Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday Talk Review-ABC This Week (John and George)

Arizona Republican John McCain was Democrat George Stephanopoulos’ star guest this morning. The Stephanopoulos questions were pretty softball and John McCain had a great chance to promote his candidacy.

As expected Sen. McCain spent most of his time defending his Iraq position. Although the interviewer was certainly presenting questions from the appeasement perspective McCain did not retreat from his victory in Iraq as a primary objective of his presidency. The Senator also presented a couple of problems the Iraqi’s have to solve; oil revenue distribution and provincial elections.

McCain also defended his immigration position, again in familiar terms. The Straight Talk Express rolled onto opponents of the compromise bill by describing them as “anti-immigrant”. Whatever one thinks of John McCain a comparison of his willingness to go to the mat for the compromise bill makes him seem like Roland defending Roncevaux Pass compared to the sniveling Harry Reid’s behavior on the immigration bill.

McCain described the Iowa Straw Poll as lacking in validity because Rudy withdrew as the basis for his own withdrawal. When asked about the history of the Straw Poll, those who don’t participate don’t win Iowa; McCain said that he would participate in the Caucuses in January. The Senator cited his
1999-2000 primary campaign as proof of possible success without participation in the Straw Poll.

Sen. McCain continued to sound optimistic; he cited some state by state polls that show him leading in New Hampshire and South Carolina.


McCain lied, The Straw Poll died said...

McCain lied to Iowa republicans by saying that he would compete in Iowa in an attempt to make them forget about what he did to the Iowa Caucuses in 2000 (skipped them). Cuz he's blowing us off again. We all know that McCain is cut and running because he has very little if any support in Iowa besides his un-named paid staff. While all decent folk, I suggest they and McCain's high profile paid endorsees in Iowa do some explaining and do it quickly or they are all likely done in Iowa politics for the forseeable future. And that would be a waste.

Regardless of who Iowa republicans support in 2008, the most important thing to all of us is our 1st in the nation caucus and it should be on your mind when you cast your ballot in January.

Oona said...

Keep up the good work.


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