Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gov. Lug and the slow downward spiral.

A couple of days ago we posted a story on Iowa’s decline to a bottom feeding 45th rank (out of 50) for business climate. Business climate is a somewhat amorphous concept that considers a broad array of factors that affect an areas desirability for business creation or expansion.

Now, after nine years of Democrat governance, which has mostly consisted of ever higher taxes coupled with corporate welfare, carefully targeted at very large businesses who don’t need the money but whose executives have been most generous contributors to Democrat political efforts, to fund ever larger increases in state and local government, Gov. Lug has discovered that businesses have fled Iowa.

As a result of business flight, Iowa is facing a major labor force shortage for the jobs, which are mostly government or government related, that have remained in Iowa. Gov. Lug’s has demonstrated his commitment to solving this potentially catastrophic problem-you know, no jobs equals young people leaving and never returning, by
holding a workshop on the subject!

Its good to know which side of the talk vs. action equation Gov. Lug’s on. Gov. Lug’s actual political agenda has been higher taxes, repeal of Iowans right to work, expansion of the costly and wasteful “human services” sector, acceleration of the conversion of schools into liberal indoctrination camps, and most importantly, criminalization of ever more human behavior so as to increase state revenue through ever escalating fines, court costs and surcharges. Since the Democrats agenda is based on animosity to “corporations” it appears the current economic and demographic crises is designed to forever purge the evils of private business creation from the Iowa landscape.

One doesn’t need the business acumen of Galbraith, Friedman or Keynes to realize that the high-tech employers of the 21st Century are not going to create jobs in a state that is run for the benefit of labor unions, social workers and a few MNC mega-employers. Gov. Lug and the Lug Nuts aren’t going to change their plan for a worker’s republic here in Iowa so maybe we’d better start rearranging the chairs in the Legislature next year, before its too late.


MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Iowa's problems reflect the failure of both major parties to behave like sensible grownups.

Nothing wrecks a stable economy and culture like widespread divorce and casino gambling. The state opted for both to line its pockets with federal subsidies promoting family breakdown and gambling taxes.

Iowa's problems are self inflicted wounds which will only be corrected when the state's leadership elites start behaving like sensible grownups.

I'll check in later today for the usual run of vile personal attacks from the usual suspects!

Anonymous said...

If Quack Klein has run in '06, we wouldn't be in this mess. We'd be number one in the country in every category from buisness to quacks to masturbators.

Quack Klein '08

"Bobby the Sack" Saccamano said...

Sure thing, Klein, sure thing. Back on the "Nice hit in Iraq" blog you said you were calling the secret service over some threat that was on that blog line. We've been reading that one over and over pal but can't come up with anything that's even remotely a threat. What are we missing? Can you please specifically identify the threat. I mean really, we've been over and over it. Can't find it. Not a thing that even remotely resembles a threat. Did Sporer delete it (like he did when he took you off the poll)? What was it exactly? And who leveled this against you? Answer these questions Klein, answer them right now.

Torqued off Iowa county GOP leader.. said...

Yes..Dr. Klein... Soooper Genius!!!

Thats all that has to be said on that asshat.

As for Iowa.. Ted, all I'm gonna say is this..

The SCC had BETTER..and I mean BETTER make sure that the RPI leadership and the GOP Legislative comes out swinging EVERY day next session.

Its time for US to start setting the agenda..NOT the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Have no fear pissed off chair,

We'll have Quack Klein at the top of the ticket to raise some hell.

Question, will the dems debate here? I think our candidate is only limited to posting on this blog.

Anonymous said...

I think the Dems are exactly like the Republican candidates in that they are afraid Quack Klein will kick their ass in any debate.

Quack Klein Never Loses---jump aboard the train before you get left behind!!

Anonymous said...

I think the Dems are exactly like the Republican candidates in that they are afraid Quack Klein will kick their ass in any debate.

Quack Klein Never Loses---jump aboard the train before you get left behind!!

Anonymous said...

I think the Dems are exactly like the Republican candidates in that they are afraid Quack Klein will kick their ass in any debate.

Quack Klein Never Loses---jump aboard the train before you get left behind!!

Bob Saccamano said...

Two hours plus and counting. Klein has yet to identify supposed threat.

Anonymous said...

Torqued-you are preaching to the choir with Ted Sporer. Ted has been trying to get the state party and the legislature to become more creative and more aggressive for years.

Every central committee meeting Ted has good ideas for emphasizing distinctions with the Dems, ignored.

Ted's "Billboards & Bumperstickers" plan, ignored.

Ted's plan to use targeted radio ads, ignored.

Ted's plan to use targeted lit drops, ignored.

Jim Nussle and Jeff Lamberti even told Ted to shut up about CIETC because it might motivate the Democtrats.

All that anyone ever does is say he's too aggressive with the Democrats. That's why I'm not politically active anymore, we don't want to win.

I'll get active again when the Republicans are less afraid of Ted Sporer than they are of the Democrats.

