician in the United States. While obviously exaggerated for political purposes, his criticisms of the second term Bush Administration arose from legitimate premises.

Gingrich described the need to take a series of small but smart steps on immigration as he rejected the false choice of doing nothing versus the current compromise plan. He also discussed the need to address fundamental issues where there is already a large public consensus. Newt cited two examples: English as the official language of government, supported by around 82% of the voting public; and, fundamental earmark reform, supported by 85% of the voters.

Newt also makes it clear that his view of the future is guided by an understanding of the past. As a historian, Newt knows the mistakes that others have made and has reviewed how success has been historically achieved. Gingrich speaks in many ways like the professor he once was. While not particularly warm, Newt’s Socratic dialogue also makes it hard for the audience to come to any conclusion but Newt’s. I’m guessing there will be no presidential debates if Newt is our nominee.

Newt sounded like a candidate. There may even be an announcement day. Newt announced that he is going to have a two day conference on Sept. 26-27. The focus of the conference is a discussion of public policy and real practical solutions to problems that confront America, large and small. Since not even his worst critics deny that Newt is a real serious policy guy so the conference will undoubtedly be heavy on substance. My instincts tell me that Newt is going to find a way to webcast all or part of the conference for maximum exposure.

The consensus of the Fox panel seemed to be that Newt would not run but would endorse Fred Thompson, which would be huge for Fred. That would be in an interesting pair, Newt's brains, Thompson's hound dog likeability. Hm...................


Anonymous said...

Read Tom Coburn's book Breach of Trust. That will tell you everything you need to know about Newt.

Anonymous said...

I stopped reading at "simply the smartest and most articulate politician in the United States."
As long as he is alive Bill Clinton holds that title. Like him or not, there is no smarter politician in America. It's not even close.

Anonymous said...

Newt does not have the personalty to be the nominee. I also do see him being so smart, letting Clinton snooker him on the government close down. The public will never forget. He just needs to be an idea man for someone else.

Anonymous said...

Typing error in the previous post. Newt was not smart in the shut down.

desmoinesdem said...

Say it ain't so! I've been hoping for Newt to get in the race.

Let's hope that Fred Thompson makes Newt a very visible part of the campaign.

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton is a smart politician in the negative sense. He manipulates and lies. He didn't have any big ideas. What did he do? I don't recall him accomplishing anything. To what end did he use those political skills other than to get chicks.

He wanted to be president for the chicks. That's why they call him the rock star president. Heck, maybe THAT's why he likes being called the first black president. Maybe he likes the association chicks might get from that moniker.