Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tom Tancredo’s Great New Iowa Ad

Wow, a politician is finally listening to the Real Sporer. We have been saying for years that the most effective TV ad would feature the candidate talking to the public, now Tom Tancredo is doing it.

We just saw the new ad-Tom Tancredo speaking against a plain black background. Imagine that, a Presidential candidate actually just addressing the audience, foregoing the use of camera magic to create direct or subliminal marketing messages.

We’ve always felt that Tom Tancredo is among the most obviously sincere of politicians and man does this ad evidence that proposition. The basic format of the ad is nothing more than the pre-television radio and MovieTone sound bite. Before TV’s ability to manipulate imagery, the actual words employed by politicians were more important than the far less tangible concept of imagery. Tancredo clearly feels his message is the most important feature of his campaign.

Maybe it will start a bi-partisan trend, although the office betting here at TRS expresses a lack of confidence in such a change.

A big Real Sporer Hero Award for Tom Tancredo. Bravo.


tommy in the hizzzouse!! said...

Saw it tonight. Great ad. Tancredo is the only one who understands what is at stake in the war on terror.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah Tom the abortionist Tancredo has it right. Abort them!

senator switchback said...

I see the Eric Rudolph Fan Club has decided to join the blog. Don't you Switchback staffers have an abortionist to shoot somewhere?