Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday Talk Review-Face the Nation (Snowstorm for the Regular Joe)

More Snow! Good job by Schieffer right off the bat in discussing the personnel changes at the Pentagon and the longer term plan for the Iraq campaign. Unlike Russert, Stephanopoulos and other less significant players, Schieffer doesn’t presume a hostile attitude to Republicans as the premise of his question; he just asks clear and somewhat narrow questions that should be answered.

Snow reaffirmed the President’s commitment to immigration reform. The emphasis has seemed to reflect a greater commitment to enforcement first, especially in light of earlier statements on Fox News Sunday. It appears the plan is to make changes the Republicans support and try and force it back over liberal objections.

Joe Lieberman, a great example of Democrat acceptance of diversity of opinion in their party, placed the Iraq campaign in its proper relationship to the overall War on Terror. Sen. Lieberman also made it clear that the United States has incontrovertible proof of the existence of a base where Iranians are arming and training jihadist terrorists for action against the U.S. forces in Iraq. Lieberman advocated relatively imminent military strikes against this facility if the Iranians don’t dismantle the camp and terminate all aid for the terrorists and Sh’ia militias in Iraq. A Democrat with a spine for defending the United States is a rare creature indeed.

I doubt if I agree with Joe Lieberman on many subjects but one must concede that he is the rarest of creatures, a truly courageous politician.


Spotlight (on chameleons) said...

Lieberman (ousted by the Connecticut Democrats) is not courageous, but merely sanctimonious.

He got re-elected by misrepresenting his views on the Iraq war. Had he advocated attacking Iran next he might have lost to the real Democrat, Ned Lamont.

Anonymous said...

thanks for splotlighting for us that the real democrats are represented by the crazy far leftie, sky is green, Ned Lamont and NOT the very couragous Joe Lieberman.

We already know he's not your regular democrat. courage does not appear in wings of your party.

Spotlight said...

Lamont said the sky is green?

How has Lieberman shown his courage? by sending young men to war? by cheering for war? by calling for more war?

Q. How much courage does it take in the militaristic USA to call for the use of force?

A. None