Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bad news for us from Nebraska

Doing a little blog surfing today and came across this bad news. The Beatrice Fiddler is complaining because Nebraska is 43rd among the states for business climate.

Don’t complain Fiddler, you could be a resident of Iowa during the Vilsack/Culver years. After 8 years of Democrat governance they have worked us down about thirty places in business climate, all the way to 45th!

The Dems have us locked into an economic and demographic death spiral. We have about 3 years to do something about it.


Fausta said...

Could be worse - NJ is 49th! No wonder people are leaving

Jim Durbin said...


The MySpace/MTV Presidential Dialogue is coming to Iowa, and Barack Obama is speaking. Our polling widget is being used to track the event, and so we're contacting bloggers to 1) let them know, and 2) make connections for future events in Iowa.

If you are interested, shoot me an e-mail at and I'll explain what we're trying to do.