Robert L. "Bob" Saccamano said...

Right on, Anon re Torqued. There's no place for guys like Ted, me, you, and the rest of us. WE act like men, talk like men, eat like men, fart loud and proud like men, shit big like men and scratch our balls in public (discreetly) should the need arise. We also think Marie Osmond faked that shit but she's got a pretty hot set of legs for a 48 year old broad, accordingly we'd still give her a go if the opportunity presented itself. WE also use charcoal instead of gas. Gas is for simps - plus it's too quick. Standing around for an hour grunting, drinking beer, while the coals get going is for real men. Fuck all the politcally correct horse shit the "regular party" slobs are so obsessed with. Let's get down to business. And business is business, and the business of America is business.

Three hours later and Klein has still yet to identify supposed "threat".

Bobby the Sack said...

Five hours later and still no word from Klein on the supposed threat.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Text of my next Wash Times 2 x 3 which will also appear on

Vote for me for fiscal restraint, the restoration of the middle class family, fairer trade treaties, and to avoid turning
unstable countries like nuclear armed Pakistan into a Cuba, or Iran, a foreign policy emphasizing stability."

Of course, both parties of afraid of me participating in the debates. My candor, sense of humor, and new ideas would reveal just what empty husks the major candidates are. Their financial masters know America aches for a fresh face with fresh ideas. They know Dr. Klein is not for sale and like Lincoln, FDR and Truman will stand his ground.

I wasn't kidding I planned to leave the Republican Party if I get cheated again by my caucus votes not being honestly counted and reported. Coming very close to feeling as I did when I changed by registration from Democrat to Republican in the late 1960s.

The change was really over the same issue, the Democrats abandoned the middle class in favor of racial politics. Today's GOP is doing the same thing by letting mega money and Military-Industrial Complex interests bleed the middle class dry.

Iowa and New Hampshire are close to perfect venues to take my case directly to the people which is why everyday we campaign "Primary Colors" style as Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton did starting their journey to the White House as outsiders.

Bob S. said...

Seven hours later and Klein still refuses to identify supposed threat made against him on the blog titled "Nice hit in Iraq".

Note also that the Washington Times Newspaper that Klein is so beholding to is owned and operated by the Rev. Sun Moon. Yes, that Rev. Moon of "Moonies" fame.

Anonymous said...

Let me see if I understand this correctly, Klein makes his case to Iowa and New Hampshire voters by advertising in a Washington D.C. Newspaper? Goddamn that's hillarious. What an idiot.

Anonymous said...

And we're still waiting over on Iowa Liberal for TRS to back up some of his economic claims.

Anonymous said...

Sporer was busy today, winning a big case in the Court of Appeals.

Big Killer said...

To torqued off County leader!

Thank you for your service.
I understand your sentiments.
I also understand fairy tales.

Reality is:
Minority in the Iowa House
Huge minority in the Iowa Senate
6 more years of the Big Lug!!

RPI leadership CANNOT and Legislative leaders CANNOT set the agenda while in a minority and no R in the Terrace Hill.

We have to change that situation in the Iowa House in '08

Have you contributed to RPI this year - I hope so. It will take all of us pulling together rather than pointing fingers and assessing blame to get an R majority in the Iowa House.

The costs are too high!!

Once again, thank you for your service as a county leader.

Bobby the Sack said...

19 hours later and Klein still has yet to back up his claim of a threat against him.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Re Big Killer's comment the GOP lost in Iowa because its message is stale. For one thing the GOP's support for globalization is a major factor in the loss of Iowa's industrial base.

It's "family values" agenda can't be taken seriously when the Republican administrations shovel money into the state's divorce machine, allow the banks to charge obscene credit card interest rates and late payment penalties, and try to slip through an amnesty for the illegal aliens wrecking the wage structure, services and affordable housing.

Be more productive for folks to be less preoccupied with my fantasy life and be more concerned about the party's!

Anonymous said...

Fantasy? The only fantasy is Quack Klein running for president.

Quack on Klein, quack on...

BTW, how many Iowa Caucus voters read the Washington Times?

Just wondering?

R. L. "Bobby the Sack" Saccamano said...

Over 24 hours later and Klein still ducks his responsibility to provide a basis for the supposed threat made against him in an earlier blog.

I think that tells us pretty much all we need to know about this "gentleman", and believe me I use that term lightly. After this to even consider him a "man" at all is a bit of stretch.

Indefensible Klein, absolutely indefensible making false accusations of a threat. I would suggest you be ashamed of yourself, but from what we've seen so far, you obviously have no shame, or even decency for that matter.

Anonymous said...

I thought Quack Klein's fantasy life was the party? Fuck, what the hell have I been doing this past year. Better go grab some hotdog buns.

Anonymous said...


How did you become "the sack"?

Anonymous said...

So, Klein, who do you want as your vice president? And who would be in your cabinet? And what would be your first actions in office?? Thats how I choose who to support--you can tell a lot about someone by that list.

Anonymous said...

