Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday Talk Review-Fox News Sunday (Tony gets Dick)

Chris Wallace, provide the difference again between journalists turned politicians and politicians turned pundits, in his interviews Tony Snow and Dick Durbin.

Snow is a very good arguer. Few Republicans can defend an intellectual position as well as Tony Snow and it is sad to see the Bush Administration so abandon the field of political battle that Snow’s considerable talents are wasted. Much of the interview was wasted on softballs, however. Chris and Tony are, after all, buddies.

For whatever reason, the White House is pushing the immigration compromise hard. The heat increased when Chris began discussing immigration reform. Tony hammered the Democrats’ role in defeating the immigration bill, correctly citing the difference between Republican Senate management, that produced a bill last year, and the Reid record of failure (more on that momentarily). Snow also made the point that something better is likely to come back before the Senate.

Dick Durbin followed. Durbin was at a loss to explain why the immigration bill had to be pulled. When trying to explain Dingy Harry Reid’s decision to pull the bill from debate on Thursday, take off Friday and devote Monday or Tuesday to a political resolution about Al Gonzales Durbin implicitly admitted two key principles: (1) Whatever our intramural disagreements, the Republicans are trying to actually solve the problems of immigration while the Democrats clearly are not, they won’t even discuss it outside the bill that a majority of the Senate did not support; and, (2) Democrats are committed to a policy of almost total political warfare and policy inertia.

The later principle was reinforced by Durbin’s attempts to blame the inability of Congress to pass anything but minimum wage from their 2006 election agenda on W and the Republicans. There really just isn’t anything to these people but political hatred so how the MoveOn and Huffington Post crowd responds to Durbin now that he appeared on Fox remains to be seen. Dick is about has hard left as it gets, his patriotism is mostly based on metaphorical self-flagellation and his desire to produce a Balkanized socialist state unquestioned but he his appearance on the Evil Empire might legitimize an alternate news source, in which the sky really is blue, and that kind of free speech is well outside the mainstream of leftist thought.

The panel discussion produced perhaps the most important point of the day, that public distrust of Washington is evidenced by the very low approval ratings for every level of government-Democrats and Congress face very ugly numbers also. So, ironically the Democrats and their running dogs in the Mainstream Media’s willingness to destroy confidence in all government to also destroy George W. Bush is most likely to backfire and elect and outsider in 2008, and there are no Democrat outsiders. Now how about that!


Spotlight (on hypocricy) said...

What's this about a " willingness to destroy confidence in all government"?

Are you referring to FEMA? or to the politicized Justice Dept? or to the use of GSA as a re-election arm for the GOP? or to DeLay-Ney-Abramoff-Cunningham? or to secret spying/secret prisons/disappearances and endless war to end war in the middle east?

Surely you don't see a loss of faith in government as a result of any of that, do you?

progressives are american totalitarians said...

You are correct that government rarely works, so why do the democrats keep promoting the use of more big government as their solution to every single thing?

Show me a goverment program that works. any of them. one of the? Is there one? It doesn't matter which president is in charge or which party. NEVER does a government program work well..

Really - not even Congress works well regardless of who is in power.