Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dave and Usama; bearers of glad tidings from Iraq.

We all know that we have encountered a continuous stream of good news out of Iraq for the last couple of months. September saw a dramatic reduction in both military and civilian casualties and October has seen even further reductions in major violence. Recent weeks have seen unprecedented battlefield victories over Al Qaeda in Iraq. Political reconciliation is occurring in a micro level. It looks like Dingy Harry Reid and Damascus Nancy Pelosi’s previous assurances that Iraq was lost turned out to be just a tad premature.

The last twenty four hours, however, has seen two quite unrelated but none the less reluctant witnesses describe the dimensions of the American progress toward victory. The first came from Usama’s
latest video scree; released yesterday. It appears that Usama is decrying Al Qaida’s recent political and military defeats in Iraq. The reliably liberal British press acknowledges the defeatist tone of UBL’s most recent message. Hell, even the most partisan Democrat newspaper in the United States, the NY Times, conceded that yesterday’s UBL tapped release is indicative of success, although the story is about the worst face you can put on good news.

Now we know that UBL isn’t going to exaggerate American success. In fact, all of his previous videos on the subject of Iraq have given his followers the same assurances of American defeat as Dingy Harry and Tricky Dick Durbin have given theirs. Even better, one of the most liberal and defeatist of American Congressman has apparently followed UBL and acknowledged the tremendous progress the Coalition has made in Iraq.

Iowa’s own Dave Loebsack campaigned on and has repeatedly voted to cut funding to the Iraq campaign and to bring home all of the American forces from Iraq. Few liberals have been more consistently hostile to the American effort in Iraq than has Cong. Loebsack.

After visiting Iraq over the weekend, Loebsack is now not so sure that
victory is unattainable and that abandoning Iraq is such a good idea. Loebsack has also apparently abandoned his own timetable for withdrawal.

Democrats have abandoned their fight against Iraq funding and their even less legitimate attempts to demand withdrawal from Iraq. Unlike Reid, Pelosi, Durbin, Kennedy and Kerry, Dave Loebsack proves that he possesses sufficient honesty to publicly admit the unmistakable progress in Iraq.

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