Sunday, October 21, 2007

Building The Republican Echo Chamber-New Links

As our loyal readers know, we here at Real Sporer are committed to building a positive, open and informative internet echo chamber to compete with the depressing, divisive defeatism that dominates the national liberal internet spin machine (although most of Iowa’s liberal blogs have avoided most of the real hateful stuff-proving again that Iowans really are nicer than the average).

We found this great Delaware blog called First State Blog. They have a great post about
Bobby Jindal’s landslide victory in the Louisiana gubernatorial race. Bobby Jindahl is a great up and comer for the GOP. We have also added and equally outstanding Louisiana Blog, "Between the Lines" that also features a very good story about this very significant Republican win and the Democrat media's attempts to minimize the impact of Jindal's win.

Jindal is a great example of the American story and, more important to us political types, a formidable candidate. The First State story is a good read on the road to offensive politics.


Dave Burris said...

Thanks for the kind words, Ted, and thanks for stopping by First State Politics.

I believe there is a new brand of Republican rising all over the nation who wants to get rid of graft, corruption, wasteful spending and who wants to do the job more than they want to keep the job. They remember the successes of past Republicans and see the failures of current Republicans and use both to form a new way forward, where we do what we say we'll do and where good long-term policy earns you your job, not cheap politics.

Again, thanks for stopping by.

Robert L. "Bob" Saccamano said...

By God Dave that's a damn fine post, friend. I agree, mix the good of the past with current forward thinking and ditch this present bunch of Wall Street ass sucking scum. Let's also stop sucking the tit of foreign oil. Anything we've ever done, the Japs have improved on. Let's get on board with those little bastards to figure this thing out and we can soon leave the sands to the Arabs and the rest of that scum in the Middle East. Can't wait for the day when we tell those shit heels to keep their fucking oil. After that we can dredge their sand to replenish our beaches. And to whatever Mark Klein has to say in response to this may I retort now with, "Kiss my ass, pal, nobody gives a damn what you think".

glenngil said...

Fellas, who or what will whip the practitioners of "cheap politics" into line?

Anonymous said...


it's Jindal...not Jindahl


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