Thursday, October 18, 2007

Is Archie joining the choir?

It looks like ex-city councilman Archie Brooks, the poster child of the CIETC scandal, may be changing his plea tomorrow in federal court.

Whatever could this mean for other components of the Polk County Democrat Machine? Could it mean detailed and inculpatory information about other prominent Democrat elected officials?

You bet it could. One thing I’ve learned in twenty two years of practicing law is the likelihood that a guilty plea is motivated by something of more tangible benefit than a clear conscience. Maybe Archie will be the rarest of exceptions.

Archie’s guilty plea could very well signal that the CIETC scandal has not yet begun to retool the Machine.


polk county democrat prosecutor and democrat a.g. ignored this corruption for decades said...

Archie Brooks was indicted on fraud and conspiracy charges connected to the CIETC salary scandal in January.

He appeared in federal court this morning; and The Des Moines Register reports that he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to misappropriate funds and misappropriation of funds concerning a federally funded program.

The other 17 counts against Brooks have been dismissed, and he will cooperate with the government in its case against others indicted in the scandal.

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Looks like Archie is going to kiss and tell on Ramona and her gang of thiefs said...

(DEMOCRAT SOUTH SIDER) Brooks, who appeared in federal court, faces up to 27 months in federal prison and a fine of up to $400,000.

(DEMOCRAT) John Bargman, former CIETC chief operating officer, pleaded guilty of fraud in January, and has agreed to spend up to four years in prison.

Brooks and his attorney, (DEMOCRAT FORMER ELECTED POLITICIAN) Tom Whitney, declined comment while entering and leaving the courthouse Friday.

(REPUBLICAN) U.S. Attorney Matt Whitaker will hold a news conference at 2 p.m. today related to the case.

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