Monday, October 29, 2007

Democrats and the trail of broken promises.

It looks like the Pelosi/Reid Post Office Congress has broken yet another campaign promise. During the elections of 2005, the Democrats promised to keep the House in session five days a week.

Now that another election year is upon them, the Democrats in control of the House, who have been both the least productive and most unpopular Congress in history, has back traced on that promise as well. Henceforward, the
House will meet only four days a week. Wow, that sounds a lot like Damascus Nancy and Dingy Harry's committment to earmark reform does it not?

Now on one hand we here at TRS we are quite excited about reducing the time the Democrats have to do legislative mischief in Washington. If they’re not in session they cannot pass pointless resolutions designed to politicize foreign policy and military tactics nor advance their socialist agenda for the American people.

Remember, these people will say anything to get elected.


Anonymous said...

Where's Qwack ER Crack Klein?

This has been posted all day.

This bitch posts on everything

Crack Klein '08!

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

It's 8:45P.M. eastern. Just returned from campaigning all day Jimmy Carter/Bill Clinton style in New Hampshire. Distributed almost 2000 brochures since Saturday from personal contacts plus people volunteering to take extras to pass on their friends and family.

Nice to know I'm missed!

Willis R. Slidell said...

2000 brochures. Yeah, sure thing, Klein, 2000 brochures. Kind of like at "your rally" at the Courthouse here where you got all that "press". Scheeze, enough already with your damn lies. Word I got was that the folks at the Courthouse protest against Stigler were less than thrilled that you chose to piggy-back on their event. Here they had a legit beef to make and then here comes your dumb ass to try and steal some of the spotlight with this bullshit Presidential Campaign fantasy of yours. Way to go, asshole. What a piece of shit you are. Have you no shame, no decency at all?

Robert Saccamano said...

Six days, and counting, that Klein refuses to identify said threat made against him on the "Nice hit in Iraq" blog.

Ken Hoyle said...

It's all over for Klein anyway:

On October 22, 2007, Chuck Norris announced his endorsement of Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee for President. Norris said "I believe the only one who has all of the characteristics to lead America forward into the future is ex-Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee."

Anonymous said...

What is this fascination with that lunatic Klein? The guy's a freak, a nut.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Mark Klein is crazy.

MARK KLEIN, M.D. said...

Sorry boys but whether I make it or not depends on the voters.

Might not be doing this had the Iowa GOP let the chips fall where they may by allowing me on the Ames Straw Poll. Would have gone home had I flopped. I'd be a fool and coward to back off now having gotten 52% on Ted's straw poll followed by the party turning down my $15,000 check for a ballot line at Ames. Just made me smell blood in the water to pull stunts like that.

Now on the official New Hampshire ballot I have two bites at the apple. A strong showing in either makes me a political rock star and serious contender.

A man in his 80s came up to me in the supermarket parking lot where I was handing out brocures in a NH village. Recalled Jimmy Carter doing the same thing in the village in 1976 when he was still an unknown presidential contender.

The writers of the vitriol against me are the kind of juveniles which have brought the GOP to the precipice. The voters will decide what I do next.

R. L. Saccamano said...

Seven days, and counting, that Klein continues to refuse to identify a supposed threat made against him on the "Nice hit in Iraq" blog.

Ken Hoyle said...

Klein said, "The writers of the vitriol against me are the kind of juveniles which have brought the GOP to the precipice."

That's interesting. Then how do you explain the way Bob Sacc is outing your "threat" claim. Seems pretty juvenile to me when somebody cries wolf like you did just to get attention.

Either identify the threat or admit you made a mistake, Klein. Until such time the only logical thing to do is consider you a liar otherwise.

writer of the vitriol said...

Yea quackster.

You suck.

R. L. Saccamano said...

Eight days and counting. Klein continues to refuse to identify suppossed threat made against him.