Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesday’s with Ted-Huck & Fred on the rise, Dems get ready.

Today’s Tuesday with Ted will have a double feature.

First, TRS and crew have been spending a lot of time on the phones and the ground lately. It appears that FDT and Huck are in the midst of substantial campaign growth here in Iowa. Last weekend’s Reagan Dinner was a somewhat biased sample, since Huck and Fred were the last two speakers. Both were great.

However, before either candidate addressed the crowd, several Reagan attendees that were previously uncommitted to any candidate said that they had hardened around either Huck or Fred. There has been an almost palpable acceleration of the two campaigns.

The demise of Brown back ‘08 certainly helped both Huck and Fred. Rudy’s decline has clearly helped Huckabee more than anyone, which is not as surprising as one might think. Huckabee also seems to be everyone’s second choice.

We haven’t seen any serious erosion Mitt locked up 25-30% early and hasn’t surrendered that share of the vote. If anything, Mitt’s support seems to be solidifying. That means Rudy, FDT, Huck, McCain, Dunc and the Tanc have to split the other 75% six ways. It is going to be a wild night, ‘cause no one else is dropping out between now and January 3.

Second, the Dems are “debating tonight”. TRS is going to do some live commentary during the debate. C’mon girly men Dems, let us waltz.


Anonymous said...

I agree that Huckabee is on the rise, but I felt that Fred look tired, weak and disinterested last Saturday night. He didnt get a standing ovation while Huckabee did, and he spent more time mumbling and stunbling through his speech than he did delivering any sort of message.

Meanwhile, the sands in the hour-glass are running out for Rudy and Romney seems to have platued. Still, he's still in control in Iowa by a good margin. Its clearly becomeing a 2 man race in Iowa between Huckabee and Romney ... The question is, can Huckabee's expanding group of supporters catch up to Romney's group before Caucus night on January 3rd?

Truth be told? I think we wont know until 10:00 PM on January 3rd.

Anonymous said...

Good point but don’t write off John McCain. He’s still got some great organizers in Iowa and they shouldn’t be underestimated. Keep in mind that the caucus is driven more by organizational strength than by name ID. That’s bad news for FDT and Giuliani. How bad would it be for either of their national campaign efforts to finish 4th and 5th in Iowa?

Since 1972, no one has EVER finished lower than 3rd in Iowa and still won their party’s nomination.

Ken Hoyle said...

I have it on good authority that Chuck Norris has endorsed Huckabee.

Not a Hucklebean said...

I would rather vote for Chuck Norris than Hucklebee. Not only was Huck a tax and spender as gov of Ark (see club for growth white paper)but he also worked to let a rapist out of prison who ended up raping and killing a Missouri woman (see investigative reports by Arkansas Gazette) Chuck Norris would have kicked his ass.

huckabee supporter said...

If the club for corrupt growth is the only source you can cite to say Hucabee is a "tax and spender" you should serriously do some more digging. The "tax increase" they try to stick on him was one that was supported by 80% of the voters in Arkansas.

As for Wayne Dumond, again get your facts straight. Dumond's sentence was comuted by Jim Guy Tucker not Huckabee. All Huckabee did was forward the findings of the Tucker administration's investigation onto the Arkansas paroll board for consideration.

The only people on the paroll board who are publically claiming Huckabee directly lobbied them for his release are a small handfull of Clinton appointees to the board who's terms were not renewed by Huckabee. Thats HARDLY a reliable source of information.

Not a Hucklebean said...

ok, so why do you have an illegal closed session to talk to the parole board and send the secretary home instead of taking minutes if it isn't to lobby the parole board for the release of a rapist?

Anonymous said...

Because it wasn’t an official session of the board! They met to go over the findings of the Tucker administration without the media in the room making it nearly impossible for the board to have pertinent discussion. Further, the people who claim the meeting the board had with Huckabee was anything more than an informal gathering to discuss the findings of Tucker’s administration are TOTALLY incredible! They were political hacks left over from Clinton’s administration who were pissed off because they didn’t get reappointed to the board by Huckabee. However 3:52, since you seem to be to stupid or bias against Huckabee to pull you head out of your own ass; I’ll educate you on the facts of the case that led to the eventual decision by Tucker to commute his sentence, the parole board to opt for release, and Huckabee’s decision to discuss the findings of the Tucker administration with them.

Fact 1 - From day one the Dumond case was a media circus because the victim was one of Bill Clintons cousins making a fair trial nearly impossible because the entire jury sample had been tainted by an unfair trial in the media and the refusal of the judge (another Clinton cronies) for a change of venue.
Fact 2 – Before any evidence was heard by any jury in his case, Dumond was drug out in the street and castrated. Regardless of anyone’s feelings on the treatment of convicted rapists, the fact remains that this took place BEFORE he received a fair trial … Which for all you Ron Paul flunkies out there is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!
Fact 3 – After the trial, Dumond had an exemplary record of behavior in prison and coupled with the fact that his castration had taken away his chemical sex drive it was deemed by the Tucker administration’s investigation that Dumond’s sentence could be commuted to the possibility of parole.
Fact 4 – When Tucker went to prison, left un-done on the Governor’s desk for Huckabee was the file on the case awaiting delivery to the parole board.

Huckabee’s actions on the case were EXACTLY what we should expect a good executive to do! He looked at the findings objectively, took them to the board responsible for parole, discussed the findings with them and then took his hands off of it. Its unfortunate that Dumond committed another crime and someone lost their life as a result but the most important issue is the rule of law that governs our entire judicial system. The rule of law was NOT followed in Dumond’s case and in all honesty the Arkansas Supreme Court should have intervened and declared the case a mistrial but after decades of corruption and nepotism infected and destroyed the judicial system in Arkansas it should come as no surprise that the system failed.