I think Quack Klein should choose Ron Jeremy as his running mate. You can't go wrong with two big dicks in the White House.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

I'd bring enough wood to the White House without Ron Jeremy!

One reason America will be at peace is I'm single and very unlikely to remarry. The usual loveless White House political marriages end up with the president sleeping on the couch too much and/or contending with demanding jealous mistresses.

Modern presidents being too weak to seriously take on congress, or make needed hard choices which might upset the electorate, turn to war making anger management therapy.

Here's the secret formula for senior male happiness.

1- A first class wash & fold
2- A house cleaner who isn't a chatterbox
3- Ability to cook for oneself
4- No live-in girlfriends
5- Interesting and challenging projects

I will restore the prosperity America enjoyed in the late 1940s and throughout the 1950s with the nation finally at peace.

You guys opposed to peace and prosperity?

R. L. "Bob" Saccamano said...

Opposed to peace and prosperity? No, not at all.

I am however opposed to a scum bag sack of shit that makes up lies and innuendo about some supposed threat to draw attention to himself. I'm also opposed to some scum bag liar that continues to go around pretending to be the leader of a group that prefers to have nothing more to do with him (Go to Iowa Fathers' web site and see what they say about Klein).

You're a piece of shit, Klein. You are only in this thing to masturbate that massive ego of yours. You couldn't care less about any of the groups that you claim as your base, your so-called all volunteer army.

It suddenly dawned on me what this threat business was all about. It's something you can add to your repertoire when you get to New Hampshire, "so rattled the rank and file party elite, they started making threats against me".

Yeah sure thing, pal. Write us when you get to New Hampshire, let us know where you're blogging over there. We want to see how well you are received.

Now two days and counting that Klein has continued to duck his responsibility in identifying a supposed threat made against him on the "Nice hit in Iraq" blog.

Saccamano is Correct! said...

For those of you interested here's what I found on the web-site regarding the Klein character. Cut and pasted directly from that site:

05/11/07 at 01:00 AM #56


You may have noticed there hasn't been a lot of activity for Dr. Klein since last year. That is because he neglected to run a real campaign and instead spent his time protesting legitimate candidates. Thanks to his latest action I now have to denounce him so we can return ourselves to the legitimate political processes without further damage from our brief association with him.

Dr. Klein is now running radio spots against the Republican Party for excluding him from the Straw Poll.

He does not represent Iowa’s Non-Custodial Parent movement. Yet, we’ve given him precious resources and forums as he was the only candidate speaking about our issue. Obviously, his many shortcomings prevented us from really jumping on board which were greatly magnified by his failure to run a real campaign unless running an Iowa caucus awareness campaign consists of newspaper advertisements in New York City and Washington D.C. (I am still trying to figure that one out). His sinking ship, if indeed his ship ever sailed in the first place, cannot be linked to our legitimate group with a track record of historic successes in the Iowa legislature that is already at risk thanks to the Democratic takeover. Dr. Klein’s “ego trip” would be harmless except we have custody cases in Iowa while he doesn’t. Additionally, Dr. Klein is in error claiming he’s being excluded in favor of big money interests as he has been repeatedly told the selection process begins in July.

Anonymous said...

Wow, even his own crew has stepped away from Mark Long Dong Klein.


Anonymous said...

I hear the DRPA (Divorced Retired People of America) are considering endorsing him. It's about time we get someone in the White House who is divorced and not looking to get action.

Torqued Off Iowa County GOP Leader said...

Big Killer..

Look..I appreciate what your'e saying..but quite frankly..the SCC hasn't listened very well to the county leaders in their districts..

After the 2006 election..all the county leaders in our district got together with the SCC reps from our area..and the message was very clear....TIME FOR NEW LEADERSHIP..

What did the SCC do..go and re-elect Ray Hoffmann for another term. You know what's sad..Ray hasn't been to a single one of our county Central Committee meetings since he's been GOP chair.

You would think that a "leader" would be out there talking to the local folks who are busting their tails.

Did you guys stop to think and wonder why there were only 600 at the Reagan Dinner on Saturday? Why the numbers for the Straw Poll were down?

Quite frankly Big Killer, a lot of GOP rank and filers out there don't see any change in the GOP leadership in this state.

Big say we can't set the agenda since we are the "minority"..Poppycock!

We know what the Democrats agenda will be next year.. They have no choice but to find some way to ram higher taxes down Iowans throats to pay for the 11-13% spending increases.

We know they're going to push again to repeal right-to-work..and hell they'll probably even push legalization of gay marriage.

We can not afford to merely sit back, raise a feeble objection or two as the Democrats send us on a path towards economic ruin in this state.

We need the GOP leadership at the State Capitol and at RPI to work together to put forth an agenda that the rank and file can rally around early...We can not afford to play defense this year, Big Killer..

We gotta play tough, hard nosed offense.

Oh..and BTW..I give to RPI, Big Killer..and I also give my sweat and hard work to my county organization as well..