Friday, October 19, 2007

Frantic Friday-First Pakistan

It has been a busy day, both in the Real Sporer’s real world and in the larger world in general.

I’m not going into the Benazir Bhutto assassination attempt. I’m not even going into the breathtaking courage Ms. Bhutto demonstrated in her defiant reply to the terrorist enemy.

I’m not even going into the stark contrast between Ms. Bhutto's courage with the cowardice of the Islamofacists or the banal and hypocritical ramblings of neo-Stalinist liberals like Al Gore.

No, tonight I think we should reflect on how thoroughly Ms. Bhutto’s massive popularity and triumphant return to Pakistan debunks another liberal myth-the Iraq campaign has isolated the United States.

Never mind that 14 of 18 NATO nations supported the initial action. Never even mind the retention of or return to power of pro-U.S. parties in every country in Europe but Spain, including the ouster of anti-Iraq liberal governments in major power players Canada, Germany and France-all of whom are increasing military commitments around the world to free up American forces for Iraq?

Iraq was supposed to have destabilized Pakistan. The pro Taliban/Al Qaeda ultra-traditionalist population was supposed to have risen against
pro-American Pres. Pervez Musharref. Instead, four years after the US lead invasion of Iraq, Pakistan held its first democratic election in a generation. Of course, the pro Western/pro US Musharraf won.

Moreover, it is now readily apparent that the impetus for change that is propelling Pakistan comes from the
even more pro Western/pro American Benazir Bhutto, not the rejectionist Islamofacsists. Even the most anti-Bush of liberals sees the Bhutto return as a major victory for Western values in Pakistan.

No wonder all the social surveys show conservatives are happier than are liberals-we don’t create false realities on firmament no more secure than pure pessimism.


she is woman, hear her roar in numbers too big to ignore said...

I couldn't help but contrast Hillary with Benizir. No question that Benizir is a woman. No question that Benizir is tough.

The starkest difference is that Benizir is a Pro-American World Leader and Hillary is an Anti-American jr. senator and professional wife.

democrat women are unserious about foreign policy said...

From Charles Krauthammer's column about Nancy and her anti-ally, anti-Tukey resoluton about a crime from a 100 years ago:

So why has Pelosi been so committed to bringing this resolution to the floor? (At least until a revolt within her party and the prospect of defeat caused her to waver.)

Because she is deeply unserious about foreign policy. This little stunt gets added to the ledger:

first, her visit to Syria, which did nothing but give legitimacy to Bashar al-Assad, who continues to engage in the systematic murder of pro-Western Lebanese members of parliament;

then, her letter to Costa Rica's ambassador, just nine days before a national referendum, aiding and abetting opponents of a very important free-trade agreement with the United States.

edwards and obama folks only have 90 days to stop hillary. what are u waiting for? said...

So, what does it say that Hillary Clinton chose Mr. Berger as one of her advisers, and that she will rely on the advice of a convicted criminal who is barred from access to the sort of national security information a party's candidate for President is routinely briefed on during a campaign?

hillary has learned alot since she was there be better at it. turn the page said...

She selected a key adviser she knows has scandalously flouted the law, lied to deflect blame onto others, and subverted the democratic processes that provide accountability for officials' conduct.

She selected someone who has destroyed documents that could be crucial to America's security to be a trusted councilor on national security matters - documents that could have contained hand-written notes by her husband or information that would have called his judgment into question.

maybe they can go down in history as the only 2-fer that were both impeached said...

Hillary's inclusion of Sandy Berger in her circle of advisers demonstrates that, notwithstanding her law license, she really doesn't care about the law.

She doesn't care whether someone violates the law if they're on her team, if the violation in some way helps the Clintons.

Hillary's indifference to criminal wrong-doing suggests that she sees herself as above the law, breezily ignoring law when it's an impediment to something she wants.

Picking Sandy Berger tells us something important about Hillary's character. We should listen now - while it can do some good.

benazir is not going to cut and run from terrorists as hillary intends said...

KARACHI, Pakistan (AP) - Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, her return from exile shattered by a suicide attack that killed up to 136 people, blamed militants Friday for trying to kill her and said she would not "surrender our great nation" to them.

We believe democracy alone can save Pakistan from disintegration and a militant takeover," she told a news conference.

"We are prepared to risk our lives and we are prepared to risk our liberty, but we are not prepared to surrender our great nation to the militants."

Anonymous said...

I agree with what the Beatles said,

"Don't dig no Pakistanis taking all those people's jobs. Get Back! Get Back to where you once belonged."

The Real Sporer said...

Impressive Beatles knowledge.

Yes, they changed the lyrics from promoting xenophophia to promoting the far superior qualities of California weed.

I've got a boot leg ("The Beatles in a State of Nature")with four or five live versions of get back (including two on the roof).

Listenting to Let It Be before the Specter remixes/production is about as good as live music gets. One of the guys (I haven't heard this in a few years) uses the original refrain in one of the lines.

Semolina Pilchard (climbing up the Eifle Tower) said...

Thanks for the compliment, Ted. Now would you please put Mark Klein back on the poll and take that goofy bastard up on his bet? $1,000.00 would buy a lot of beer for the going away party we can have for that bastard when after three weeks he polls less than 3%.

"Cranberry Sauce"

"Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine"

"You, you become naked"

"Take this brother may it serve uyou well"

Anonymous said...

its good to be an expert textpert

The Real Sporer said...

"I'm very small"