Monday, September 24, 2007

Jasper County GOP rings the Bell.

The Real Sporer was back on the road tonight, this time attending the Jasper County Central Committee meeting in Newton. The GOP looks alive and well in our eastern neighbor. Jasper County has a very active Republican Party and it was great to see their enthusiasm. The Jasper County pachyderms appear very eager to get the battle joined.

I also had a chance to obtain some information about the Democrat who represents HD 41, the legislative district that encompasses most of Jasper County and all of the County seat in Newton.

Now Paul Bell is one of those good old boy Democrats that tells his blue-collar union supporters back home that he is salt of the earth, just a regular guy, not one of those left wing radicals from Iowa City or Des Moines. Then he heads to the Golden Dome. Then this happens.

Bell voted for $585 million in new state spending, an 11% increase.
Bell voted to create wasteful State jobs, like new groundskeepers at Terrace Hill where private companies would have been far cheaper.
Bell voted for unconditional restoration of voting rights for felons-an interesting constituency at best.
Bell voted for special educational rights for homosexuals.
Bell voted for human cloning.
Bell voted for commercial trafficking in embryos.
Bell voted for higher taxes for cigarette smokers.

Now that we have an idea of what Rep. Bell really believes, putting his proverbial “money” where his mouth dare not go, let’s take a look at what he opposes.

Bell voted against tax exemptions for disability aids for individuals.
Bell voted against the drug task force.
Bell voted against the illegal immigration task force.
Bell voted against educational accountability and teacher achievement.

Perhaps worst of all, Bell even voted against providing educational assistance to, not only returning combat veterans, but even to the orphans Iowa’s heroes who fall in battle.

It was a very educational trip to Jasper County tonight.


Anonymous said...

It would be even better to learn about all the bad stuff Bell did last scession if we could field a creditable candidate against him. He hasnt had one since 2002. From what I can tell, our bench in Jasper and Eastern Polk is pretty shallow so Im not sure how you go about knocking off Paul Bell, Geri Huser or Dennis Black any time in the near future.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Us pachyderms will be taking the elephant walk come 11/08 until we get real about doing something real for America's beleaguered middle class. Pet political hobby horses, sloganeering and Hillary bashing won't cut the mustard. This is what I think the GOP should run on in 2008

Pay as you go budgeting and paying down the national debt.

A new trade policy based on fairness to the United States.

Penalizing companies exporting production or jobs overseas.

Dealing effectively with illegal immigration to protect the wage structure, housing affordability and public services.

Regulations to stop usurious credit card interest rates and abusive penalty fees.

Improve family stability and increase marriage rates by making family life more affordable.

End federal policies encouraging family breakdown.

Reform the federal student loan program.

Less obesity with calorie info on all restaurant menus and food advertising. Weight control will be easier with stronger, happier families in a stronger economy enabling more time for relaxation.

A more restrained and realistic foreign policy.

The Iraq situation is financially, politically and militarily out of control. Like the British did in 1947 leaving India, assist the Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds in dividing Iraq with as little bloodshed as possible.

Anonymous said...

YEEEAAH! Quack Klein is back...

I heard you were dropping out, is this true?

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Anonymous--You heard wrong. Haven't seen me around in Des Moines for the last few days because we're in Michigan for a fathers' rights rally today.

"Quack" say you! Very common for patients to be very ambivalent, or even hostile, to their shrinks until they see the benefits of therapy. Our job isn't to pat people on the head but get them to face reality and adjust their behavior to live happier and more productive lives.

I'm running because what this country needs more than anything is a National Shrink!

Anonymous said...

That's it Quack Klein? Where's the 30 fucking paragraph response? Where's the fucking novel?

Are you feeling OK? Maybe you should rest from your "campaigning." Just how many new votes have you picked up along the way on you tour of Iowa?

Are you going to call for a recount when you fucking get 3 votes on Caucus night?

Anonymous said...

I don't like the anon's language, but the novel thing is funny.

Wild Onion said...

The road to the White House travels through Sporer's blog. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Sporer for President!

Anonymous said...

Wow Mark, as a psychiatrist I would think you would be able to notice signs of your own delusions of grandeur and write yourself a prescription for Zoloft accordingly. Back in 1999, Senator Hatch was embarrassed in the Iowa caucus when he only received 922 total votes on caucus night. How many will you get? 10? Maybe 15? You campaign openly on a blog for God’s sake! You’re scraping the bottom of the Presidential barrel if you honestly thing you’re going to have an impact on the race apart from being some sort of inside joke for various staffers and political junkies. You may want to do your self a favor and go home to California and save your money. I would also say you should pull out of the race, but that require someone to realize who you are, that you’re running and (this is the tricky part for you) actually CARE that you’re running.

Now, back to grown-up issues … I think Ted’s blog raises a very serious question for our party in the next legislative election. We’re in SERRIOUS need of good candidates in a lot of districts. Ted is telling the truth when he bloggs about what a poor representative Paul Bell has been for Jasper County but who are we going to run against him? Who do we put up to try and take back Jim Kirkenbach’s seat? Are we ever going to make a creditable run at Huser’s seat? What about Warren County’s House seat?

This is a major problem because it doesn’t matter how many issues we can lob at the failed Democrat legislature … I we don’t have decent candidates to carry the standard, there wont ever be a battle to begin with.

Jasper from Jasper said...

Always glad to have you in Jasper County Ted. Fred Thompson is going to be in Newton Monday morning if you want to meet him here. I think I'll rent "Hunt for Red October" tonight.

Anonymous said...

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