Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Traveling Tuesday.

It’s Tuesday. Let’s take an internet road trip to different state and see what the Democrats are up to, shall we?

We have an enormous Senate race in Virginia. The Dems are running one of their new poster boys, Mark Warner. Mark seems like a normal guy who understands the issues of Main Street America, one of those Red State Democrats. Of course, reality is something different.

Check out this video and then ask yourself if household goods have become so cheap that you’d all like to pay a little more for toothpaste?


RF said...

As someone who has already donated to Warner's senate campaign and had possibly the first "Warner '08" bumper sticker in Iowa, I can't help but comment.

First of all, what the hell is the ad talking about? What are the facts? I bet the anon commenter who says D's don't do their own research must be hopping mad at Sporer about this post.

I admit I'm no VA politics expert, but I do know this. As guv, Warner inherited a budget mess from his R predecessor. Working with R-controlled legislature (we are talking about red VA here, remember), Warner fixed the budget. From what I understand, they came up with a badly needed tax system overhaul. Surely one can twist those facts to come up with this non-informative ad. But apparently Virginians are not buying these sad partisan attacks. Warner left office with very high approval ratings (again, remember we are in red VA), and helped get his Lt. Gov. elected. R's know they are in great danger of losing this seat and are resorting to desperate attacks very early on.

Also, I remember Warner was included on Sporer's list of "reasonable" D's not very long ago. Funny how things change when you have a partisan attack to make.

I'm still bitter Warner decided against running for prez. I strongly feel he would have been our best, strongest candidate. I hope we will be able to enjoy his Obama-like, respectful service in the Senate.

R. L. "Bobby the Sack" Saccamano said...

Well said, R.F. baby. Well said.

Anonymous said...

Warner was smart from the start, he knew that Mark Klein would kick his ass. To save the embarassment, he stayed out.

The Real Sporer said...

I still don't think Warner is leftist/loony type of D (Kerry/Kennedy/Pelosi for example) but his tax record did not match his rhetoric, also a fact.

A Gilmore Warner struggle is going to be a very interesting race. Gilmore will win that one if Hillary is the D nominee.


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